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Energy tech map

Mapping Israel’s energy tech landscape

There are over 160 energy tech companies in Israeli, with 54 funding rounds taking place over the past 12 months, according to the new landscape map unveiled by Startup Nation Central, Ignite the Spark, and the Israel Export Institute
עובדי חברת רזידנט

Israeli high-tech since the start of the war: $3.1 billion raised and $3.7 billion in M&As

31.03.24|Sophie Shulman
Despite the unprecedented challenges of having about 15% of their workforce drafted into the IDF reserves and the near-complete air blockade on Israel, local startups continue to thrive, according to a report by Startup Nation Central
תל אביב מגדלים

Unreported funding rounds propel Israeli high-tech investment to almost $10 billion in 2023

15.01.24|Sophie Shulman
According to a report by Startup Nation Central, the expectations for M&As and IPOs in 2024 are encouraging, and the leading sectors - AI, cybersecurity, and defense technologies - are expected to continue the upward trend
מגזין נדלן מרץ 2023 מגדל עזריאלי שרונה תל אביב

Dramatic drop in Seed funding doesn't bode well for future of Israeli tech

03.01.24|Meir Orbach
According to data from Start-Up Nation Policy Institute (SNPI), Israeli startups raised $7.3 billion in 2023, the lowest since 2018 and a 60% decrease from 2022. There was also a 50% decrease in the number of companies who raised a Seed round compared to 2022
מהפכה משפטית מחאת ההייטק הפגנה הייטק

68% of Israeli startups taking legal and financial steps due to judicial overhaul

23.07.23|Meir Orbach
Over two-thirds of companies said they have taken such steps like withdrawing cash reserves, changing HQ location outside Israel, relocation of employees and conducting layoffs
מחאת ההייטקיסטים מחאת ה הייטק חיפה

Survey: Israeli tech executives report severe damage to investor confidence due to judicial overhaul

A survey conducted by Start-Up Nation Central revealed that almost 80% of company executives reported canceling meetings with investors and 30% reported a complete halt to meetings with investors due to the judicial overhaul
Uri Gabai Assaf Patir Start-Up Nation Central

What threatens Israeli high-tech in 2023?

12.01.23|Uri Gabai, Assaf Patir
Start-Up Nation Policy Institute (SNPI) CEO - Uri Gabai, and SNPI Chief Economist - Dr. Assaf Patir, present the risks and challenges of the tech industry for 2023
תל אביב משרדים שרונה מגדלי עזריאלי

Investments in Israeli startups plummeted 42% in 2022, cybersecurity hit hardest

10.01.23|Meir Orbach
According to reports released by Start-Up Nation Central (SNC), SNPI, IVC, and LeumiTech, the total volume of investment in 2022 dropped from an unprecedented $27 billion in 2021 to $15.5 billion in the past year

Mapping Israel’s foodtech sector

07.12.22|James Spiro
Many are suggesting the appetite is over for the foodtech meal. Israel is showing there’s a bigger thirst than ever
קאזו קימורה מנהל ב-Japanese Practice

Japan’s Aichi region eyeing Israeli startups for partnerships with large leading local corporations

KPMG Israel, in cooperation with Start-Up Nation Central and the Israel Innovation Authority, is partnering with the region to launch a collaboration program that would promote the creation of business connections between large leading corporations from Aichi and Israeli startups
דרור בין מנכל רשות החדשנות

Over 30,000 openings in Israeli high-tech despite economic slowdown

11.07.22|Meir Orbach
A survey conducted by the Start-Up Nation Policy Institute and the Israel Innovation Authority showed a 250% increase in job openings for non-technological positions in high-tech in Israel
כנס פורום היוניקורנס 2022 פאנל אסטרטגיית צמיחה וידאו

"Last year we could say 'grow with all your might', today we need to be more precise"

29.06.22|Sophie Shulman
Tami Bronner, partner at Vertex Ventures, made the remarks during the Unicorns Forum. HiBob CEO Ronni Zehavi warned that "the third quarter will show whether to invest in growth or to lay off"
מפת חברות האנרג'יטק

New Israel EnergyTech map showcases sector’s growth

14.02.22|Yonatan Sredni
The new map, which includes nearly 100 companies, a 20% increase from 2020, aims to help multinational companies and VC investors identify Israeli companies and solutions in the field of renewable energy and climate change
יעל וייס זילברמן Start Up Nation Central

Israeli innovation is up for the sustainability challenge

23.01.22|Yael Weisz Zilberman
"Israel is putting a concerted effort into becoming the go-to hub for climate change-battling innovation, aiming to make up in its ingenuity what it lacks in size," writes Yael Weisz Zilberman of Start-Up Nation Central
מגדלי משרדים ב תל אביב

Israeli startups raise record $25.4 billion in first 11 months of 2021

13.12.21|Meir Orbach
A report by Start-Up Nation Central showed that the number of companies that reached a $1 billion valuation and gained Unicorn status more than doubled, with 33 new Unicorns being born this year, taking Israel’s total to 53
UAE Ambassador Mohamed Al Khaja Wendy Singer Start-Up Nation Central

UAE Embassy in Israel hosts bi-national innovation conference

The event, organized in partnership with Start-Up Nation Central and the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, was initiated by UAE Ambassador to Israel H.E. Mohamed Al Khaja
students of adva

Could Ultra-Orthodox women be the solution Israeli tech is looking for?

08.09.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Battling the human capital scarcity, the Adva program trains Ultra-Orthodox women as developers and helps them enter the local ecosystem