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כנס Work after Work - ערן שלו שותף מנהל KPMG ישראל

"IP location is vital for tax, R&D, and exit strategy planning"

02.04.24|Maya Nahum Shahal
Eran Shalev, Managing Partner of KPMG Israel, was speaking at the start of Calcalist and KPMG's Work After Work event
כנס Work after Work - פאנל - מימין מאיר אורבך מנחה דינה פסקא רז KPMG אמיר הרמתי Aiala ניקול פריאל Ibex Investors

"Israel faces a pivotal moment where it can choose between dwelling on past hardships or seizing the opportunity for growth"

02.04.24|Maya Nahum Shahal
Amir Haramaty, founder and CEO of aiOla, was speaking on a panel held as part of Calcalist and KPMG’s Work After Work event with Nicole Priel, a Partner at Ibex Investors, and Dina Pasca-Raz, partner and Head of Technology at KPMG Israel
 CTech Work After Work Yair Snir וידאו

"It's no longer about creating revenues and growing the business, but also having the mindset of how you do it efficiently"

20.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Managing Partner at Dell Technologies Capital Yair Snir spoke to CTech at Calcalist and KPMG’s Work After Work event in Tel Aviv about why startups need to focus on efficiency
כנס KPMG Work after Work פאנל הזדמנויות ואתגרי ההייטק בשנה שכמוה לא הייתה מימין שלומי חגי דינה פסקא רז מרב בהט ומאיר אורבך

"The economic impact of Israel’s political unrest will affect future generations"

17.07.23|Maayan Manela
Dina Pasca-Raz, Head of Technology & International Tax at KPMG Israel, was speaking on a panel together with Merav Bahat, Co-founder and CEO of Dazz, and Shlomi Hagai, Partner at JVP
כנס KPMG Work after Work דברי פתיחה יניב ישרים שותף ראש מערך השיווק והצמיחה KPMG ישראל

"Companies with an unsustainable business model will cease to exist"

17.07.23|Maayan Manela
Yaniv Yesharim, Head of Marketing and Growth at KPMG Israel, spoke at Calcalist and KPMG’s Work After Work event about the state of the Israeli tech sector
CTech Work After Work Roni Michael וידאו

KPMG: “Legislation will help us support organizations in doing the right thing with AI”

15.06.23|James Spiro
Roni Michael, Head of KPMG Edge, spoke to CTech at its Work After Work event
CTech Work After Work Alon Haimovich וידאו

Generative AI “is not a trend” for employees, says Microsoft Israel

15.06.23|James Spiro
Alon Haimovich, Microsoft Israel Country General Manager, spoke to CTech during KPMG’s Work After Work event
Ctech Work After Work Inbar Haham

“It's a great time to be an investor, there are many opportunities out there”

03.01.23|Noa Gadot
"We expect the current atmosphere to continue into 2023 and we are hoping we will see a more optimistic outlook in the first half of 2024," added Inbar Haham, Managing Partner at INcapital Ventures
Ctech Work After Work Didier Toubia וידאו

“The benefit of cultivated meat is that it has all the flavor and taste which naturally occur with meat."

03.01.23|Noa Gadot
“We isolate cells and we can grow them in a cultivator mimicking the conditions inside the animal," added Didier Toubia, Co-Founder & CEO at Aleph Farms
Ctech Work After Work Jonny Saacks

“You should invest for the right reasons, not because of FOMO or because others are doing it”

02.01.23|Noa Gadot
"2022 showed us there are no shortcuts. Learning and moving into 2023 it is back to basics," added Jonny Saacks, Managing Partner at VC F2
Ctech Work After Work Arieh Fishburn

"I think the next six quarters are going to be tough. In the second half of 2024 we will see markets going back to normal"

02.01.23|Noa Gadot
Arieh Fishburn, CEO at Redemption Capital, believes there is still plenty of more pain to come for the tech market
Ctech Work After Work Ori Israely

“Our bets would be on modernization and cost cutting technologies”

02.01.23|Noa Gadot
Ori Israely, Managing General Partner at Magenta Venture Partners, shared his predictions for 2023
Ctech Work After Work Michael Reitblat

“The 2020 crisis prepared us for this year”

01.01.23|Noa Gadot
"We have seen a lot of companies adapt to change and there will be ups and downs. There is a lot of good that happened this year and we will see more innovation happening next year," added Michael Reitblat, CEO and Co-Founder at Forter
Ctech Work After Work Limor Ganot

“We are going through a sanity check and it's a positive thing”

01.01.23|Noa Gadot
"I looked for metrics I knew from before entering the high-tech industry, but no one was speaking about such things as EBITDA and positive cash-flow," added Limor Ganot, Managing Partner at Gefen Capital
Work After Work מיכאל רייטבלט מייסד שותף מנכל Forter חמוטל מרידור שותפה בקרן וינטג בשיחה עם סופי שולמן

“Many companies will close, if not this year, then in two years”

01.01.23|Irad Atzmon Schmayer
“Technology is not going anywhere and is only claiming a bigger part of our world. In the long run, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the good venture capital funds,” added Hamutal Meridor of Vintage Investment Partners
Ctech Work After Work Noa Asher

“Finally, Japanese companies understood that Israel is a legitimate and beneficial innovation hub”

21.07.22|James Spiro
Noa Asher, CEO at NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel, spoke to CTech at Calcalist’s Work After Work event to discuss Israeli and Japanese collaboration
Ctech Work After Work Ofer Ben Noon

“It is tough to expect that 100% of employees will always be on guard”

21.07.22|James Spiro
Ofer Ben Noon, Co-founder and CEO of Talon, joined CTech to discuss the cybersecurity risks brought on by a hybrid world
	Ctech Work After Work Meirav Har-Noy

“Technology modernizes and democratizes the fintech industry”

20.07.22|James Spiro
Meirav Har-Noy, Founder and Managing Partner at Moneta VC, spoke to CTech about industries that are ripe for innovation, such as payments, wealth management, and embedded finance
Ctech Work After Work Kazu Kimura

Israeli communication style “is a bit difficult to address for the Japanese community”

20.07.22|James Spiro
Kazu Kimura, Manager of the Japanese Practice at KPMG Israel, spoke to CTech about some of the cultural challenges between the two countries