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חברי הנהלת איירון סורס

Unity and ironSource complete $4.4 billion merger

The Danish-founded company had previously rejected an offer to be acquired by AppLovin for $17.5 billion in favor of a deal with the Israeli-founded mobile app monetization company
איירון סורס הנפקה

Unity chooses ironSource merger over AppLovin takeover

15.08.22|Meir Orbach and Reuters
The Israeli-founded mobile app monetization software company had agreed to be acquired by Unity for $4.4 billion last month before AppLovin offered $17.5 billion to purchase Unity last week
חברי הנהלת איירון סורס

Israeli tech employees netted staggering $4.5-6 billion through options in 2021

11.08.22|Sophie Shulman
The Tax Authority's report reveals the huge sums that flowed into the accounts of 200,000 high-tech employees
יוניטי סופטוור איירון סורס

Was ironSource just a pawn in a game between Unity and AppLovin?

10.08.22|Sophie Shulman
A month after the announcement of the expected merger between ironSource and gaming platform Unity, U.S. giant AppLovin submitted an offer to merge with Unity as long as it cancels its deal with the Israeli-founded company
משנה למנכ"ל איירון סורס עומר קפלן

ironSource co-founder: "There is no connection between the timing of the deal and the situation in the markets"

13.07.22|Golan Hazani
CRO Omer Kaplan spoke to Calcalist following the Israeli company's merger with Unity: "The deal has just matured now. The ratio in the value of the companies has not changed at all throughout the last year, and the deal is a stock deal"
איירון סורס תחילת מסחר הנפקה בורסת ניו יורק

ironSource to merge with game development platform Unity Software

13.07.22|Golan Hazani
Both companies have seen their share price plummet this year and have decided to join forces, "Calcalist" has learned. ironSource went public a year ago through a SPAC merger at a valuation of $11.1 billion and is being valued at almost $5 billion in the merger
כנס גיימינג Ctech Omer Kaplan

ironSource: hypercasual games are “here to stay”

04.08.21|James Spiro
Speaking at Gaming2021, ironSource’s co-founder and CRO Omer Kaplan discusses hypercasual gaming and their impact on the gaming industry
תומר בר זאב מנכל איירון סורס

ironSource’s fall is a wake-up call for SPAC offerings

18.07.21|Golan Hazani
The sharp drop in valuations which followed the hot trend of SPAC mergers makes it seem as if traditional IPOs may be a preferred choice. The real test will be in August when companies will publish their quarterly figures about SPACs, which have yet to be revealed
נאסד"ק וול סטריט

Is Israeli tech companies’ Wall Street heyday coming to an end?

04.04.21|Sophie Shulman
Investors are no longer flocking to everything that smells of tech; some companies may have to alter their IPO plans
חברי הנהלת איירון סורס

IronSource quietly launches spin-off Rise shortly before $11 billion SPAC merger

24.03.21|Meir Orbach
Rise provides solutions to help maximize digital assets, create business growth and scale audience
חברי הנהלת איירון סורס

IronSource shareholders and employees on their way to a $1.5 billion payday

21.03.21|Sophie Shulman
The company will raise $2.3 billion at an $11 billion valuation through a SPAC merger with Thoma Bravo
בכירי חברת IronSource איירון סורס

Report: IronSource in talks to merge with SPAC at $10 billion valuation

15.03.21|Meir Orbach
The targeting company is Thoma Bravo, one of the largest and most active investment firms operating in the tech sector
תל אביב עזריאלי משרד הביטחון יולי 2020

Covid-19, cyber, and military technology - CTech’s most popular stories of 2020

28.12.20|Elihay Vidal
As the year comes to a close, CTech presents the top 10 articles you read and shared
עבודה מהבית אמא אם עובדת עבודה מרחוק

Who is planning the biggest IPO in Israeli history and which company raised $32 million?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israeli cybersecurity company ReSec raises $4 million in series A
בכירי חברת IronSource איירון סורס

The biggest IPO in Israeli history? IronSource sets sights on $8 billion offering

09.11.20|Golan Hazani
IronSource's annual profit is estimated at $170 million and CVC paid $450 million for a 25.7% stake in the company just last October
קו רקיע מרכז תל אביב Tel Aviv Business Center

2020 ranking: These are the best tech companies to work for in Israel

26.10.20|James Spiro
With this year bringing unprecedented challenges for the workforce, data firm Dun & Bradstreet shows which companies are still attractive - and which ones failed to maintain their mojo
ועידת ברלין 2020 דניאל פינדור

IronSource to IPO in 2-4 Years, Says CVC Partner

27.02.20|Elihay Vidal
Daniel Pindur spoke Thursday at Calcalist's WeTech Berlin 2020 conference about the negotiation process ahead of the fund’s November investment in IronSource
תומר בר זאב מנכל איירון סורס

CVC Completes $430 Million Acquisition of 25%-Plus Stake in IronSource

24.11.19|Golan Hazani
The deal, first reported by Calcalist, was signed in last month