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מייסדי מילאוטיס מימין דיויד איסקוביץ' ו ד"ר חוזה איסקוביץ'

Mileutis raises $20 million to reduce antibiotic use in cows

19.10.20|Meir Orbach
The company aims to cease the use of antibiotics in the dairy industry by replacing it with a viable alternative
סנטינל וואן

Insight Partners Backs SentinalOne in $200 Million Investment

19.02.20|Meir Orbach
The month-long Israeli investment spree of New York-based venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners continues
מימין קובי סמבורסקי ו אריק קליינשטיין מנהלי קרן הון סיכון גלילות

Israeli Venture Capital Fund Glilot Adds Itzik Mizrahi to Investment Team

11.02.19|Adi Pick
Founded in 2011, Glilot has invested in 20 companies to date. Six of its portfolio companies have been acquired thus far
מוסף שבועי 17.1.19 מימין אראל מרגלית ג'ק מא מייסד ומנכ"ל עליבאבא

Chinese Investments in Israeli Tech Mapped

18.01.19|Meir Orbach and Uri Pasovsky
A proven hotbed of new technologies, for Chinese investors the small Israeli market represents an opportunity to acquire knowledge, and study innovation
עמית קרפ קרן בסמר Bessemer Venture Partners

A Venture Capitalist’s Three Predictions for 2019

04.01.19|Amit Karp
Last year, venture capitalist Amit Karp predicted the crash of bitcoin and the exodus from Silicon Valley
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Israel Comes as Close Second on List of Biggest Investors in Israeli Tech

26.11.18|Adi Pick
American investors top the list with 35% of all capital raised by Israeli companies between 2013 and 2018
מוסף שבועי 2.3.17 מייקל אייזנברג במשרדי WeWork

My Core Investment Thesis: Long Humanity

23.11.18|Michael Eisenberg
Investing in WeWork was a bet on a risky notion that blood was flowing in Facebook and Twitter feeds, in Reddit and 4Chan, writes venture capitalist Michael Eisenberg
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים אפליקציית Factune של לייטריקס Lightricks

Facetune Developer Secures Additional Funding to Change How the World Creates Content

19.11.18|Meir Orbach
Jerusalem-based Lightricks completed a $60 million round, out of which $45 million will be used to buy stock off existing shareholders
אינטל ישראל בנימין נתניהו רוברט סוואן אמנון שעשוע

The U.S. Still Leads Corporate Investment in Israeli Tech

19.11.18|Amarelle Wenkert
So far in 2018, U.S. corporates invested some $253 million in Israeli tech companies, according to a new report
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים צוות עובדי WalkMe

Website Navigation Startup WalkMe Raises $40 Million

20.09.18|Tofi Stoler
WalkMe adds a layer of on-screen navigation guidance prompts on top of existing websites, helping users navigate through web pages
פיר מעלית מרכז ניסויים של חברה

Solving the Last 50 Floors Challenge

09.09.18|Michael Eisenberg
Venture capitalist Michael Eisenberg has an elevators pitch for you: he thinks elevators are the next frontier of mobility
Tipalti חן עמית

Payment Automation Startup Tipalti to Double Israeli Workforce

Tipalti operates a cloud-based payment automation platform, counting Amazon, GoDaddy, and Twitter among its clients
ג'ול Juul סיגריה אלקטרונית

Israel Expected to Ban Marketing of E-Cigarette Juul

07.08.18|Adrian Filut and Lilach Baumer
Currently selling its products in only two countries outside of the U.S., Juul started operating in Israel in May
מוסף ניתוח מנתח מנתחים רופא רופאים

Heart Monitoring Company CardiacSense Raises Funds to License Device

27.05.18|Lilach Baumer
The Israel-based company develops a watch-like device that monitors arrhythmia and blood pressure
יניב גולן לול ונצרס lool Ventures

Why We Invested in an Urban-Tech Company

25.05.18|Yaniv Golan
Rapid urbanization places pressure on local municipalities to improve everything from healthcare and transportation to education, economic development, and safety, writes venture capitalist Yaniv Golan
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Bigger Seed Rounds Mean Winners Get Picked Earlier

25.05.18|Amit Karp
With bigger Seed rounds investors pick the winners earlier than ever before, writes venture capitalist Amit Karp
מנכ"ל ג'ינוקס GENOOX אמיר טרבלסי

Genomic Analytics Startup Genoox Raises $6 Million

17.05.18|Meir Orbach
Genoox uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze genetic mutations
אסף רובין לוקלייז Localize

Following New York Pilot, Real Estate Data Startup Raises $8 Million

09.05.18|Hagar Ravet is the U.S. branch of Israel-based urban data company Madlan
יניב גולן לול ונצרס lool Ventures

Why We Decided to Invest in a Crypto Company for the First Time

04.05.18|Yaniv Golan
When it comes to money, it’s all about trust. The same goes for cryptocurrencies, writes lool Ventures co-founder Yaniv Golan