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SodaStream to Offer Concentrates for Homemade Pepsi, Mountain Dew

23.10.19|Navit Zomer
Concentrates for making 10 of PepsiCo’s most popular soft drink brands at home will soon be available in Sweden and Norway
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New Mobile App Lets Tel Avivians Munch on Restaurant Leftovers

26.08.19|Tofi Stoler
SpareEat lets consumers buy fresh leftover dishes from restaurants, hotels, cafes, and supermarkets, which would otherwise get thrown out
עובד ממלא את מגשי ה ירקות ב סופרמרקט

Israel to Award $2.6 Million to a Supermarket Chain That Commits to Using More Packaging

19.08.19|Tofi Stoler
Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture announced Sunday it would award one supermarket chain the grant, part of a pilot program that would see food retailers pre-package produce to reduce food waste
צב ים שקית פלסטיק זיהום אוקיאנוס ים מיחזור

From Edible Shot Glasses to Biodegradable Plastics: Eight Companies Reducing Plastic Waste

21.07.19|Adi Pick
Tipa, SodaStream, and Incredibowl are some of the Israeli companies using technology to try and counteract Israel's bad plastic habit
טורבינות רוח אנלייט

Israeli Environmental Organization Petitions Against Wind Turbine Project

10.02.19|Hezi Sternlicht and Tofi Stoler
In a petition to Israel’s Supreme Court, nonprofit organization Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel requested to halt a project by Tel Aviv-listed Enlight, claiming it failed to include measures to protect birds from harm
ועידת MIND THE DATA סבינה רומאני Sabiha Rumani Malik

AI Can Help Solve World’s Bee Crisis, Says Bee Repopulation Company Exec

12.12.18|Adi Barak
77% of the global food supply is dependent on bee pollination, and bees are responsible, directly and indirectly, to 1.5 billion jobs, according to Sabiha Rumani Malik, founder and executive president of The World Bee Project
WeWork סניף הרצליה חללי עבודה משותפים

WeWork to Expand Sustainability Team

23.08.18|Lilach Baumer
The co-working juggernaut has recently made several moves towards lessening its environmental impact, including committing to carbon neutrality by 2025 and taking meat off the company's menu
הפגנת גולשים הרצליה

Hundreds of Israeli Surfers Protested Offshore Gas Development

Protest organisers say nearly 1000 people formed a record-breaking human circle off the shore of Herzliya, a city in central Israel
הצהרת בנימין נתניהו על הגרעין האיראני 2

As Israel Faces Drought, Netanyahu Offers Iran Help in Tackling Water Crisis

11.06.18|Tofi Stoler
The Israeli prime minister is currently running an active diplomatic campaign against Iran’s leadership, most specifically against the nuclear program deal, from which the U.S. announced it is withdrawing in May
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Dead Sea Receding by 3 Feet a Year, Report Says

14.02.18|Lior Gutman and Tofi Stoler
As the beleaguered body of water dries up, the environmental and economic consequences are dire
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Israel's Government Sets Up Team to Save Withering Dead Sea

06.02.18|Omri Milman
The Potash and salt extracted from the Dead Sea’s salty water net Israel hundreds of millions of shekels a year at a dire environmental price