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פרות ו טורבינות בגבעות מונטזומה

Urban living reimagined or tech takeover? The divisive private city venture

31.08.23|Omer Kabir
The widow of Steve Jobs, the founder of LinkedIn and former CEO of GitHub, are just a few of the tech entrepreneurs involved in the initiative to develop a mega-private city in the Montezuma Hills in California

How does CADY tackle errors in electrical schematics?

The company has raised a total of $4 million to improve the product design process
Ishay Yossi Mamram

IDF computing unit alumni providing community to early-stage startups in a time of crisis

17.05.23|James Spiro
The Mamram Alumni Association accelerator program and co-working space are some of the ways it hopes to boost morale in an increasingly difficult climate
מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל חברת פייבר

Fiverr CEO: "We are witnessing the worst value destruction in Israel's history"

05.04.23|Sophie Shulman
"Can you even understand how it feels to know that in two months we have destroyed 30 years of work?” says Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman
Laid Off Techies

“People don't understand how traumatic it is”: Stories from laid-off techies

16.02.23|James Spiro
CTech spoke to four former techies who were impacted by the ongoing layoffs occurring in Startup Nation
Jules Polonetsky FPF

“It is not for Silicon Valley leaders or tech startups to determine the future of our democracy”

10.07.22|James Spiro
Norms are being smashed by private tech companies and governments have finally decided to catch up.
Swimm podcast

12 professional podcasts every tech employee should have in their favorites

19.05.22|Elihay Vidal
The Israeli tech community loves to consume and create podcasts. These are the local professional podcasts in English you shouldn't miss out on
 דייויד צ'ין מנהל פירמת הייעוץ הבינלאומית מקינזי בישראל

“A mess is great if you want to innovate, but it undermines the ability to become truly big”

03.05.22|Golan Hazani
After gaining experience in security consulting and in the health industry, David Chinn, Managing Partner at McKinsey Israel, has his sights set on the local high-tech industry with new methods and pricing that suits startup budgets
כנס ענן 2022 בתאל וולנטיין בלאיש, BeeHero  CBO וידאו

"Saving the bees is nothing short of a challenge to save humankind"

02.05.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
“Bees are the center of humankind’s food supply, and they’re dying,” said Batel Vallentine Blaish-Sultanik, the CBO of BeeHero during Calcalist’s Cloud and Data conference
קו רקיע מרכז תל אביב Tel Aviv Business Center

Israel institutions' high-tech investments jump five-fold to $900 million in 2021

The rise came on the back of the Israel Innovation Authority's push in 2020 to encourage more institutional investment in tech by providing a government-backed safety net
קו רקיע מרכז תל אביב Tel Aviv Business Center

High-tech continues to blossom, but the rest of Israel’s economy can’t keep up

21.03.22|Doron Broitman
While the high-tech sector is skyrocketing, national welfare expenses in Israel have declined compared to other OECD countries, expanding the already wide gaps between tech employees and the rest
Itai Margalit Salesforce איתי מרגלית סמנכ"ל מכירות סיילספורס

Salesforce exec sheds light on ‘Change Management’ theory

16.03.22|James Spiro
Itai Margalit joined CTech to discuss digital transformation and how companies can prepare for the future.
יגאל דוד שרון הנדלמן ו אסף קרבס

“Emerging Israeli technologies will transform old age as we know it”

Keren Etkin, founder and CEO of AgeLabIL, was speaking at an event at Shenkar College focused on finding tech solutions for aging demographic population
ה לוויין עמוס 17

Spacecom, Israeli government to invest NIS 400 million in space tech incubator

24.02.22|Yafit Ovadia
The “Earth & Beyond” incubator will be the first of its kind in Israel and will provide space tech and communications startups with funding to develop deep-tech
רני שפרון ו מיטל מרגוליס לין

Big in Taiwan: Israel's tech sector's connection to “Asia’s Silicon Valley”

22.02.22|Meital Margulis Lin and Rani Shifron
"The Israeli Startup Nation and the Taiwanese Scale-Up Nation complete each other, and the combination of the two will accelerate the development and growth of both," write Meital Margulis Lin and Rani Shifron
עובדי נקסט אינשורנס NEXT INSURANCE

Selling out? Why startup employees are dumping their options

21.02.22|Sophie Shulman
Some Israeli hi-tech employees seem to be in a hurry to unload their company options as quickly as they can, even at the cost of compromising on their startup's valuation. Could this be one of the first signs of air starting to escape from the startup bubble?
אינפו איירונסורס מאנדיי ווקמי

Camels vs Unicorns: Investors wary of cash burning companies

03.02.22|Sophie Shulman
Following the sharp fall in the Nasdaq, growth rate is still an important parameter, but it's not everything. Investors are keeping a keen eye on the rate of cash burning to see if companies behave like thrifty camels rather than cash-thirsty unicorns