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Irena Ben-Yakar  Deloitte Israel

For companies, ESG efforts invite both celebration and scrutiny

01.08.22|James Spiro
Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance is becoming a mainstay for companies - to the delight and ire of many
בדיקת קורונה במי ביוב

Israel’s Ministry of Health takes its Covid-19 wastewater project nationwide

04.01.22|James Spiro
Kando has been conducting research in the country’s sewer systems since 2020
Tato Bigio UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials raises $170 million to convert landfill waste into recyclable plastic substitute

15.12.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company has developed a technology that turns municipal solid waste, including all organics, into a climate-positive plastic alternative
אד מורס ועידת האנרגיה

“Hydrogen was once seen as dangerous, it’s now seen as a savior”

28.11.21|James Spiro
Speaking ahead of Calcalist’s “The Energy Crisis: Here and Now” conference, Edward Morse, Managing Director, Global Head of Commodity Research at Citi Group, outlined his vision for the future of energy
עובדי Browzwear

Israel’s Browzwear named one of Fortune Impact’s ‘companies doing good while doing well’

27.10.21|James Spiro
The second annual list highlights companies that successfully balance profit and purpose in business
עדיטל אלה

Eco-friendly construction: how one startup is building a recyclable future

17.10.21|Yafit Ovadia
Criaterra Innovations creates sustainable building materials to build office and residential buildings that can be recycled and reused
מימין ליאור פרוסור פאשה רומנובסקי ו אלון ליפשיץ

“ESG Investments aren’t just ethical, they’re helping make the world a better place”

30.08.21|Yafit Ovadia
Hanaco Ventures invests in companies that remain committed to improving environmental, social, and governmental standards, which it claims also yield better financial gains
אנשים בחווה

Good Company, Strauss Israel, Agoro Carbon Alliance, Smart Agro Fund, and ERB are searching for agritech startups

The companies are looking to partner, invest, and pilot solutions to improve productivity and boost sustainable agriculture
אלי מור

Yeda announces partnership with Impact NRS to develop environmental solutions for sustainable food sourcing

As part of the agreement, Impact will invest over $12.4 million in newly-formed company Plantae Bioscience to develop nutritious alternative food sources that reduce environmental strains
סרגיי לסיק דירקטור מחקר וניתוח FTSE Russell כנס תשתיות

New construction technologies can make infrastructure more environmentally-friendly

Companies can rely on new technologies that reduce the consumption of materials, and make processes more energy-efficient, says Sergiy Lesyk of FTSE Russell

Israeli startups that are working toward saving the environment

22.04.21|Yafit Ovadia
From detecting water leaks to 3D printing of solar panels, in honor of Earth Day, here are a number of impressive Israeli startups working toward protecting our planet
Tato Bigio UBQ Materials

"The planet’s future looks amazing” and it’s because of millennials, says UBQ Co-Founder

20.12.20|James Spiro
With young people in the streets and now in the offices too, there's a lot to be optimistic about, says maker of climate-positive raw materials
קמפוס מיקרוסופט החדש ב הרצליה Microsoft Office Outside

A peek into Microsoft’s green new Israeli mega campus

22.11.20|James Spiro
The campus, which spans 46,000 square meters, will serve thousands of local and visiting Microsoft employees
עינת קליין קלך מנהלת מערך חדשנות בזן חדש

Oil refining and petrochemicals giant Bazan ready to promote innovation in renewable energy

06.09.20|Lior Gutman
Bazan Group's innovation platform, Bnnovation, is meant to facilitate the company's expertise in the fields of energy, renewable energy and industry 4.0
מפעל של רכב פולקסווגן ב גרמניה

Israel files $152 million Dieselgate lawsuit against Volkswagen

06.07.20|Lital Dobrovitsky
The state claims the German carmaker intentionally misled its regulators to allow some 12,000 vehicles to enter the country, resulting in 3,881 tonnes of excessive NOx gasses emissions
איתן סטיבה

The Climate Crisis is Painting the Capital Market Green

27.05.20|Eytan Stibbe
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the oil wars, green investments are gaining strength. Only business management based on measuring both financial and social performance can lead to solutions for future crises
מימין  אלדד בן משה לי-היא גולדנברג דורית בנט עדיאל שמרון ועידת הכלכלה והתעשיה 2020

With the Right Regulation, Industry and the Environment can Co-Exist, Says Activist Lawyer

06.02.20|Billy Frenkel
Leehee Goldenberg, ‎director of the economy, natural resources, and environment department at the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, spoke Wednesday at Calcalist's Industry and Economy conference in Tel Aviv
קרחון צף גרינלנד איכות סביבה

The Right Climate for Investments With a Positive Impact

02.01.20|Eytan Stibbe
Eytan Stibbe, founding partner at impact investment fund Vital Capital, writes about how business leaders should be a force for positive change
זיהום אוויר ב מפרץ חיפה

How Israel Is Losing the Fight Against Global Warming, Let Us Count the Ways

With the UN’s climate talks ending without an international agreement, Israel continues to dilly-dally when it comes to environmental protection
זיהום אוויר ב מפרץ חיפה

Industrial Pollution in Israel Continues to Rise

11.12.19|Lilach Baumer
While the waste generated by Israel's manufacturing and electricity industries is on the rise, per capita Israel is still under the European Union average, according to a new report