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Airobotics IPO flops, cutbacks imminent

17.08.21|Golan Hazani
Calcalist has learned that the Israeli UAV company didn't manage to raise the $12 million it had planned at a $50 million valuation, with the demand not even reaching the minimum threshold
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Airobotics Shuts Down Israel Manufacture Line, Lays Off 20 Workers

25.02.19|Hagar Ravet
In November, the Israel-founded industrial drone maker announced it was relocating to Scottsdale, Arizona
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The Drone Operator is the Most Irrelevant Part of the Drone Operation, Says Airobotics CEO

25.02.19|Meir Orbach
Airobotics develops weatherproof automated drones that collect aerial data
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Airobotics Adds Aerial LiDAR Capabilities to its Automated Drone

Airobotics' drones can now send raw LiDAR data, allowing operators to make real-time decisions
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Airobotics Receives FAA Waiver to Fly Drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Airobotics operates automatic drones for mining facilities and factories. The waiver permits it to operate in the U.S.
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CEO of Automated Drones Company Airobotics Draws the Line at Airborne Firearms

05.12.18|Keren Tsuriel Harari and Meir Orbach
Israel-founded startup Airobotics aims to move beyond security details in factories, mines, and refineries, and secure the U.S.-Mexico border, says CEO
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Industrial Drone Startup Airobotics Relocates to Arizona

29.11.18|Meir Orbach
Airobotics is laying off 25 employees in Israel. The company’s headquarters will be based in Arizona, while its research and development operation remains in Israel
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Automated Drone Company Airobotics Raises $30 Million to Fuel Global Expansion

30.10.18|Meir Orbach
Founded in 2014, Airobotics develops fully autonomous industrial unmanned aerial vehicles for surveying and security purposes in industrial facilities, mining sites, and refineries
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Israeli Drone Maker Airobotics Sets Up Shop in Arizona

27.09.18|Tofi Stoler
The company has opened a new Americas headquarters in Scottsdale and intends to hire a team of 80 people
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CTech’s Wednesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Softbank backs sports analytics company PlaySight.Online travel magazine Culture Trip raises $80 million. Former BP CEO Lord Browne joins board of marine data startup Windward.
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Former Facebook Executive Joins Autonomous Drones Company Airobotics

25.04.18|Lilach Baumer
Richard Wooldridge, the former chief operating officer of Facebook's hardware division Building 8, was appointed as chief operating officer at Airobotics
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Airobotics Fueled by Additional $10 Million in Funding

22.01.18|Keren-Or Grinberg
In September, drone-maker Airobotics announced a $32.5 million round C funding. Now the company raises additional $10 million from crowdfunding firm OurCrowd. Airobotics raised $71 million to date
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Automated Drone Company Airobotics Brings New Business Model to Market

18.09.17|Lilach Baumer
The company, which raised $61 million to date, lists Intel and Israel Chemicals Ltd. as customers
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Airobotics Completes $32.5 Million Funding Round

07.09.17|Hagar Ravet
Drone maker Airobotics raised $32.5 Million in round C funding, led by BlueRun Ventures China. The company raised $61 million in investment