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מטה אמדוקס רעננה

Amdocs cuts 700 jobs, 3% of workforce

02.01.23|Sophie Shulman
Despite coming off an excellent year in which its share price climbed in contrast to the rest of the tech market, Amdocs decided to begin 2023 with cutbacks
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Amdocs records record revenue and continues to grow employee count

04.08.22|Meir Orbach
The software company's revenues rose in the second quarter by 8.8% to $1.16 billion
אמדוקס תערוכת MWC ברצלונה 2019

Amdocs to acquire MYCOM OSI for $188 million

The tech giant hopes to expand its network services and monetization offerings with cloud-native, intelligence-powered assurance solutions to deliver better customer experiences
מימין יהודית ימפולסקי ויטל אילת רונית רונן קרפול ליאת שחר

Unlimited vacation: Benefit or gimmick?

06.02.22|Maayan Manela
Amdocs announced a new unlimited vacation policy, but while data show that employees take fewer days off they also feel uncomfortable when they do - and it may even harm them financially. How are companies that have adopted such a policy coping?
יהודית ימפולסקי סמנכלית משאבי אנוש באמדוקס

Amdocs introduces unlimited vacation policy, registers record revenue

02.02.22|Sophie Shulman
The extra days will be given in coordination with the direct managers and they can be anything from a few single days for errands and up to a week or more for a family visit or any other need
כנס Avishai Sharlin ctech

Amdocs explains the ‘inflection point’ of the digital revolution

05.11.21|James Spiro
Avishai Sharlin, Division President at Amdocs Technology, Product, spoke to James Spiro at Tech TLV about what factors are at play as technology changes our lives
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Hunting season: The escalating tech recruitment war

29.10.21|Diana Bahur-Nir
Huge billboards, parties, massive bonuses, viral videos, and vacations. The battle for tech talent has reached “madness” levels but is it all necessary or are there egos at play?
גיל רוזן סמנכ"ל שיווק גלובלי אמדוקס כנס טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית

“We are only on the ground floor of the 5G revolution”

21.06.21|Meir Orbach
Gil Rosen, CMO at Amdocs and GM at Amdocs:NEXT, said at the Calcalist Digital Transformation Conference that “5G was not launched to stream Netflix faster, it was launched because it is a significant technological leap forward”
Gil Rosen Amdocs

The small gap between survival stagnation and seizing the opportunity

01.02.21|Gil Rosen
Covid-19 is forcing institutions and large enterprises to make far-reaching changes. We need to reach a new definition of our needs, and of those around us, in order to find the best way to meet them
הדמיית מגדל אינפיניטי פארק רעננה

Office space market crunch forces construction companies to get creative

07.09.20|Shlomit Tsur
Israeli construction firms Reit 1 and Saan Zahav are investing $32 million in converting a basement in a Ra'anana tower into a server farm following Amdocs departure
אבישי שרלין ראש חטיבת טכנולוגיה אמדוקס ועידת דור 5

The impact of 5G will only be felt in three years, predicts Amdocs exec

19.08.20|Maayan Manela
Avishai Sharlin, president of the technology division at Nasdaq-listed billing company Amdocs, spoke Monday at Calcalist’s online convention on 5G networks
למונייד ביטוח

Who wants to eat a meatless steak and how much did Lemonade surge in its first day of trading?

CTech Daily Roundup: Software giant Amdocs set to lay off 1,000 employees

Software giant Amdocs set to lay off 1,000 employees

02.07.20|Meir Orbach
The company said it is reorganizing global HR due to “complex time of continued uncertainty in global markets”
Angela Logothetis

Covid-19 has uncovered some compelling 5G use cases

30.06.20|Angela Logothetis, CTO of Amdocs Open Network
Angela Logothetis, CTO of Amdocs Open Network, discusses some of the ways that an unexpected pandemic pushed us into a digital-first, connectivity-centric environment.
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Fearing Coronavirus, Amdocs Cancels Participation in Mobile World Congress

10.02.20|Hagar Ravet
LG, Ericsson, Nvidia, and Amazon have already announced they will not attend the event this year due to the virus
NEURA ניורה

App Engagement Analytics Startup Neura Raises $16 Million

04.09.19|Meir Orbach
Neura develops an app engagement analytics software that analyzes how users respond to certain app features such as push notifications
מוסף שבועי 23.11.17 דנא אבי נאור איש עסקים חתן פרס ישראל ל מפעל חיים יור אור ירוק

Israeli Retailer Fox Bets On Amdocs Founder’s New Startup Preciate

28.07.19|Orna Yefet
Based in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, Preciate develops facial recognition technology for retailers to provide information about the shopping habits of customers
משרדי אמדוקס ב רעננה AMDOCS

Amdocs Reports $1.01 Billion in Revenue For First Quarter of Fiscal 2019

06.02.19|Tofi Stoler
The results were slightly above the midpoint of the company’s $990 million to $1.03 billion guidance range for the quarter