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Amit Serper Guardicore

“Election hacking” is just a buzzword, says incoming Guardicore VP of Security Research for North America

04.01.21|James Spiro
With elections in the U.S. and Israel dominating headlines, Amit Serper puts concerned minds to rest - while warning us of the actual threats to look for.
קרן שווק Karen Schwok Lucid Investments

A "new" tech revolution is coming and the winds of change will hit the U.S. first

02.12.20|Karen Schwok
How this transition phase will impact the various sectors in the US and will these new technological trends outlast the pandemic?
נאום ג'ו ביידן בחירות 2020 ארצות הברית

Post-U.S. elections – what can high-tech companies expect?

09.11.20|Adv. Joeri Kreisberg and Daniel Ritter
Everyhing from Green Technology, Healthcare, AI, and Space - it's all on the table until 2024
סטיב ישראל כנס בחירות בארה"ב

Biden will be a better friend to Israel than Trump is, claims former NY congressman

21.10.20|James Spiro
Former congressman Steve Israel spoke with Calcalist about the Democratic candidate support for Iron Dome and the anti-Semitic event that sparked his run for president
ראס קוסטריץ Russ Koesterich מנהל השקעות בכיר בלקרוק השקעות באי-ודאות

China is winning in the Covid recovery, says BlackRock Managing Director

19.10.20|James Spiro
Speaking at Calcalist’s ‘Investment Amid Uncertainty’ conference, Russ Koesterich discusses China’s V-shaped recovery and how the upcoming U.S. election will impact investments.
US Voting

There’s only one way to safeguard the U.S. elections, says MonsterCloud CEO

18.10.20|James Spiro
Zohar Pinhasi says only unifying the entire voting platform can truly ensure a safe and credible process
US Congress

U.S. senators aim to stop sale of drugs online by going after tech's legal immunity

There are several pieces of legislation targeting Section 230 being introduced from both Democrats and Republicans
ד"ר יאיר שינדל מוסף שבועי 13.2.20

Israel’s aMoon leads funding rounds in U.S. and European companies

10.09.20|Hagar Ravet
The healthtech VC led a $35 million round in MOBILion and a $30 million round in MiNA Therapeutics
Ecoplant Aviran Yaacov

Ecoplant raises $8 million in series A funding to reduce factories’ energy use across the U.S.

02.08.20|James Spiro
The funding news comes alongside a partnership with Atlas Machines, expanding IoT and AI-powered systems to factories across the Midwest
ינון אלרועי ראש הנציגות הכלכלית של משרד הכלכלה והתעשייה בניו יורק

The U.S. response to Covid-19 affects Israeli businesses, say Israeli investors

19.07.20|James Spiro
Speaking at The Israeli Business Forum of New York, Israeli business leaders discuss all the ways the U.S. is helping - or hindering - the Israeli economy
דגל ישראל ו דגל ארצות הברית משולב 'USA Israel Flags

Israel-U.S. BIRD Foundation invests $8 million in 10 new collaborations

13.07.20|James Spiro
The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation approved projects in automotive, cybersecurity, healthcare, and more