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Tzvika Bernstein Racheli Guz Lavi

"There are major gaps between employees' knowledge of options and the rights and value of their options packages”

Adi Zentner, legal counsel to Equitybee, was speaking at an event that dealt with the consequences of the crisis in the high-tech sector with regard to options and employee compensation
פאגאיה הנפקה נאסד"ק

Pagaya executives were looking at $200 million windfall had stock price held up

24.04.23|Amir Perger
The founders, managers, and directors of the fintech company received generous option allocations, but they have been unable to convert them to cash with Pagaya’s share price falling by 92% since going public in June 2022
פיטורים בהייטק מפוטר מפוטרים

Know your options: Fired from a high-tech company? What can you do with the options?

26.12.22|Maayan Manela
The wave of layoffs in high-tech is intensifying and thousands of workers hold options in the companies they left. Can they be realized or sold and what questions should be asked in order to make the most financially sound decision
בניין הנהלת קומברס ברעננה

After 13 years, Comverse ordered to compensate former employees $16 million in backdating affair

12.07.22|Lital Dobrovitsky
The Comverse options backdating affair, which first made headlines in 2006, prevented its employees from exercising their options. The employees will finally be compensated after reaching a settlement as part of class actions lawsuits filed in 2009
איירון סורס הנפקה

Unicorn troubles: How to convince tech talent to stay

30.01.22|Maayan Manela
While IPOs or lofty valuations may seem like a reason to party, they’re also a turning point as some employees are realizing their options’ value may decrease, and prefer to work elsewhere
EquityBee אקוויטיבי

EquityBee secures $55 million in B round

29.09.21|Hagar Ravet
The Israeli start-up offers a marketplace where startup employees who lack the necessary funds to exercise their stock options can find investors, in return for a part of the potential future gains
טל דורי מנכ"ל IBI CAPITAL

Equity incentive management companies reaping millions from tech bonanza

18.07.21|Sophie Shulman
The accelerated growth of big Israeli tech companies and the expanding custom of awarding share options to almost all employees has significantly increased the retainer received by equity incentive management firms
חגיגת פתיחת מסחר Monday.com מאנדיי ב נסאדק

What you must know when your company goes public

26.06.21|Maayan Manela
The recent wave of Israeli tech IPOs is only gathering pace, and there are numerous ways in which this big change affects the company, management and employees
חברי הנהלת איירון סורס

230 new millionaires to be born thanks to ironSource SPAC merger

22.06.21|Golan Hazani
The Israeli company’s merger with a Thoma Bravo-backed SPAC next week at an $11 billion valuation will provide life-altering fortune to hundreds of its employees
מיליונר מיליונרים כסף דולר דולרים עשיר עשירים

Israeli tech employees cash in over $2 billion in Q1 secondary deals

13.04.21|Sophie Shulman
According to several recently signed mergers between Israeli tech companies and SPAC firms traded on U.S. markets, an additional sum of $2.7 billion is soon set to reach the accounts of a group of Israeli employees and entrepreneurs
מייסדי EquityBee מימין אורן ברזילי עודד גולן אריק מואב

Stock options marketplace EquityBee raises $20 million on back of accelerated growth

23.02.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup offers a marketplace where startup employees who lack the necessary funds to exercise their stock options can find investors, in return for a part in future gains
מוסף שבועי 29.3.18 עדי טטרקו מייסדת אתר האוז houzz

Options of Houzz, eToro and Monday.com in high demand in marketplace

09.12.20|Meir Orbach
Payoneer, Taboola, WalkMe, SimilarWeb, Riskified, ironSource and Gong.io complete the top 10 according to EquityBee
משה ינאי מייסד חברת אינפינידט infinidat עם עובדי ה חברה

Infinidat employees suing Israeli tech unicorn for secretly diluting their shares

25.10.20|Hagar Ravet
A lawsuit filed last week by past and present employees of the data storage company claims that Infinidat systematically and steadily diluted the employees' holdings behind their back
תל אביב קו רקיע Tel Aviv Skyline

Post Covid-19, Exits May Seem Like a Distant Dream But Exercising Options May Become Easier

19.04.20|Sophie Shulman
With Israeli tech companies having to cut employees’ salaries by up to 40%, many have turned to repricing stock options as a means of maintaining their talent
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים צוות עובדי WalkMe

WalkMe, JFrog, and Zerto Lead the Pack on Israeli Stock Option Marketplace

24.12.18|Tofi Stoler
EquityBee, a Tel Aviv-based company that helps startup employees exercise stock options, has ranked the 10 most popular companies on its service
עסק קטן הקמת עסק סטארטאפ תוכנית עסקים קטנים 2

Highly Competitive Cybersecurity Industry Lands Israeli Employees With Most Stock Options

24.12.18|Meir Orbach
Israeli cybersecurity companies allocate between 10% and 15% of their stock to employees, while telecommunications will allocate around 8% to employees
כסף מחשבון

Israel to Demand Tax Report Amendments From Local Outposts of Tech Multinationals

23.12.18|Omri Milman
The decision comes following an April supreme court ruling affirming that options given to employees are wage-equivalent and should be calculated under labor costs
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2018 ערן יעקב בשיחה עם עמרי מילמן

Income Taxing of Options Applies to a Small Share of Israeli Tech Employees

19.12.18|Omri Milman
Out of 500 employee option plans reviewed across around 90 private companies, only three employees had plans that could, perhaps, fall under the purview of the new memo