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מנואל טרכטנברג פרופסור ל כלכלה ב

Israeli Economist Manuel Trajtenberg Joins Academic Networking Platform Treebute

21.01.20|Hagar Ravet
Treebute uses an artificial intelligence-powered search engine to analyse scientific literature, and patent and medical databases, aiming to make resources generated by academia accessible to entrepreneurs and industrial players
בניין הפקולטה למדעי הרפואה רפואה אוניברסיטת תל אביב

Shandong, Tel Aviv Universities Launch Joint Institute in Jinan, China

01.12.19|Elihay Vidal
The institute will facilitate an increased exchange between the two universities, joint scientific research, international conferences, and cultural and artistic activities
תל אביב מלמעלה בניינים זירת הנדלן

Israeli Research Firm IVC Announces Strategic Partnership with Crunchbase

According to a study conducted by IVC using Crunchbase data, Israeli startups raise A rounds later than both American and European companies
תירס Corn אבוג'ן Evogene

Genetic Crop Design Company Evogene Amends Bayer Collaboration Agreement

17.07.19|Hezi Sternlicht
Israel-based Evogene uses computational predictive biology to develop novel crop strains and pesticides in a variety of domains, including agricultural chemicals and human microbiome-based therapeutics
ביל פורד יו"ר פורד העולמית

New Ford Center in Israel Will Grow Quickly, Says Ford CEO

13.06.19|Meir Orbach
Bill Ford inaugurated the new center and took part in the EcoMotion 2019 smart mobility show held in Tel Aviv earlier this week
מוסף שבועי 10.7.14 יצחק בן ישראל

Florida, Israel Space Agency Partner on Education, Research Program

The collaboration will focus on space-related education programs and the promotion of academic and industrial partnerships to address climate, agriculture, and water challenges
מכון ויצמן רחובות

Korea's BioLeaders To Invest $10 Million in Weizmann Institute Anti-Cancer Therapy

21.03.19|Adi Pick
BioLeaders has agreed to commit $10 million towards a company being spun off of Yeda Research and Development, Weizmann’s technology transfer arm
פרופ' רפאל משולם חוקר קנאביס

Cannabis Producer Cannbit Snags THC Research Pioneer Raphael Mechoulam

04.03.19|Adi Pick
Mechoulam is a professor at the Institute for Drug Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is the subject of a 2015 movie documentary called The Scientist
פרופ' אורי סיון

Israeli Research University Technion Appoints New President

10.02.19|Shahar Ilan
Uri Sivan of the Technion’s physics faculty will be replacing Peretz Lavie, who spearheaded the university’s international expansion
חממה גידול קנאביס

Chinese Delegation to Explore Cannabis Research Opportunities in Israel

07.01.19|Tzally Greenberg
A Chinese delegation will be landing in Israel next week to meet with Israeli cannabis researchers and companies
גל פרידמן בזכיאתו ב מדלית זהב אולימפיאדת אתונה 2004

Israel’s Olympic Committee, Technion Open Joint Research Center

30.12.18|Lilach Baumer
The center’s first project will research windsurfing, a sport in which Israeli athletes regularly bring home international medals
צוות CloudCT

Israeli-German Team Wants to Use Micro-Satellites to Study Climate Change

18.12.18|Lilach Baumer
The researchers, who plan to launch 10 satellites the size of a shoebox into orbit in just a few years, recently won a 14 million euros research grant
גוגל שבב קוונטי מחשוב קוונטום

Israel Sets Up a Government Quantum Research Fund

16.12.18|Shahar Ilan
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the goal of the new fund is to place Israel “at the top of global technology and research”
גינזה טוקיו יפן קניות חנויות הכי יקר 2016

Japan Partners With Israel on Cybersecurity Scheme

The two countries will collaborate on cybersecurity-related research and policy, as well as on the training of skilled manpower
מעבדה של בוש

Israelis Registered Fewer Patents, Scientific Discoveries in 2017

27.08.18|Meir Orbach
According to a new report by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of newly registered patents in 2017 was down 5% compared with the year before. Registered scientific discoveries were down 19%
החללית הלא מאוישת של SpaceIL

Israel Set to Take First National Selfie on Moon

10.07.18|Amitay Gazit and Tofi Stoler
Israeli non-profit organization SpaceIL intends to land its first unmanned spacecraft on the moon in February
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Royal Bank of Canada Invests $2 Million in Israeli Academic Cybersecurity Research

The bank invested in research on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for cybersecurity at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
איה סופר IBM

IBM Appoints Aya Soffer As Vice President of AI Technology

11.06.18|Raphael Kahan
In her new position, Ms. Soffer will run IBM’s global artificial intelligence research and development operations in 12 centers worldwide
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Israeli Research University Aims to Raise $1.8 Billion by 2024

10.06.18|Lilach Baumer
Israel’s Technion has research partnerships with over 200 global universities and research institutes
המופע אפליקציות של נימה יעקובי פנאי

Good? Bad? Technology's Effect on Mental Health is U-Shaped

05.06.18|Nir Eyal
By classifying all time spent on social media together, studies overlook the fact that people do all sorts of things on the web, writes author Nir Eyal