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Efrat Hartog-David MeMed

Med-Tech Israeli startups and how they truly impact patients’ lives

31.03.22|Efrat Hartog-David
“Israel enjoys global prominence in the Med-Tech sector, even though it’s a tiny country. Its strength lies in the unique cultural DNA within each individual and within each team,” writes Efrat Hartog-David of MeMed
מימין ערן אדן ו כפיר עובד מי מד MeMed

MeMed raises $93 million to translate the immune system

10.01.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company recently received FDA approval for its MeMed BV test to help healthcare providers distinguish between bacterial and viral infections
ד"ר ערן אדן מנכל מי מד MeMed

MeMed’s Covid-19 severity test receives its CE Mark to predict severe outcomes

27.07.21|James Spiro
The 15-minute test runs on the company’s point-of-need platform, MeMed Key
Hila Hershkoviz MeMed

MeMed’s Leadership classes came in handy during Covid-19

During the pandemic, managers were faced with unprecedented new challenges. The Biotech company decided to do something about it
Mary Hainrichson

Women represent an untapped pool of scientific talent, what we need is more role models

11.02.21|Mary Hainrichson
In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, MeMed’s Dr. Mary Hainrichson offers some words of encouragement
ד"ר ערן אדן מנכל מי מד MeMed

MeMed analyzes complex immune responses to answer simple health questions

26.10.20|Yafit Ovadia
Growing biotechnology company MeMed Diagnostics Ltd. is transforming the way doctors have traditionally treated infections by looking to the body’s immune system for answers
חברת תעופה מטוס ישראייר

Which UAE-based company is bidding $50 million for an Israeli airline and why are patents so important?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israeli high tech delegation departs for the Emirates in search of collaborations
ד"ר ערן אדן מנכל מי מד MeMed

Italian biotech company DiaSorin to offer MeMed’s blood tests in Europe and USA

08.09.20|Hagar Ravet
Haifa-based MeMed develops blood testing technology capable of diagnosing whether an infection is bacterial or viral, based on the presence of specific proteins in the blood
הכניסה לקמפוס התעשייה האווירית 2

Which Israeli Startup Sold for $365 Million and Who is the Billionaire that Fell Victim to a Real Estate Sting?

CTech Daily Roundup: National Instruments acquires Israel-Based data analytics startup OptimalPlus for $365 million
ערן אדן MeMed

MeMed Receives Regulatory Green Light for Test that can Greatly Reduce Antibiotics Prescriptions

02.06.20|Omer Kabir
Israel-based company tests the immune system’s reaction to infection rather than the infection itself
MeMed בדיקת דם מימין ערן אדן ו כפיר עובד

Automated Blood Tests Startup MeMed Raises $70 Million to Expand Offering

20.09.18|Omer Kabir
The company will use the funding to launch a new model of its blood testing device, and to expand the range of tests it offers
MeMed בדיקת דם מימין ערן אדן ו כפיר עובד

Viral-Bacterial Blood Test Company MeMed Gets Comparative Vote of Confidence

17.05.18|Omer Kabir
A study by Israeli medical researchers compared the company’s automated test to similar ones and found it has the potential to reduce antibiotic overuse by almost 90%
מטה עליבאבא בסין

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Alibaba partners with Israeli startup to supply a cloud database in China. Black Cube, of Weinstein affair infamy, moves into larger, fancier headquarters.
מימין ערן אדן כפיר עובד MeMed

Bacteria or Virus? Automated Blood Tests Startup MeMed Wins Department of Defense Grant

07.02.18|Omer Kabir
MeMed develops a printer-sized automated blood test device that can diagnose the source of infections in under 15 minutes, compared to days-long lab tests
MeMed מכשיר לזיהוי זיהום ב דם

Automated Medical Diagnosis Startup Raises $30 Million

19.09.17|Omer Kabir
Israel-based MeMed develops an automated blood testing device that can distinguish between bacterial and viral infections. The company previously raised funds from the U.S. Department of Defense