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תומר צח, מנכ"ל CROPX

CropX closes $30 million Series C for digital farm management system

19.04.23|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s agronomic farm management system synthesizes data from the earth and sky to offer advanced soil and crop intelligence and a suite of digital decision and planning tools
ישראל טלפז וגיא מורגנשטרן מייסדי SeeTree

SeeTree completes $30 million series B to expand tree intelligence service

08.12.20|Meir Orbach
“Our vision is to enable the ‘Tree-Farming 4.0 Revolution’ with the Intelligence-per-Tree that we provide,” says CEO
Tomer Tzach CEO CropX

Irrigation giant Reinke partners with Israel’s CropX to offer farmers precision solutions

17.08.20|Meir Orbach
Farmers who use Reinke's ReinCloud extended cloud app will be able to remotely run their irrigation system while managing CropX system data through the integrated platform
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From Earth to Mars, New Agtech Developments Bring New Regulatory Hurdles

30.05.20|Dov Greenbaum
As farming IoT devices become the new norm, new regulations are required to protect farmers’ trade secrets while allowing them to migrate between technologies
חרגול חגב מזון פודטק

Edible Grasshopper Startup Raises $3 Million

Hargol develops methods and technologies to farm grasshoppers for human consumption
תבל טבל tevel aerobatics technologies drone

Precision Agriculture Is the Agtech Word of the Day

05.03.20|Sophie Shulman
There are some 1,600 global agtech startups, all are focused on one goal—maximizing profit for the farmers by improving efficiency, boosting yield, and cutting costs
ג'ון ויקופיץ כנשיאה הבינלאומי cropx

Smart Farming Startup CropX Acquires CropMetrics

14.01.20|Adi Pick
CropX uses soil sensors and cloud-based analytics software to optimize agricultural yield
סידו seedo רובוט גידול קנאביס

Home Farming Startup Seedo Partners With Cannabis Marketplace Namaste

Namaste will distribute Seedo’s home cannabis farming device in European markets including the U.K., Ireland, and Germany
סידו seedo רובוט גידול קנאביס

Seedo to Offer Consumer Leasing on Home Cannabis Farming Device

06.08.19|Tzally Greenberg
Seedo develops an automated device approximately the size of a mini-fridge for farming cannabis at home under controlled conditions
חממת גידול קנאביס ב קיבוץ רבדים

Israel’s Kibbutzim Are Ahead of the Trend on Cannabis

11.06.19|Tzally Greenberg
Notable public figures have made headlines this past year by jumping on the cannabis bandwagon, but Israel’s former agricultural communes have identified the opportunity long before
רפת פרה פרות

Kibbutz-Owned Dairy Farm Management Company Headed for an Exit

14.05.19|Golan Hazani
Afimilk, 69.5% of which is held by Israeli Kibbutz Afikim, develops and manufactures computerized systems for dairy farm and herd management
דר יוסי טל מייסד סיקורה

Entrepreneur Sees a Future Filled with Seawater Seaweed Farming Pools

22.01.19|Omer Kabir
Marine biologist Yossi Tal, the chief technology officer of algae farming company Seakura, sees seaweed as the future of sustainable farming
PlantArcBio הצוות של מימין  ד"ר דרור שליטין ד"ר נועם גרעמברג ד"ר ערבה שתיל כהן ד"ר אביבה כץ

Gene Discovery Startup Announces Breakthrough on Drought-Tolerant Crops

09.07.18|Asaf Shalev
Israel’s PlantArcBio has isolated the genes that help desert organisms survive. Now, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will test the genes’ impact on soybean yields
מוסף שבועי 27.10.16 שרימפ עברי

Dutch Animal Feed Company Nutreco Invests in Medical Aquafarming Startup ViAqua

ViAqua develops a particle-based matrix for delivering antiviral medication to shrimp
מוסף שבועי 22.12.16 חממה לגידול קנאביס של חברת Breath of Life

Israeli Cannabis Company to Set Up Foreign Farms, Expects First Harvest in 2019

18.03.18|Micky Grunfeld
After a reform to allow medical cannabis export from Israel has stalled, Together Pharma announced plans to set up cannabis farming operations outside of the country Sunday