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SOSense raises $4 million for life-saving underwater solutions

The Israeli startup has developed an underwater sensor that detects, with the help of audio signal analysis, prohibited entry into the water and alerts pool owners
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Asterra is looking to the stars for the answers

21.01.22|Yafit Ovadia
“From the stars to the ground, our mission is to help humanity better understand what’s going on on our planet by using synthetic aperture radar,” says Asterra CEO
עמיר סמואילוף

Israel Water Authority taps SIGA for cyber protection of the country’s water supply

The authority aims to enhance existing security following last year’s cyberattacks against Israel’s water utilities
Utilis Elly Perets Lauren Guy

There’s space for improving our world’s infrastructure

15.06.21|James Spiro
Utilis uses space satellites to identify small leaks within exact areas, preventing billions of wasteful activity
Nadav Liebermann CropX

Israel’s CropX partners with NASA Harvest for agtech initiatives

25.03.21|James Spiro
The companies will conduct a 12-month pilot in Arizona before expanding nationally and globally
עובדי חברת יוטיליס

Satellite software startup Utilis raises $6 million to detect terrestrial water leaks

24.03.21|Yafit Ovadia
The company’s analytics were first used to detect water on Mars. Funds will be used to accelerate growth and help reduce climate crisis
Setumo Dam South Africa

Israel’s BlueGreen Water deployed in South Africa to improve drinking water

23.03.21|James Spiro
It is estimated that 62% of South African water bodies are subject to toxic algal blooms
Scott Rickards

OurCrowd and Waterfund launch $50 million partnership for agtech and water projects in the Middle East

The partnership will dedicate the funds to 15 separate projects that are related to water-investment products in the region
אסתר אלטורה

Orthodox Jewish woman creates startup to promote water conservation and lower bills

14.12.20|Yafit Ovadia
DrizzleX uses a water measuring solution combined with AI; raises half a million dollars from L.A. investment fund
פתרון הטכנולוגי שיחמם את המים במקלחות חיילי צה"ל משרד הביטחון וחברת ברנמילר אנרג'י

Israeli Military Outpost Pilots Energy-Saving Solution for Heating Shower Water

The heat recovery from the existing generators allows hot water to be supplied without the burning of additional fuels. It saves about 36,000 liters of diesel fuel per year, and reduces pollutant emissions of about 112 tons of carbon dioxide a year
ברז מים בצורת מחסור התפלה

Through Hell or High Water: 5 Startups Aiming to Save the Planet by Saving Water

13.12.19|Adi Pick
From extracting safe drinking water from thin air to turning rain into drinkable water, below are five Israeli startups trying to minimize the world’s water crisis
 מי ביוב זורמים ל ים ב חוף תל אביב יפו

Wastewater Treatment Company Fluence Wants to Raise $20.5 Million on Australian Exchange

Fluence was founded in 2017 following the merger of Israel-based Emefcy and RWL Water
אנרגיה מתחדשת ירוקה MIT חדשנות יזמות

U.S., Israel Issue Call for Energy and Water-Related Joint Tech Proposals

23.05.19|Adi Pick
Four awards are available, one in each of the domains of fossil energy, energy storage, energy-water nexus, and energy cyber and physical security in critical infrastructure, via The U.S.-Israel Energy Center
כיל ים המלח ICL Dead Sea

Israel Refloats Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal Initiative

08.01.19|Lior Gutman
The planned pipeline, first announced in 2013, was intended to span over 200 kilometers on Jordanian territory
שפכים מפעלים

China's Newater to Acquire Water Purification Company AMS for $13.5 Million

03.12.18|Lilach Baumer
The acquisition will help fill the gap in current Chinese domestic technology, stated Newater's CEO
חוף צאלון כנרת אנשים צפיפות ים חופש

Israel Seeks European Aid in Plan to Pump Desalinated Water to the Sea of Galilee

03.09.18|Amitay Gazit
Israeli government hatched a plan to build a tunnel that will pump desalinated water to the receding lake
בנימין נתניהו ראש ממשלת הודו נרנדה מודי בשדה התעופה של מומביי

Six Focus Points for Indo-Israeli Collaboration

14.01.18|Devsena Mishra
On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began his state visit to India. Entrepreneur Devsena Mishra outlines possible collaboration areas between the two states