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מנכ"ל סלברייט יוסי כרמיל

Big winners from Cellebrite’s exit: Leumi, Clal and Discount bank investment arms

11.04.21|Golan Hazani
Leumi Partner and Clal Insurance’s investment arm will earn $40 million from Cellebrite’s offering at a $2.4 billion valuation, and $35 million from their investments in the IGP Fund. Discount Capital will directly earn $30 million and $20 million from its investment in IGP
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To See the Future of Banking, One Should Look to China, Says Bank Leumi Exec

26.11.19|Orna Yefet
Changes in the finance industry and the entrance of non-banking players mean traditional banks need to figure out new business models, Dror Topf, head of group strategy and innovation at Israel’s Bank Leumi, said Monday at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in Tel Aviv
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A Bank That Doesn’t Embrace AI Will Not Be Relevant to Younger Generations, Says Exec

25.11.19|Naomi Zoref
Shay Basson, who heads the technology division of Israel’s Bank Leumi, spoke Monday at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in Tel Aviv
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Tech and the Israel-U.K. Trade Corridor

21.11.19|Gil Karni
Gil Karni, CEO at Leumi UK, explains how increasing trade between the U.K. and Israel could provide both nations with an important advantage.
הבורסה לניירות ערך רחוב אחוזת בית תל אביב

Israeli Banks Leumi and Discount to Raise CoCos Outside of Israel

22.10.19|Golan Hazani
Both banks are looking to raise around $280 million over two years, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke to Calcalist on condition of anonymity
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Leumi's Digital Bank Launches Fractional Shares Investing Service

23.09.19|Hezi Sternlicht
The service will allow anyone over the age of 18 to invest in a limited range of multinationals like General Motors, FedEx, Facebook, Disney, and Amazon at a lower entry point
אורי לוין בנק דיסקונט דוב קוטלר אינטו

One Is Home-Grown, the Other an Outsider: Discount and Hapoalim's New CEOs

16.07.19|Raheli Bindman
Uri Levin is set to enter Lilach Asher-Topilsky’s shoes as CEO of Israeli Bank Discount, and Dov Kotler will inherit Arik Pinto as CEO of Hapoalim. These are the challenges they will face
אורי לוין בנק דיסקונט

Israel’s Discount Bank Selects Uri Levin as New CEO

15.07.19|Micky Grunfeld
Lilach Asher-Topilsky, the bank's CEO since 2014, was one of three Israeli bank CEOs to announce her resignation in recent months
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2018 ערן יעקב בשיחה עם עמרי מילמן

In its Battle Against Tax Evaders, Israel Tax Authority Sets its Sights on Payment Apps

14.07.19|Raheli Bindmand
Israeli Banks Leumi, Hapoalim, and Discount all offer mobile payment apps; some small businesses have been using them to perform transactions under the radar
כסף אשראי מזומן אמצעי תשלום

Intended to Increase Competition, Israeli Law Pushes Credit Card Fees Up

08.07.19|Raheli Bindman and Lilach Baumer
In 2017, the Israeli parliament passed a law intended to increase competition in the financial sector. Among its clauses, the law mandated a separation between Hapoalim and Leumi, Israel's two largest banks, and their credit card subsidiaries
רקפת רוסק עמינח מנכלית בנק לאומי 14.8.18

Israel's Banking Ecosystem Is Experiencing Upheaval

01.07.19|Raheli Bindman
On Sunday, Israel’s Bank Leumi CEO and President Rakefet Russak-Aminoach announced her upcoming retirement, becoming the third Israeli bank CEO to do so since April
רקפת רוסק עמינח מנכלית בנק לאומי 14.8.18

Bank Leumi President and CEO to Retire After Seven Years

30.06.19|Raheli Bindman and Micky Grunfeld
Rakefet Russak-Aminoach is in talks to join Israeli cybersecurity think tank and startup foundry Team8 LLC., according to source
מימין הגר רבט גלעד שמעוני עמרי בן דוד אורנית שנער פאנל השקעות מעניינות ב פינטק כנס פינטק 2019

Regulators Must Protect Against Risk but Also Help Innovate the Industry, Say Fintech Execs

25.06.19|Omer Kabir
Ornit Shinar of Citi Ventures, Omry Ben David of Viola Ventures, and Gilad Shimony, CEO of Leumi Partners Underwriting spoke Monday at Calcalist’s fintech conference in Tel Aviv
שמוליק ארבל ראש החטיבה העסקית בנק לאומי ועידת ניו יורק 2019

The Israeli Tech Sector Does More to Tackle Economic Inequality Than Any Reform, Says Banker

14.04.19|Omer Kabir
Speaking at Calcalist’s annual Mind the Tech conference Thursday, Bank Leumi’s Shmulik Arbel said innovation could work to lower the cost of living
לאומי קארד כרטיס אשראי

Warburg-Pincus Completes Acquisition of Israeli Credit Card Issuer

25.02.19|Lilach Baumer
The $640 million deal was first announced in July 2018 following a law mandating separation between Israel’s largest banks and their credit card subsidiaries
סניף של רשת החנויות סופר פארם

Israeli Drugstore Chain Super-Pharm Considering Tel Aviv IPO

12.02.19|Golan Hazani
In 2017, private equity firm CVC Capital Partners walked out on a deal to buy a 40% stake in the company at a $540 million valuation
ג'ף בזוס מייסד ויו"ר אמזון amazon

Israeli Banks Discuss Possible Collaborations with Amazon

11.02.19|Raheli Bindman
Among the options discussed are providing bank credit card holders with Amazon discounts, and bank accounts dedicated to shopping on the online retailer’s websites
לאומי קארד כרטיס אשראי

Warburg Pincus Closes Deal to Acquire Israeli Credit Card Issuer Leumi Card

25.07.18|Golan Hazani
Leumi Card is a subsidiary of Israel-based Bank Leumi, which must divest the card issuer by 2020