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רוגלה פגסוס NSO

NSO's attempt to halt Apple pegasus lawsuit fails in US court

25.01.24|Omer Kabir
Apple's legal battle against NSO progresses as court denies dismissal motion
משרדי חברת קוודרים QuaDream ברמת גן

Israeli spyware used to hack journalists, opposition figures, Microsoft and watchdog say

QuaDream, a lower-profile competitor to the Israeli spyware company NSO Group, reportedly develops surveillance software used to hack iPhones
עמרי לביא ו שלו חוליו מייסדי NSO

NSO co-founders tighten grip on company amid legal battle

01.03.23|Omer Kabir
While the legal discussion continues on the competence of the company’s newly appointed directors, NSO shares were pledged to a holding company solely owned by NSO founder Omri Lavie
שירי דולב נשיאת NSO ועידת כחול לבן

NSO subsidiary companies involved in intercepting drones and hacking IoT devices

26.01.22|Meir Orbach
A petition filed to the Tel Aviv District Court provides a glimpse into the NSO Group’s widespread activities. Wayout is the most secretive of them all, and its founder is the group’s president’s brother
מייסד NSO שלו חוליו

Expect cyberattacks to up the ante says head of NSO Group

12.04.21|Sophie Shulman
“Cyberattacks are something we will see more and more of over the coming period. It won’t end, not even when the world emerges from the pandemic and returns to routine,” Shalev Hulio tells Calcalist at Cybernation conference
דנה גלבוע

Misconceptions start with ‘me’

05.03.21|Dana Gilboa
Women often question their own ability to fill a role and are filled with doubt, unlike men, which prevents them from entering positions in the high tech industry
בראד סמית' נשיא מיקרוסופט

Microsoft president calls out Israel’s NSO Group, says it’s part of the reason for cyber-assault on U.S. government

18.12.20|Hagar Ravet
In a blog post, Brad Smith suggests Biden Administration should weigh in on a court case involving the Israeli cyber company
Chen Ferder NSO Group חן פרדר

NSO Group: The needs of each employee are different in lockdowns

When all your employees are sent to work from home, they each face unique challenges that they need to overcome, explains NSO Group’s Chief People Officer.
נתב"ג בימי קורונה

Forced to fly? Covid-19 transformed business trips from a dream into a nightmare

14.09.20|Sophie Shulman
Israeli tech companies are being accused of threatening to lay off employees who refused to travel due to health fears
NSO  עמרי לביא

Evolve or die: The cybersecurity industry’s challenges in the post-coronavirus world

26.08.20|Omri Lavie
Organizations must be ready to adopt changes in order to ensure we can securely conduct our new remotely-managed lives
מטה NSO הרצליה סייבר 1

Court rejects Amnesty International petition to withdraw NSO’s export license

13.07.20|Hagar Ravet
Judge said she is satisfied that the defense ministry’s oversight of defense exports is sufficient
עמרי לביא מייסד אורקסטרה ו NSO

NSO Founder Completes $7.5 Million Raise For Cyber Defense Platform Orchestra

20.04.20|Sophie Shulman
Orchestra CEO Omri Lavie says Covid-19 crisis increases comapnies' cybersecurity needs
ועידת Mind the tech TLV שירי דולב נשיאה NSO

If We Could Share What NSO Really Does, Media Discourse Would Change, Says Exec

Shiri Dolev, president and chief product officer of Israeli cyber surveillance company NSO, spoke Monday at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in Tel Aviv
מימין שלו חוליו ו עמרי לביא  מייסדי NSO

NSO Denies Using WhatsApp to Infect Hundreds of Users With Surveillance Malware

30.10.19|Omer Kabir, Hagar Ravet, and Adi Pick
WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook are suing Israeli surveillance company NSO, according to an op-ed published Tuesday by the Washington Post, which was authored by Whatsapp CEO Will Cathcart
העיתונאי הסעודי ג'מאל חשוקג'י נרצח ב איסטנבול סעודיה

Israeli Government Signed Off on Sale of Spyware Allegedly Related to Khashoggi’s Death, Report Says

09.12.18|Amarelle Wenkert
The Washington Post’s journalist David Ignatius writes that by allowing the sale of local cyber technologies, Israel made an ally in Saudi Arabia
מימין שלו חוליו ו עמרי לביא  מייסדי NSO

A Rundown of Israeli Spy Firms and Surveillance Outfits

15.11.18|Amarelle Wenkert
A small cluster of Israeli firms with close ties to the country’s intelligence agencies have been recently dragged into the spotlight, sometimes unwillingly
משרדי NSO ב הרצליה

Former Employee of Israeli Surveillance Company Indicted for Attempt to Sell Spyware for $50 Million on Darknet

05.07.18|Tomer Ganon and Hagar Ravet
A former employee of NSO Group is accused of stealing the code of the company’s spyware, which can be used to intercept mobile phone calls and remotely control devices
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Verint Rises on Earnings, CEO Declines to Comment on NSO Deal

10.06.18|Dror Reich
In a Thursday earnings call Verint CEO Dan Bodner dodged questions about potential acquisition of NSO Group, calling it "rumors"
default image

Potential NSO Deal Will See Francisco Partners Take a Big Bite Out of Verint

29.05.18|Sophie Shulman and Golan Hazani
Despite registering a billion dollars in annual sales in the last three years, Verint comes to the merger as the weaker side
default image

Surveillance Company Verint Negotiating $1 Billion Merger with Israeli NSO Group

28.05.18|Orr Hirschauge and Amarelle Wenkert
NSO develops and sells cyber attack tools that can be used to gather intelligence from mobile phones