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ערן שיר מנכ"ל נקסאר Nexar

Nexar cuts 14% of team in third round of layoffs

04.09.23|Meir Orbach
The AI computer vision company laid off another 17 employees and has reduced its headcount by over 30% in the last 10 months
אסף לביא Nexar

The baker helping Nexar build for a future of connected driving

12.01.22|Sponsored Content
Assaf Lavi is a father of two who loves baking bread, but he is also Infrastructure Team Lead at Nexar, a company he's proud to be part of as it is making a difference in people’s lives every day
צוות Nexar

Nexar raises $53 million to create AI-digital twin of U.S. roads

The Israeli company’s network of dash cam’s collect more images than any entity besides Tesla
ערן שיר מנכ"ל נקסאר Nexar

Running a country like a startup

05.07.21|Eran Shir
Nexar founder and CEO Eran Shir explains why Israel is no longer a “cheeky startup nation” and what it needs to do to become “a nation of technology giants”
נקסאר nexar סטארטאפ ישראלי סמארטפון מצלמת דשבורד

Three Israeli startups working for a future of safe and effortless driving

07.02.21|Andrew Jacobson
While Valerann, NoTraffic and Nexar each offer unique hardware solutions to gather road user data, the real treasure is in the data itself and the AI-driven software that detects, classifies and communicates the trove of information
קפצנו לבקר ערן שיר מנכ"ל נקסאר

Nexar Wants to Eliminate Traffic Jams By Enhancing Vehicle Communication

08.08.19|Maor Shalom Swisa
Tel Aviv-based Nexar develops a free dashcam application that collects user-generated road data and connects to a vehicle-to-vehicle network across 160 countries
כנס קנאביס ד"ר אורנה דריזין מייסדת ויו"ר נקסטייג'

Cannabis Pharmaceutical Outfit Nextage Wants to Raise $15 Million in Canada

04.08.19|Tzally Greenberg
The company, which is currently in the process of merging with Tel Aviv-listed Micromedic Technologies, intends to use the funding to build a manufacturing facility for its products in Israel and to continue developing its pipeline
ערן שיר

Auto Machine Vision Startup Nexar Launches Interactive Digital Map

17.07.19|Adi Pick
By connecting user-generated updates with Nexar’s data from car cameras and sensors, the company’s new map can warn drivers of real-time road hazards, construction zones, and missing road signs
ועידת פריז 2018 ברונו פרננדס רואיס מייסד שותף ומנהל טכנולוגיות ראשיNexar ועידת פריז

Insurers Can Use Driving Monitoring Tech to Determine Compensation for Accidents, Says Nexar Exec

03.10.18|Tomer Hadar
Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, co-founder and chief technology officer at car computer vision startup Nexar, spoke Tuesday at a conference on innovation held by Calcalist at the Mondial de l'Automobile auto show in Paris
טיילת תל אביב חוף מלון דן קטגוריה

Tel Aviv Startup Nexar Wants to Poach Tech Workers from Silicon Valley

07.02.18|Asaf Shalev
The company announced a relocation program that includes a $20,000 bonus, housing assistance, yearly flights back home, and Hebrew lessons
ג'ק מא יו"ר בעל השליטה עליבאבא סין

CTech’s Weekly Israeli Tech News Roundup

World’s largest brewer buys Tel Aviv-based beer analytics startup WeissBeerger. Alibaba backs Israeli auto machine vision startup Nexar
ג'ק מא יו"ר בעל השליטה עליבאבא סין

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

How Primary Data burned through nearly $100 million. Alibaba backs Israeli auto machine vision startup Nexar
נקסאר nexar סטארטאפ ישראלי סמארטפון מצלמת דשבורד

Alibaba Backs Israeli Auto Machine Vision Startup Nexar

24.01.18|Meir Orbach
Tel Aviv-based Nexar announces $30 million funding round from Alibaba, Nationwide Mutual Insurance. Nexar develops machine vision and data-based technologies that could prevent collisions in real-time
מטבע ביטקוין 16.10.17

Debunking the Alarmist Rhetoric Around Bitcoin

28.12.17|Eran Shir
Far from being a threat to civilization, bitcoin stands to make the world a better place
מנהטן ניו יורק ארה"ב אמפייר סטייט בילדינג

How to Disrupt Regulated Industries

19.12.17|Bradley Tusk and Michael Eisenberg
Lessons from two of the people who helped insurance startup Lemonade cut through the red tape in New York and Florida and quickly debut its market traction
מובייל איי חיישני הרכב מובילאיי מכוניות

Buckle up. Transportation will Completely Change in 40 Years

22.10.17|Eran Shir
It will take 40 years for autonomous vehicles to replace human drivers across the world
מכונית אוטונומית ג'נרל מוטורס GM

Autonomous Cars will Make Us Safer, But We Can’t Afford to Wait

18.10.17|Eran Shir
Car cameras can start making driving safer tomorrow morning, and until self-driving cars enter the game
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Will We Actually Stop Buying Cars?

17.10.17|Eran Shir
Some people are saying that autonomous cars will bring on the end of car ownership. The reality is not so simple