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אפליקציה מוביט ברצלונה Moovit

Mobileye’s Moovit cutting 10% of staff

Around 20 employees are being let go by the company, which was acquired for $1 billion four years ago
 מימין ניר בצלאל מנכ"ל Moovit ניר ארז נשיא Moovit

Nir Erez stepping down as Moovit CEO after 13 years

07.03.24|Sophie Shulman
Erez, who headed the company since its founding and through its $1 billion acquisition by Intel, will transition to the role of President and advisor to new CEO Nir Bezalel
ווייז WAZE נסיעה משותפת טרמפים קארפול

Waze closes carpool service, cites changing driving trends

28.08.22|Udi Etsion
Five years after its launch, and after hiring dozens of new employees, Waze is shutting down its carpool service. Israel’s Moovit will continue to operate its own version of the service, but will shared carpools continue to ‘reach their destination?’
Mobileye Paris

Mobileye announces first autonomous on-demand service in Paris

16.12.21|James Spiro
Employees from Galeries Lafayette will be able to order a ride to work using the Moovit app four days a week
ניר ארז מנכ"ל מוביט כנס תחבורה ירוקה

“About 40% of global public transportation activity has yet to return”

18.06.21|Meir Orbach
According to Nir Erez, founder and CEO of Moovit, “we are in a period where many processes will be tested and the model will undergo ongoing changes"
בחירות ישראל קלפי מפלגות פתקי הצבעה 1

Moovit to help Israel’s citizens navigate to polling stations on Tuesday

21.03.21|James Spiro
In Israel’s unprecedented fourth election in two years, Moovit is helping boost turnout to combat voter fatigue
אפליקציה מוביט ברצלונה Moovit

Moovit partners with Israel Railways and Carmelit to pay for train rides across the country

28.02.21|James Spiro
The Mobility-as-a-Service app was selected by the Ministry of Transport to provide trip planning and payment options for riders
ניר ארז מייסד ומנכ"ל מוביט שבוע החדשנות

Moovit founder: Israel likely to see autonomous vehicles within a year

02.02.21|Anat Roeh
Nir Erez shares his vision for full mobility as a service at Calcalist’s Innovation Conference
סלולר סלולרי מכשיר סלולרי ב כיס זהירות סלולרי

Why is Israel ending its cellphone surveillance and who said Israel’s technology is a ‘gift to the world’?

CTech Daily Roundup: Moovit’s CEO explains why there’s more to its new public transport payment scheme than meets the eye
ניר ארז מנכ"ל moovit מוביט

Moovit’s CEO explains why there’s more to its new public transport payment scheme than meets the eye

17.12.20|Sophie Shulman
After two exits in one year, Nir Erez talks about what keeps him motivated and his vision for the future of transportation
אוטובוס אגד חדש

Public transit fare payment apps set to start operating in Israel by the end of 2020

04.11.20|Udi Etsion
The new payment method will allow users to pay for rides using their phones, with the system automatically applying all relevant discounts as well as a maximum daily cap, without requiring a physical bus pass
תחבורה ציבורית נוסעים  אוטובוס

Public Transportation Payment Apps Set to go Into Use on June 25

02.06.20|Udi Etsion
Apps offer the ability to limit payments to the actual rides completed instead of charging a pre-paid card every month
מוביט Moovit

The Intel-Moovit Deal and the Precious Data that the Government is Hoarding

19.05.20|Shlomi Bielawsky
22 years after passing the Freedom of Information Law, Israeli researchers, entrepreneurs, and citizens must still jump through hoops to receive access to databanks that are essentially theirs
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים מימין רועי ביק ירון עברון ניר ארז מייסדי מוביט moovit

Winners and Losers of the Week: Moovit Walks Away With the Win

08.05.20|Elihay Vidal
A selection of this week's winners and losers by CTech's Editor
אפליקציה מוביט ברצלונה Moovit

Moovit Interview, GigaSpaces Round and Covid-19 Breakthrough in Today's Roundup

Moovit CEO Nir Eraz says billion-dollar deal with Intel was done over Zoom while fund Fortissimo leads $12 million GigaSpaces round
ועידת פריז 2018 ניר ארז מוביט

Intel Acquisition Happened Very Quickly, it was all Done Over Zoom, Reveals Moovit CEO

05.05.20|Hagar Ravet
Nir Erez provides behind the scenes details of this week’s billion-dollar deal and how he is able to score free meals
פרופ' אמנון שעשוע

Amnon Shashua: Moovit Fits in with Mobileye’s Wider Vision

04.05.20|Hagar Ravet
On the day of Intel’s $900 million acquisition of Moovit, Mobileye’s CEO and co-founder shares with Calcalist the reasons they opted to buy the Israeli company and how it advances the future of mobility
מוביט Moovit

Intel Inks Deal to Acquire Moovit for $1 Billion

04.05.20|Meir Orbach
Intel’s acquisition of the Israeli navigation app developer is reminiscent of Google’s 2013 acquisition of Waze
אפליקציה מוביט ברצלונה Moovit

Data Wars: Mobileye is the Real Engine Behind Intel’s Acquisition of Moovit

03.05.20|Hagar Ravet
Autonomous vehicle networks require huge amounts of data to train the software and various sensors as well as to save the cars of the future from having to complete thousands of hours of navigating on the roads
המרכז החדש של אינטל

Intel in Talks to Acquire Israeli Startup Moovit for $1 Billion

03.05.20|Meir Orbach
Following its purchase of Mobileye in 2017, Intel will be well placed to manage urban transportation around the globe