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מנכ"ל הבורסה איתי בן זאב

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange CEO blames judicial overhaul for poor performance

09.08.23|Almog Azar
"The Israeli government must take responsibility and pay attention to the warnings from international bodies," said Ittai Ben-Zeev. "These warnings have been piling up and indicate significant risks that could damage Israel's economic strength"
צומת הסירה יום השיבוש 11.7.2023

Day of Disruption: Nationwide protests in Israel against judicial overhaul

Demonstrators gather at key locations, including airports worldwide, to voice concerns over government's move to limit Supreme Court power
מהפכה משפטית מחאת ההייטק הפגנה הייטק

“We have come to realize our national and social responsibility to stand as a protective wall for democracy”

10.07.23|Meir Orbach and Sophie Shulman
High-tech executives are urging an escalation in protests against the judicial overhaul as the coalition prepares to approve the abolishing of the reasonableness standard in court rulings, with a vote on the first hearing scheduled for Monday
מוסף שבועי 22.6.23 פרופ' וויצ'ך סדורסקי מפולין אחד המומחים הגדולים בעולם לשחיקת הדמוקרטיות

Wojciech Sadurski: "In Hungary and Poland one of the first steps of authoritarian populism was to control the appointment of judges"

22.06.23|Moshe Gorali
The Polish professor is one of the world's leading experts on democratic erosion and spoke to Calcalist about similarities between Israel and Poland
Eric Vine

“The growth market is shut across every single geography in the world. It is shut.”

21.06.23|James Spiro
Eric Reiner, Founder and Managing Partner at Vine Ventures, spoke with CTech as part of its most recent project “Where do we go from here?”, aiming to examine how the Israeli VC industry is dealing with the crisis in the sector
עובדי הייטק משרד אופן ספייס עבודה

More than half of new Israeli startups registered abroad in Q1 of 2023

09.05.23|Ariela Karmel
According to a new report, some 56% of new Israeli startups choose to register abroad in the first quarter of the year, with an additional 49 companies in the process of transforming into American firms
הפגנה מחאה רפורמה משפטית מפגינים ברחוב קפלן תל אביב

8 key takeaways from Israel’s massive protest movement against the judicial overhaul

17.04.23|Moshe Gorali
Moshe Gorali on what makes the protest movement powerful, its principles, how it expanded, and how Quentin Tarantino is connected
רוברט שילר

Robert Shiller: "The economic success of a country depends on people's belief in ultimate justice - not on the whims of an autocrat"

13.04.23|Sophie Shulman
The Nobel Laureate who predicted the dot-com bubble burst and housing market crash in 2008, says that he does not foresee an imminent recession, and also says that he regrets not signing a letter criticizing Israel’s judicial overhaul
מחאה הפגנה מפגינים מחוץ ל כנסת ירושלים 27.3.23

Israeli startup Constru blames judicial overhaul for insolvency

10.04.23|Lital Dobrovitsky
Tel Aviv court ordered the freezing of the construction startup, which claims investors walked due to domestic political turmoil, resulting in a debt of $4.5 million
מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל חברת פייבר

Fiverr CEO: "We are witnessing the worst value destruction in Israel's history"

05.04.23|Sophie Shulman
"Can you even understand how it feels to know that in two months we have destroyed 30 years of work?” says Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman
Michael Fertik

American unicorn investor: Why I am continuing to invest in Israel

03.04.23|Michael Fertik
“While political alarmists and economic twits head for the hills, I’ll be heading for the Judean hills,” writes Michael Fertik
מנכ"ל הבורסה איתי בן זאב

“If foreign investors lose confidence, they will just move on," says Tel Aviv Stock Exchange CEO

30.03.23|Irit Avisar
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange CEO Ittai Ben-Zeev says that foreign investments will return only if a political agreement is reached regarding the government’s judicial overhaul
CTech Women's Day 2023 Moran Zer Katzenstein

Meet the woman leading the Handmaid's Tale protests across Israel

07.03.23|James Spiro
Moran Zer Katzenstein, Founder at Bonot Alternativa, spoke to CTech about the ongoing fight to protect women’s rights in Israel
שירה גרינברג כלכלנית ראשית ב משרד אוצר

Chief Economist warns judicial overhaul could harm Israel's growth

In the document and budget plan that were sent to parliament on Thursday, Shira Greenberg noted that the judicial changes had not yet been completed but may still hurt investment as well as Israel's credit rating
Tobias Judin Norwegian Data Protection Authority

EU would view Israel “in the same category as China” if judicial reforms go through

02.02.23|James Spiro
The impending judicial reforms and change in legal frameworks might cause the EU Commission to reconsider whether Israel has ‘adequate’ laws in place to protect the personal data of citizens
מוסף שבועי 2.2.23  האיור מכתבת שאול

This is fine? Wake up and smell the smoke!

02.02.23|Shaul Amsterdamski
"High-tech is not only the engine of the economy - it is also the shield. It is our wall of defense against inflation. It protects the pocket of each and every one of us," writes Shaul Amsterdamski
מוסף שבועי 26.1.23 הפגנה בתל אביב

Early withdrawal: Local investment houses sense clients’ fear of judicial reform fallout

29.01.23|Almog Azar
Investment houses in Israel are beginning to feel the impact of concerns about the impending legal reforms, with clients expressing their desire to move some of their investments abroad or increase their exposure to world markets