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Mellanox Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

03.01.19|Adi Pick
Nasdaq-traded Mellanox develops electronic components that facilitate the transfer of data between servers and storage devices
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Xilinx in Talks to Acquire Mellanox, Report Says

08.11.18|Shir Reiter
The San Jose-headquartered semiconductor manufacturer has hired Barclays to advise on its Mellanox bid, CNBC reported Wednesday
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Mellanox Considers Sale, Says CNBC Report

26.10.18|Lilach Baumer
Mellanox published its preliminary third-quarter results for 2018, reporting its fifth consecutive quarter of record results
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Mellanox Reports Fifth Quarter of Record Revenues

25.10.18|Lilach Baumer
In June, the company settled a boardroom battle with activist investor Starboard Value, which acquired a 10.7% stake in the company in November
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Apple Hops on LGBT Support Wagon in Israel

22.07.18|Lilach Baumer
Crowds are currently marching in several Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in protest of ongoing government discrimination against the LGBT community
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Mellanox Upgrades Outlook Following Record Quarterly Revenues

18.07.18|Dror Reich
In June, Mellanox's board settled its differences with activist investor Starboard, which has been aggressively pushing for far-reaching changes since November
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CTech's Thursday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Israel’s venture capital industry creates office to battle sexual harassment. Israeli government asking parliament for vast new powers to fight cyber threats
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Mellanox CEO Downplays Drama of Starboard’s Attempt to Take Over Board

21.06.18|Dror Reich
On Tuesday, the two companies ended a seven-month control struggle for Mellanox’s board of directors
מנכ"ל קרן סטארבורד ג'ף סמית'

CTech’s Wednesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

The Mellanox-Starboard standoff comes to an end. It’s about to get easier for Israelis to get U.S. work visas. Sirin Labs co-founder buys Israeli real estate—using bitcoin
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Mellanox and Starboard End Feud with Board Appointments

20.06.18|Lilach Baumer
Mellanox and Starboard have been clashing since November, when Starboard acquired a 10.5% stake in Mellanox
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Mellanox and Starboard Nearing Agreement Over Board Seats, Report Says

18.06.18|Dror Reich
The two companies had been brawling over the makeup of Mellanox’s board since Starboard became the chipmaker’s largest shareholder in November
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Mellanox Wins First Round in Struggle with Activist Shareholder Starboard

27.05.18|Dror Reich
On Thursday, shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favor of two governance proposals the chipmaker submitted ahead of July’s annual shareholder meeting
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Code Management Startup JFrog Hires Veteran CFO

13.05.18|Tofi Stoler
JFrog hired Jacob Shulman as chief financial officer. In his previous position, Mr. Shulman was chief financial officer at Nasdaq-listed Israel-based chipmaker Mellanox
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Mellanox CEO Rebuts Criticism by Activist Investor Starboard

22.04.18|Golan Hazani
Last week, Mellanox published its results for the first quarter of 2018, reporting $251 million in quarterly revenue, a 33% rise compared to the same quarter last year
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CTech’s Monday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

02.04.18| CTech
TV Broadcasting Will Survive Streaming Revolution, Disney Executive Says. Israel used drones to drop tear gas on Gaza protesters
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Nvidia Uses Mellanox Technology in Its New DGX-2 AI System

02.04.18|Tofi Stoler
DGX-2 uses eight Mellanox ConnectX port adaptors capable of providing 1,600 gigabits per second of bi-directional data
יוסי כהן ראש המוסד

CTech’s Monday Israeli Tech News Roundup

Mossad’s venture arm selects startups for its secretive portfolio. The city of Haifa is launching a digital health complex
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Mellanox Maneuvers to Change Board Election Rules

12.03.18|Dror Reich
In January, activist investor Starboard announced a push in to unseat the company’s current board, alleging mismanagement
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Mellanox and Starboard Face Off Over Annual Shareholder Meeting

08.03.18| Lilach Baumer
The Israel-based chipmaker and the New York-headquartered activist investor have been clashing since Starboard acquired a 10.6% stake in Mellanox in November
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CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Government innovation investment arm marks next frontiers for Israeli tech: quantum computing, personalized health, and precision agriculture. With top executive in custody, Israel’s biggest telecom left in management void