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ועידת MIND THE DATA מינגלינג כנס ביג דאטה 2018

Israeli Execs Weigh In on Big Data and AI Impact

Israeli entrepreneurs and executives convened to discuss how big data and artificial intelligence can be used to tackle the challenges faced by industry and society at Calcalist’s annual Mind the Data conference
ועידת MIND THE DATA פרד סימון Fred Simon Co-Founder Jfrog

Humanity Delegates Data Management to Machines, Says JFrog Co-Founder

12.12.18|Adi Barak
Fred Simon spoke Tuesday at Calcalist's Mind the Data conference in Tel Aviv
ועידת MIND THE DATA אור הילטש  מייסד משותף Skyline AI

Skyline AI Monitors Thousands of Properties in Real Time, Says CTO

12.12.18|Dotan Levy
Speaking at Calcalist’s annual Mind the Data conference Or Hiltch said Skyline AI’s algorithms can assess potential revenue and the best time to buy, sell, or remodel a certain property
ועידת MIND THE DATA סבינה רומאני Sabiha Rumani Malik

AI Can Help Solve World’s Bee Crisis, Says Bee Repopulation Company Exec

12.12.18|Adi Barak
77% of the global food supply is dependent on bee pollination, and bees are responsible, directly and indirectly, to 1.5 billion jobs, according to Sabiha Rumani Malik, founder and executive president of The World Bee Project
ועידת MIND THE DATA כריסטין בוסנברג ראש מחלקת המחקר הגלובלית ב-KPMG העולמית

The Biggest Challenge for AI in Today's Market? It's Misunderstood, says KPMG Exec

12.12.18|Adi Barak
Kristin Boesenberg, head of KPMG's global insights center, spoke about the challenges and key factors for successful AI implementation in today's market at Calcalist's Mind the Data conference
מימין עמית בן דב איילון רשף מייסדי גונג GONG

Conversation Analytics Startup Gong.io Wins Calcalist’s AI and Big Data Startup Competition

12.12.18|Lior Gutman
Gong.io gives sales representatives insights into their interactions with customers by analyzing recorded phone calls and tracking keywords and topics of conversation
ועידת MIND THE DATA רותם שור מייסד משותף Medisa

Personalized Medication Is the Future, With Some Help From Big Data, Says MediSafe Co-Founder

12.12.18|Raphael Kahan
Big data can enable drug researchers to quickly gather insights that once took many years to accumulate, according to MediSafe’s Rotem Shor
ועידת MIND THE DATA עמי לוטבק CTO מרכז הפיתוח של מיקרוסופט

Microsoft Exec Outlines Ways to Make AI More Accessible

11.12.18|Lior Gutman
The main challenge is that the field of AI is currently dominated by big companies that hold most of the resources and the biggest databases, Ami Luttwak, chief technology officer for Microsoft Israel, said Tuesday at Calcalist’s annual Mind the Data conference
ועידת MIND THE DATA מיכל קיסוס הרצוג מנכ"לית PEPPE

Digital Banking Wants to Be Less Big Brother, More Like Spotify

11.12.18|Lilach Baumer
Speaking at Calcalist's Mind the Data conference in Tel Aviv, Bank Leumi executive Michal Kissos Hertzog said banks need to look to services like Spotify and Netflix to learn how to give their customers valuable services in exchange for their financial data
תחרות סטארטאפים  ערן איסלר דר שני רווה דר דרור יגר פרופסור יובל שקד דר אלה פרמדר דר אייל יעקב

These Are the 12 Finalists of Calcalist’s AI and Big Data Startup Competition

10.12.18|Naomi Zoref
Microsoft will host representatives of the winning startup at the company’s Seattle headquarters. Winners will be announced Tuesday at Calcalist’s “Mind the Data 2018” conference in Tel Aviv
מימין עברי לידר קרין נהון ו אבי קורנבלום חדש

Calcalist to Host Tel Aviv Big Data Conference

06.12.18|Omer Kabir
Featured on stage at the annual “Mind the Data” conference will be executives from leading Israeli and international companies, discussing how big data and artificial intelligence can be used to tackle the challenges faced by industry and society
מגזין נשים 13.12.17 שלי לנצמן מנכ"לית מיקרוסופט ישראל

Microsoft and Calcalist to Hold Big Data Startup Contest

The winning startup will be announced at Calcalist’s “Mind the Data 2018” conference, to be held next month in Tel Aviv
לוגו ctech

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Amazon’s potential Israeli invasion sends shopping mall stocks down, and deeply troubled telecom firm Bezeq is possibly being courted by four different equity funds. Also, a taste from Calcalist’s big data conference, which was held today in Tel Aviv.
ועידת MIND THE אילן צחי מנכ״ל קבוצת זאפ

Big Data Goes Mainstream

27.11.17|Ilan Zachi
A marketing buzzword has become an indispensable technology. But small business also need to step up to the plate
ועידת MIND THE DATA 2017 אריאל קארו סמנכ"ל ו ראש מנהל מודיעין ו סייבר ב רפאל

It's Not About Getting the Data, It’s About Making the Data Valuable, Says Rafael Executive

27.11.17|Yoav Stoler
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Ariel Karo, Head of Rafael's Intelligence and Cyber Directorate, spoke at Calcalist’s Mind the Data conference in Tel Aviv