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Daniel Joseph CardinalOps

The coder who is also a mentor in the Israeli Scouts

27.04.22|Sponsored Content
Daniel Joseph, a Full-Stack Developer at CardinalOps, loves the fact that he creates something from scratch. After work, he leads 12th graders as a counselor in the Scouts
Melany Cygiel Gdud BeeHero 2

The buzzing gymnast engineering pollination solutions for BeeHero

21.03.22|Sponsored Content
Melany Cygiel Gdud, a Full Stack Engineer at BeeHero, has been a gymnast since the age of five but is now helping counter the threats facing bees and optimizing the pollination cycle our crops depend on
שלי שקד משפחה

The folk dancer helping Novidea bring high-tech to the insurance world

14.02.22|Sponsored Content
Shelly Shaked Marmary, a Business Analyst at Novidea, learns something new every day at work but when away from the office is obsessed with folk dancing and spends the entire summer vacation at the seashore with her family
ניר פנחס אופנוע At-Bay

The off-road motorcyclist leading automation at cyber insurance unicorn At-Bay

24.01.22|Sponsored Content
Nir Pinchas serves as Automation Tech & Team Lead for At-Bay, but away from work he looks forward to his off-road motorcycling weekend meetups
בן חרות Justt

The snowboarder heading research at Justt

19.01.22|Sponsored Content
Ben Herut fell in love with the payments industry "at first sight" and has found what he's been looking for in Justt, an early-stage startup whose sole purpose is to find a unique solution for chargebacks
כפיר לב Weka

The Zen-Shiatsu therapist perfecting Weka's high-performance computing platform

17.01.22|Sponsored Content
Kfir Lev, a Senior QA Engineer at Weka, loves science and spirituality and tries to combine both for a holistic worldview
אסף לביא Nexar

The baker helping Nexar build for a future of connected driving

12.01.22|Sponsored Content
Assaf Lavi is a father of two who loves baking bread, but he is also Infrastructure Team Lead at Nexar, a company he's proud to be part of as it is making a difference in people’s lives every day
פאבל לארינוב Aquant

The Aquant painter helping technicians fix machines

22.12.21|Sponsored Content
Pavel Larionov, a Research Engineer at Aquant, feels much better working from the office and loves that he can feel his impact and value to the customers
צוות SeaLights

The beer brewer helping SeaLights make life easier for software engineers

16.12.21|Sponsored Content
Elhen Shmailov, a Backend Developer, loves the people and the work at SeaLights, which even brands his home-brewed beer
גילי כרמון רוכבת Laguna Health

Laguna Health's horseback rider coding for the greater good

14.12.21|Sponsored Content
Gili Carmon, a Full-stack developer at Laguna Health, forgets all her troubles when she's riding, but when at work she feels incredible knowing that she is playing a role in making someone else healthier
נועה אוחנה Lyve Labs

The senior manager promoting Lyve Labs' innovation for Seagate's Israel center

06.12.21|Sponsored Content
Noa Franko Ohana, a Senior Innovation Manager at Lyve Labs Israel, prepares the kids for school and even manages to squeeze in a sporty walk before beginning a long day at Seagate's Innovation center
יובל קריגל Oxeye

Oxeye's foodie redesigning the cloud AppSec world

29.11.21|Sponsored Content
Yuval Krigel, a Software Engineer at cybersecurity company Oxeye, loves having the ability to influence many areas in his work, but when he's home you are likely to find him in the kitchen
עמית הררי דראג HoneyBook

The drag queen coding for HoneyBook

15.11.21|Sponsored Content
Amit Harari, a Full Stack developer, loves his dynamic job at Israeli unicorn HoneyBook, but after work he's busy practicing his lip-sync for his drag show
מרינה סוקולוב ציירת JoyTunes

By day, a JoyTunes Senior Product Designer, by night cocomusa

11.11.21|Sponsored Content
Marina Sokolov finds art and aesthetic expression everywhere she goes, whether as a product designer at JoyTunes or as an Instagram artist persona
שני פרל AMPLIO

Amplio’s potter helping shape the therapy world into a data-based field

14.10.21|Sponsored Content
When she’s not busy with her job as a Learning Researcher at Amplio Learning, Shani Perl is probably working on her thesis in linguistics neuroscience, having fun with clay or on the beach surfing on SUP
ליאב אדטו

Quali's rock climber who loves coding along to a catchy song

06.10.21|Sponsored Content
Liav Adato, a Backend Developer at Quali, loves the atmosphere at the office and believes that with a topic as broad as cloud computing there is always more to uncover
שיר פרידמן Rapid7

The Product Manager working to the beat at Rapid7

04.10.21|Sponsored Content
Shir Fridman, a Product Manager at Rapid7, is a singer, dancer and baker, but prefers to work from the office
נועה ברקאי Datree

Datree’s Avengers are out to rescue Kubernetes owners

26.09.21|Sponsored Content
Noaa Barki, a Full Stack developer at Datree, is a big Marvel fan, starts every day with a workout, and is also one of the organizers of the Israeli GitHub community
חן מזרחי מינט מדיה

The sports addict developing Minute Media's solutions on the run

13.09.21|Sponsored Content
Hen Mizrahi, a front-end developer at Minute Media, exercises at least five times a week and loves that her company constantly keeps her on her toes
רוני אלוני 2 Citi

Finding the right recipe in coding and baking

16.08.21|Sponsored Content
Roni Aloni, a Software Team Leader at the Citi Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv, is responsible for the team that creates a “no-code” platform for Workflow Management and also enjoys baking in her free time