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Hagai Dror

Hagai Dror appointed as Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at Salignostics

Dror most recently served as the Managing Director of Healthcare Israel, the Ministry of Health's Government to Government (G2G) Health Cooperation Directorate
Omer Dror

Data-sharing is caring: Lynx MD Partners with Ministry of Health

Part of the MOH’s Kinneret Project, the collaboration will enable health centers across Israel to leverage the startup’s medical intelligence platform to securely share data and collaborate with MedTech, Pharmaceutical and AI researchers
נמל תל אביב קורונה

Israel to launch app granting "Green Pass" to people who were vaccinated against Covid-19

I ntwo weeks, holders of the pas will be allowed to enter hotels, gyms and other leisure facilities
חיסון נגד קורונה

Ministry of Health waging war on fake news pandemic

09.02.21|Omer Kabir
Thousands of Facebook users are leading an organized campaign against Covid-19 vaccinations with the aim of harming Israel’s national vaccination effort. The Ministry of Health has turned to police and Facebook management, which has already removed one of the anti-vaccine groups
זריקה חיסון קורונה אחות בית חולים איכילוב

Israel includes teens in vaccination drive, eyeing exams

As part of the nationwide vaccination campaign, teens will receive the new Covid-19 vaccines as well so that they may return to school
זריקה חיסון קורונה אחות בית חולים איכילוב

Israel adds pregnant women to list of priority Covid-19 vaccine recipients

20.01.21|Reuters and CTech
Government extends lockdown by 10 days amid surge in infections despite world leading vaccination effort
תור חיסון קורונה כיכר רבין תל אביב

Human experimentation oversight committee wants to approve Israel-Pfizer data-sharing deal

19.01.21|Adrian Filut
Does research to examine Covid-19 vaccine’s effectiveness at achieving herd immunity risk citizens’ privacy?
תור למתן חיסון נגד קורונה 1

These are the key ingredients of Israel's rapid Covid-19 vaccine rollout recipe

Two weeks into its vaccination drive, Israel has reached nearly 15% of the population by paying premium prices, relying on universal healthcare, and minimizing waste
מנהל המכון הביולוגי נס ציונה פרופ' שמואל שפירא

“Excessive regulation” to blame for delay in Israeli Covid-19 vaccine says professor in charge

Director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research says vaccines will be distributed in the summer of 2021
חוות גידול קנאביס חברת בטר

Israeli cannabis company shares surge following temporary export approval

05.10.20|Tzali Greenberg
The Ministry of Health announced it will authorize the export of medical cannabis for the coming three months in an attempt to assist companies and lower prices for local patients
ד"ר דדי סגל יו"ר פנאקסיה

Green Light: EU grants Panaxia certification for exporting medical cannabis

14.06.20|Tzally Greenberg
The EU-GMP certification granted to Panaxia is wider in scope than any previously granted to Israeli companies active in the European market
תור תורים בסניף רמי לוי קורונה סופרמרקט

Israel Rolls Back Covid-19 Restrictions As Number of Sick Stabilizes

Shops to re-open, offices and factories allowed to bring in more employees, all under strict health monitoring and social distancing compliance measures
בית חולים שיבא תל השומר התמודדות עם נגיף הקורונה

Israel Aerospace Industries Starts Manufacturing Ventilators

01.04.20|Udi Etsion and Adi Pick
According to Israeli’s Ministry of Health, the country currently has only 2,173 ventilators in stock, 28 of which are faulty
אמבולנס מכניס חולה קורונה לבית החולים וולפסון

Israeli Government to Send Daily Coronavirus-Detection Questionnaire

30.03.20|Ynet News, Adi Pick
The Health Ministry intends to use the questionnaire to learn which areas are experiencing an increase in the symptoms associated with Covid-19 and gain insight into the spread of the disease
משה בר סימן טוב מסיבת עיתונאים על נגיף קורונה

Israel Is at a Critical Time for its Covid-19 Response, Says Health Official

26.03.20|Zvi Zerahia
According to Moshe Bar-Siman-Tov, director-general of the Israeli health ministry, Israel is seeing the number of its confirmed cases double every three days
נתב"ג נמל תעופה שדה תעופה בן גוריון המראות קורונה

Coronavirus Continues to Spread in Israel as State Measures Increase

The number of identified cases in Israel jumped to 25 over the weekend; 20,000 Israelis are currently in a two-week home-quarantine
קורונה וירוס סניף הפיראט האדום באור יהודה עובר חיטוי קורונה וירוס

From the Toy Store to the Soccer Game, How Coronavirus Spread in Israel

A shop owner who returned from Italy and went to work for three days has been connected to infections that have already shut down a school and sent 77 soccer spectators into quarantine
פרויקט ראש השנה חדר מיון 4

Israelis Living in Rural Areas Are Severely Disadvantaged in Terms of Healthcare, Report Says

27.02.20|Adrian Filut
A Thursday report published by the Israeli Ministry of Health reveals the healthcare gap between Israel’s center and its periphery just keeps growing. The country as a whole is not doing that great, either
נגיף קורונה סין

Coronavirus Shockwaves Already Felt in Israel

03.02.20|Adrian Filut and Tzally Greenberg
All Israelis returning from China will be subject to a two-week quarantine at home, under the Israeli Health Ministry’s supervision
וירוס קורונה סין מגיפה

As a Preemptive Measure, Israel Authorizes Forced Quarantine of Potential Coronavirus Carriers

28.01.20|Adrian Filut and Lilach Baumer
No confirmed cases of the pandemic have been recorded in Israel; the number of fatalities in China has now risen to 106