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Alex Bouaziz

Deel facilitated over $72M in payments in less than a year for trading platform accused of operating Ponzi scheme

08.09.23|Meir Orbach
According to The Information, a CFTC investigation into MyForexFunds details how Deel transferred the sum from November 1, 2021 to October 14, 2022 across more than 40,000 transactions
ועידת Tech TLV 2022 שמר כץ סמנכל חדשנות גלובאלי ומנהל פעילות ישראל, Nuvei

Nuvei Israel Managing Director: "The advancement of technology is helping prevent fraud”

29.11.22|Tomer Hadar
"Our war against fraudsters is currently at a stage where we need to make sure that we work with legitimate businesses,” Shemer Katz, Global Innovation Officer and Managing Director of Nuvei Israel said at Tech TLV
BridgePay co-founders

BridgerPay raises $6 million Seed round for self-onboarding payment operations platform

The Israeli startup allows businesses to autonomously connect their website to a PCI DSS Level 1 end-to-end payment operations platform with over 500 ready-made connections
מגזין יום העצמאות מנכלית פפאיה עינת גז

Papaya Global acquiring cross-border payments service Azimo for $150-200 million

28.03.22|Meir Orbach
This is the first major acquisition made by Papaya, which saw its valuation surge to $3.7 billion last September following its $250 million Series D
ועידת Mind The Tech אסף כהן מנכ"ל משותף co-CEO: "We will allow merchants to receive payment in crypto too"

23.03.22|Sophie Shulman
Assaf Cohen, co-CEO of, which allows merchants to get paid quickly, made the remarks at the Mind the Tech London 2022 conference
גיא ציפורי

Melio appoints Guy Zipori as VP of R&D

The former co-founder and CEO of Skyline AI will lead R&D as Melio expands to become a leading B2B payments platform
מייסדי Rapyd

Rapyd reaches $15 billion valuation, becomes Israel’s highest valued unicorn

13.03.22|Meir Orbach
The fintech company, which offers payment services across the world, has seen its value surge six-fold since January 2021
כנס שוק ההון 2019 מארק גזית מנכ"ל ThetaRay

Israel’s ThetaRay to monitor transactions for UAE’s Mashreq Bank

UAE bank contract marks expansion of ThetaRay's AI-driven solution into Middle East financial institutions
המייסדי החברה ראפיד Rapyd מימין: עומר פריאל אריק שטילמן ו ארקדי קרפמן

Rapyd raises $300 million at record $10 billion valuation

03.08.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli fintech company became the highest-valued private tech company in the history of Israel, overtaking Gong which raised $250 million at a $7.25 billion valuation two months ago
אמיר רוזנצביג מנכ"ל HopOn הופאון

HopOn expands to Europe, announces $10 million acquisition of UK-based ECR

01.08.21|James Spiro
“Acquiring ECR is the first step in HopOn’s strategic plan to enter the European market,” explained Amir Rosenzweig, HopOn CEO
פרויקט הסטארטאפים 2019 riskified עידו גל

Israeli unicorn Riskified heading to Wall Street

02.07.21|Sophie Shulman
The online payments fraud prevention company filed a registration statement with the SEC after already reaching a $1 billion valuation in 2019
המייסדי החברה ראפיד Rapyd מימין: עומר פריאל אריק שטילמן ו ארקדי קרפמן

Rapyd acquiring Icelandic payments company Valitor for $100 million

01.07.21|Hagar Ravet
The Israeli company’s purchase of Valitor, which supplies payments solutions for businesses across Europe, comes six months after Rapyd’s $400 million funding round at a $2.5 billion valuation
PayMe  אדם קוגן אדם קימה

PayMe discreetly powering an SMB revolution

05.06.21|Allon Sinai
After helping over 60,000 small-and-medium-sized businesses in Israel realize their potential, the startup is taking its white-label fintech platform to Europe
אוהד חנקין סמנכ"ל מוצר פינסטרה ישראל

Finastra Israel helping drive cashless payments revolution

08.05.21|Allon Sinai
The Covid-19 pandemic forced the payments industry to embrace technology at an accelerated pace, a moment Finastra had long been preparing for
מימין ארז שפירא נמרוד להבי נתנאל קבלה מייסדי סימפלקס

Israeli crypto startup Simplex set to be acquired for $200-$250 million by Canada's Nuvei

06.05.21|Meir Orbach
Simplex offers online payment processing and fraud protection exclusively for the cryptocurrency industry
קרן לוי ו סקוט גאליט פיוניר Payoneer

Payoneer to collaborate with eBay on payments solution

04.05.21|Meir Orbach
Starting from last month, Payoneer has managed payouts for eBay sellers from Greater China as eBay expands its management of payments around the globe
מימין אילן אטיאס מתן בר ו זיו פז Melio מליו

Melio’s journey: The mission to keep small business in business

04.05.21|In collaboration with LeumiTech USA
Melio is now the fastest growing B2B payments platform in the U.S., with its user base growing by over 2,000% last year
Osu Founders

Israeli startup Osu raises $3.2 million to help self-employed workers in the UK

25.03.21|James Spiro
The company helps self-employed and freelancers accept and manage payments through an app
משרדי חברת Wix  וויקס תל אביב revenues neared $1 billion in 2020, company ups 2021 outlook

17.02.21|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli company recorded a 30% boost in revenues, concludes the year with a $216.5 million net loss