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הסלמה בדרום עוטף עזה  תקיפות חיל אוויר בניין 4 קומות

Israeli military's digital transformation on full display in Gaza conflict

“Using technology, the IDF was able to attack more targets, faster and with greater accuracy,” said Omer Dagan, the Head of Lotem, the IDF’s Digital and Data Unit
הרחפן החדש של רפאל ו אנוויז'ן

Rafael showcases drones with AI-driven computer vision to aid urban warfare

27.12.20|Uti Etsion
The drones and robots will be able to scan and map buildings and mark people on the premises, identifying whether they are armed and help differentiate between innocent civilians and militants
אלביט מערכת לראיית לילה ל צבא ארה"ב

Elbit will supply the U.S. Army with night-vision goggles in a $442 million deal

22.10.20|Udi Etsion
The ENVG-B system allows soldiers to see up to 300 meters in complete darkness
סנאטור כריס ואן הולן   Chris Van Hollen

U.S. military aid must not be used to facilitate annexation

09.07.20|Chris Van Hollen
"If Netanyahu's government pushes forward annexation it will distance itself from America"
חסימת השורה הראשונה באוטובוסים בשל הקורונה

With 76 Corona Cases, Israeli Ministry of Health Expands Restrictions

As the police sets up teams to make sure potential carriers stay at home, gatherings of over 2,000 have been forbidden
אריאלה בן אברהם צנזורית

Israel’s Military Censor Asks for Early Release From Service Following NSO Job Offer

05.01.20|Golan Hazani
Ariella Ben-Avraham is in talks to join the infamous surveillance company as its head of public relations
חייל חיילים סדירים שכר מינימום

In Israel, Some Tech Companies See Combat Experience as a Major Plus

09.12.19|Maayan Manela
Going as far as calling it affirmative action, some tech executives say they prefer to hire former warriors, claiming the unique prowess gained on the battlefield is perfect for handling the stressful and demanding nature of a career in tech
אל"מ י' הפורש יחידה 9900 אמ"ן

Investment in Civil Development Helps Push the Military Forward, Says Israeli Colonel

02.12.19|Omer Kabir
Colonel Y, the exiting head of the Israeli military’s visual intelligence unit 9900, spoke to Calcalist about the intersectionality between the private sector and military operations
מודיעין צה"ל מיחשוב 8200

The Israeli Military Is now Training Big Data Analysts

19.05.19|Omer Kabir
In April, the first cohort of the Israeli intelligence corps’ specialized big data analysts completed its training
תקיפת צה"ל רצועת עזה

Israel Bombed Hamas Building to Thwart Cyber Attack

06.05.19|Lilach Baumer
A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was announced early Monday morning, bringing an end to 48 hours of fighting that saw 23 Palestinians and four Israeli civilians dead
יחידת ממר"ם

Human Resources, Not Cyber Attacks, Are the Israeli Military’s Biggest Challenge, Says IT Unit Commander

25.04.19|Keren Tsuriel Harari
In a candid interview, the head of the Israeli military’s Mamram unit talks about the challenges of heading the unit that provides the entire military with its data processing services and IT infrastructure needs
ספינות הקרב סער 6 חליפות לוחמה אלקטרונית

Three Israeli Companies Ranked Among Top 100 Global Weapon Sellers

20.12.18|Amitay Gazit
According to data collected by SIPRI, a Stockholm-based research institute, the top 100 companies made $398 billion in arms sales in 2017
ועידת MIND THE DATA סא"ל נורית כהן אינגר ראשת ענף CDO באגף ההגנה והתקשוב ב סייבר צה"ל

The Key to AI Military and Civil Applications Is Data Governance, Says Israeli Military Data Expert

Lt. Col. Nurit Cohen Inger, head of data at the Israeli military’s Computer Service Directorate, spoke Tuesday at Calcalist’s annual Mind the Data conference in Tel Aviv
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Israel Moves Forward with Plan to Relocate Military Tech Bases

05.11.18|Nimrod Busso and Lilach Baumer
A plan to relocate some of Israel’s biggest military technology bases to the country’s south has drawn the attention of multinationals seeking to tap local talent
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Israeli Man Gets Top General’s Former Number, Calls, Texts, Report Says

The AP reported that the former phone number of Israel’s military Chief of Staff was passed on to an Israeli man who began receiving calls and text messages meant for the general
מודיעין צה"ל מיחשוב 8200

Gang Allegedly Sold Data on Prospective Israeli Military Recruits

26.08.18|Omer Kabir
According to an investigation held by Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority, between 2011-2014, two Israeli soldiers provided lists of stolen data on potential military recruits
רובוט MTGR

Israeli and U.S. Defense Robotics Companies Quarrel Over China Ties

01.08.18|Tofi Stoler
Israeli Roboteam sued Massachusetts-based competitor Endeavor Robotics over alleged defamation connecting Roboteam to Chinese attempts to obtain U.S. military technologies
דומינייטור של אירונאוטיקס aeronautics Dominator

$27 Million Aeronautics Deal Challenged over China Link

30.07.18|Hezi Sternlicht
News of the deal led to a complaint lodged with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. A previous complaint filed by the same plaintiff last year led to a still ongoing police investigation against Aeronautics
David's Sling קלע דוד

Israeli Government to Authorize $8 Billion Missile Defense Plan, Report Says

24.07.18|Lilach Baumer
According to Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, the government intends to bolster the Israeli military's arms and defense systems in the face of growing aerial threats in the region