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ועידת Mind the Tech ניו יורק - ג’ון סטצ’ר סמנכ”ל טכנולוגיות Blackstone ו יפעת אורון מנכלית בלקסטון ישראל

Blackstone CTO: "In terms of tech investment I haven't seen it slow down anywhere"

John Stecher, CTO at Blackstone, was speaking with Yifat Oron, Senior Managing Director, Head of Tel Aviv Office at Blackstone, during the Mind the Tech Conference in New York
יפעת אורון על רקע בלקסטון

Blackstone in Israel: Pouring fuel on the raging fire of local tech

26.04.21|Sophie Shulman
Israeli tech entrepreneurs are used to working with VC funds, but Blackstone is very different
סטיב שוורצמן מייסד קרן בלקסטון

Blackstone CEO: "Our arrival is a sign of the maturity of the Israeli economy"

26.04.21|Sophie Shulman
Stephen A. Schwarzman believes there is only upside in the entrance of Blackstone Growth's $4.5 billion fund to Israel
ועידת כלכליסט בדובאי יפעת אורון

Blackstone hires former LeumiTech CEO Yifat Oron to head new office in Tel Aviv

Oron will lead Blackstone’s growth and tech investments in Israel for Blackstone Growth, which recently raised $4.5 billion
ועידת ברלין 2020 יפעת אורון

Tech is the new oil

18.08.20|Yifat Oron
Covid-19 emphasized how problematic dependency on global supply chains can be, but it is still too soon to mourn the death of globalization
ועידת ברלין 2020 יפעת אורון

Israeli Companies Must Brace for Shifts in Global Technology and Investment Trends, Says Leumitech CEO

27.02.20|Omer Kabir
Yifat Oron spoke Thursday at Calcalist,s WeTech Berlin 2020 conference
יפעת אורון מנכלי"ת לאומיטק כנס פינטק 2019

Zooming Out on Global Tech Trends

24.02.20|Yifat Oron
Yifat Oron, the CEO of LeumiTech and chairwoman of Bank Leumi's Innovation Committee highlights the latest tech trends
יפעת אורון ועידת ניו יורק

CTech’s Book Review: How to Hit a Tech Industry Home-Run

09.09.19|Yifat Oron
Leumitech CEO Yifat Oron on Peter Thiel and Blake Masters' "Zero to One"
יפעת אורון מנכלי"ת לאומיטק כנס פינטק 2019

AI and Big Data Are the Future of Finance, Says LeumiTech CEO

24.06.19|Meir Orbach
Yifat Oron spoke Monday at a fintech conference held in Tel Aviv by Calcalist, Bank Leumi’s tech banking arm LeumiTech, and accounting firm KPMG
יפעת אורון מנכ"לית לאומיטק ועידת ניו יורק 2019

Israel May Soon Have to Choose Between The U.S. and China, Says LeumiTech CEO

14.04.19|Adi Pick
Yifat Oron spoke at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in New York
ועידת ברלין 2019 יפעת אורון

Amazon Can Unleash Hidden Value by Splitting Up, Says Israeli Tech Banker

20.02.19|Adi Pick
Amazon’s cloud assets can be worth more as an independent entity, according to Yifat Oron, CEO of Leumitech, the technology banking arm of Israeli Bank Leumi
יפעת אורון מנכלית לאומיטק

An Overview of Technology Banking

10.02.19|Orr Hirschauge
Now serving over 5,000 startups in Israel, the U.K., and the U.S., Leumitech extends credit spanning from $20,000 to several hundreds millions of dollars to companies, according to CEO Yifat Oron
יפעת אורון מנכלית לאומיטק

Israeli Tech Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on New York

18.11.18|Yifat Oron
Once drawn to Silicon Valley, Israeli entrepreneurs now look to the East Coast of the U.S., as they factor in smaller time differences and shorter flights
יפעת אורון לאומי טק כנס ספורט  כשטכנולוגיה פגשת ספורט

Israel’s Sports Tech Industry Is on the Rise, Says LeumiTech CEO

11.07.18|Yoav Stoler and Uri Tuval
The number of Israeli sports-related tech companies grew from 60 just five years ago to nearly 100 today, said Yifat Oron, CEO of LeumiTech, at Calcalist’s “Tech Meets Sports” conference in Tel Aviv
כנס פינטק 15.5.18 פאנל דור ההשקעות יפעת אורון

The World’s Web Companies Will Inevitably Go Into Finance, Says LeumiTech CEO

16.05.18|Aviv Guter
Banks, not just startups, take part in the re-invention of the financial industry, said LeumiTech’s Yifat Oron
מימין אמיר פרוינד מייקל גרנוף טל ברין אריאלה גרינברג פלדר רוקסן חורש רן אחיטוב ו יפעת אורון

People Will Forgo the Private Car Like They Did Landlines, Venture Capitalist Amir Freund Says

25.02.18|Hagar Ravet
On Wednesday, local industry leaders gathered in Tel Aviv for a panel discussion concerning the future of the automotive industry
תל אביב קו רקיע Tel Aviv Skyline

More Money, Fewer Deals: Five Key Takeaways from Cisco's 2017 Report on Investment in Israeli Startups

15.02.18|Daniel Karp
Israeli startups in 2017 raised 13% more capital compared with the year before, but saw 9% fewer deals
יפעת אורון מנכלית לאומיטק

Nasdaq to Launch a Program Supporting Israeli Growth Companies

01.11.17|Meir Orbach
The program will be jointly managed by Israel's second largest bank, Leumi