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ד"ר מיכל צור

Where have all the female CEOs gone?

22.05.24|Maayan Manela
A global report by Deloitte shows that all over the world the proportion of women in senior management positions is declining. In Israel, the decline is particularly sharp. The proportion of female chairpersons is only 5.6% compared to almost 15% in 2018.
נשים חרדיות ב הייטק

Tech’s gender gap: representation isn’t enough without equal pay

12.03.24|Ariela Karmel
A new report published by Compete, in partnership with Power in Diversity, Viola Group and Meitar Law Offices, shows that Israel’s tech sector is still rife with gender disparity particularly in executive roles and seed stage companies with a persistent wage gap
נשים בכנס של מליו

Melio launches mentoring program for women in high tech industry

28.03.22|Yafit Ovadia
The MentorMe program for female developers brings together women for a series of group and personal meetings, discussions, and networking
אליה טופול, מנהלת מוצר ב-PlayStudios

“Gender equality contributes to a peaceful, equal workplace environment, helps companies succeed”

16.03.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
Calcalist spoke with Israeli women changing the future of gaming, with Part 4 featuring Elya Topol, Product Manager at Playstudios-Israel, who discusses how the gaming industry is helping slash widely-accepted stigmas
רחל גנות עינת גז תום ליבנה

“Late-night meetings prevent parents or mothers from being part of a company”

11.01.22|Meir Orbach
Women comprise 30% of the high tech industry, but at some companies that figure is over 50%. “We created optimal conditions from the start that are suitable for working parents, and that drew plenty of women to our company,” said HoneyBook Israel manager
 תמר רפפורט דגים סמנכ”לית כספים ותפעול ב אמדוקס

Working from home will set women back decades, says Amdocs CFO

14.03.21|Diana Bahur-Nir
“At Amdocs, I’m no longer the only woman in the room,” said Tamar Rapaport-Dagim, but predicts that working remotely during the pandemic will harm women in the long run
הילה היבש 2

It’s less about ego, more about collaboration say leading female executives

08.03.21|Yafit Ovadia
Bringing their own unique, less competitive, and more empathetic mindset to their careers, many women are entering high tech and senior management positions than ever before
Yaffa Abadi

The boy’s club mentality of VCs has got to go

17.02.21|Yaffa Abadi
It is time for VCs to break out from bro-culture and encourage diversity beyond mere lip-service
Mary Hainrichson

Women represent an untapped pool of scientific talent, what we need is more role models

11.02.21|Mary Hainrichson
In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, MeMed’s Dr. Mary Hainrichson offers some words of encouragement
מימין אורית אלפרוביץ ענבל פולק  מחברת נאומי

When VCs claimed they couldn’t find female investors, these finance industry veterans started their own club

09.09.20|Hagar Ravet
Orit Alperovitz and Inbal Polak were sick of being the only women in the room, so, they started a women-only investor club and are hoping to change the industry, one investment at a time
קומרה מימין ארז שחר בועז דינטי ו סיון שמרי דהן

In Israel, Just 8% of VC Investing Partners Are Female, Data Shows

11.03.20|Hagar Ravet
Sivan Shamri Dahan, general partner at Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm Qumra, thinks VC funds need to take a more proactive approach towards diversity
טליה פרנקל יזמית מייסדת This is L

Femtech: What Do Women Want? Venture Capital!

22.12.19|Sophie Shulman
Femtech applies to more than half of the world’s population, but most venture capitalists still have limited imaginations when it comes to seeing how it can be profitable
טקס הענקת תארים של בוגרי המרכז הבינתחומי אקדמאים סטודנטים

In Israel, Academia Is a Woman's Game, Until it Comes to STEM

22.10.19|Shahar Ilan
New data shows that 60% of Israeli students are women, but less than 35% of engineering and computer science students are female
יזמיות היי טק בצילום קבוצתי עם מיצג של אנגלה מרקל

Gender Diversity Report: Israel Falls Behind on Number of Female Directors

15.10.19|Irit Avishar
The Gender 3000 report series published annually by the Credit Suisse Research Institute surveys 30,000 executive positions in 56 countries
יזמיות היי טק בצילום קבוצתי עם מיצג של אנגלה מרקל

Tel Aviv Drops Eight Spots on Dell’s Women Entrepreneurs Index

15.07.19|Maayan Manela
Tel Aviv came in at 32 out of 50 on Dell WE Cities index, which ranks cities around the world according to their attractiveness to female entrepreneurs
יזמיות היי טק בצילום קבוצתי עם מיצג של אנגלה מרקל

Israel Lags Behind Most Developed Countries in Gender Equality

Israel ranked 31st on the inaugural SDG Gender Index of non-partisan organization Equal Measures 2030