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אולם דיונים ב בית משפט עליון

Senior VC executive charged with sexual offenses against two women

30.01.24|Meir Orbach
The name of the investor will be published next week after his appeal to the Supreme Court was rejected. The indictment states that the investor had sexual relations with two women against their will
תוכנת ריגול פגסוס NSO

Association for Civil Rights in Israel petitions Supreme Court to prohibit use of Pegasus spyware

06.09.23|Tomer Ganon
Following a Calcalist investigation into the police's use of spyware without supervision, a petition has been made asking for a continued injunction against its use
אדם מימון

A Better Place for directors and officers?

20.02.22|Adam Maimon
“The Supreme Court made a clear statement to the Israeli startup community: Israeli courts will not intervene in informed decisions made by directors and officers in good faith and without conflict of interest,” writes Adam Maimon
פרטיות מידע פרטי דליפת מידע סייבר פייסבוק 2

Israel's Supreme Court curbs use of phone tracking for Covid-19 carriers

Judges say that the practice that was imposed as a temporary emergency measure, was slowly becoming permanent
הצהרה ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו בבית משפט מחוזי

Tech and Academia leaders urge AG to charge Netanyahu with sedition

28.06.20|Moshe Gorali
Accusers claim the prime minister’s speech outside his courtroom was a tangible call to harm judges and Israel’s rule of law
מימין מתן גוטמן אלי מרזל CRT

Former Israeli Watchdogs Launch Startup to Monitor Human Rights Violations in Tech

20.05.20|Sophie Shulman
CRT has formulated an ethical code and methodology through which technologies are examined to make sure they adhere to international human rights and privacy guidelines and prevent misuse
קורונה שוק הכרמל תל אביב

Israel's Supreme Court Allows Police to Surveil Civilian Phones to Enforce Quarantine Regulations

25.03.20|Tomer Ganon
Police will only be allowed to gather sporadic real-time location information to make sure those who have the virus or were in risk of exposure remain in their designated quarantine locations
אולם דיונים ב בית משפט עליון

New Petition Urges Israel’s Supreme Court to Stop Plans to Surveil Civilians

17.03.20|Tomer Ganon
New regulations passed by the Israeli government, bypassing parliament, let the police and Shin Bet obtain information on coronavirus patients without a warrant
צור ימין מייסד מנכ"ל אלקטור תוכנה אפליקציות ל בחירות

Supreme Court Rejects Petition Against Campaign Management App Elector

26.02.20|Omer Kabir
The petition urged the court to stop Israel’s ruling party Likud from using the campaign management app that has been hacked multiple times
מאגר ביומטרי טביעת אצבע זיהוי

Israel’s National Biometric Database Authority Failed to Report Two Security Incidents

16.06.19|Omer Kabir
The authority failed to report the incidents—which took place in 2017 and 2018—to its overseeing parliamentary committee, a committee that apparently hasn’t convened since 2017
אסתר חיות 100 המשפיעים

Israel’s Supreme Court Weighs In on Single-Vendor Ban on Juul

06.11.18|Adi Pick and Adrian Filut
Following a September appeal by E-Cigarette maker Juul, Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered the country’s health ministry to hold a hearing for all relevant companies in Israel
מטוס בואינג 787 דרימליינר אל על

El Al Drops Supreme Court Petition Against Air India

26.07.18|Tomer Hadar
Israel’s national carrier dropped its motion after the court signaled that it would not rule on the issue of access to Saudi airspace
מטוס אל על ממריא

Israel’s Supreme Court Advises El Al to Drop Petition Against Air India

22.07.18|Tomer Hadar
In its petition, El Al asked the court to either secure permission for its airliners to pass over Saudi airspace or prohibit India’s national carrier from doing so during flights to and from Israel
אסתר חיות נשיאת בית המשפט העליון ב בית הנשיא

Israeli Supreme Court Invalidates Litigation Clause in Facebook’s User Agreement

01.06.18|Moshe Gorali
Facebook requires users to agree that any lawsuits brought against the company be litigated in California
אל על בואינג 777 שמות מטוסים

Israeli National Carrier Petitions Against Air India’s Direct Flights to Tel Aviv Through Saudi Airspace

28.03.18|Tofi Stoler
El Al petitioned Israeli Supreme Court to prohibit Air India from using the route, as long as Israeli carriers are not allowed use it