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ראש ממשלת ישראל בנימין נתניהו  נשיא ארה"ב ג'ו ביידן ויורש העצר מוחמד בן סלמאן מסעודיה

Why is Biden so excited about the ambitious transport project through Saudi Arabia?

11.09.23|Yuval Sade
Biden's announcement comes amid US efforts to counter China's growing influence in the region, as part of the ongoing trade war between the two countries
Roie Onn - CEO of Cervello

On Track: Cervello keeps railways safe from cyber threats

14.09.22|Yonatan Sredni
Co-founder and CEO Roie Onn shares how his Israeli startup, developer of a leading rail cybersecurity solution, has successfully broken into one of the world's oldest and most critical industries
רכבות חולפות תחנת רכבת סבידור

Alstom investing $7 million in Israeli rail cyber protection startup Cylus

09.12.20|Meir Orbach
The technology will be implemented first in the Tel Aviv metropolitan light rail system with a capacity of 200,000 passengers a day
מימין רועי און נדב אבידן ו שקד קפצן

Railway Cybersecurity Startup Cervello Raises $4.5 Million

24.07.19|Adi Pick
Israel-based Cervello develops a service that continuously monitors the operational networks of rail and metro systems
עמיר לוינטל מנכ"ל סיילוס

Former Austrian Chancellor Backs Tel Aviv-Based Railway Cybersecurity Startup Cylus

06.06.19|Meir Orbach
Christian Kern served as the CEO of Austrian Federal Railway company before becoming Chancellor of Austria from May 2016 to December 2017
נסיעת בכורה של רכבת מהירה מ ירושלים ל תל אביב

11 Years Overdue, Jerusalem Express Train to Reach Tel Aviv in Early 2019, Exec Says

Launched in September after 17 years in the making, Israel’s first electric train currently gets as far as Ben Gurion Airport, 19 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv
רכבת ישראל בכניסה ל מנהרה ב קו תל אביב ירושלים

Jerusalem Train Proves Projects Left in the Oven for 17 Years May Still Be Half-Baked

16.10.18|Tofi Stoler
Service on the new Jerusalem express train, which only covers half of its originally planned route, was once again interrupted early Tuesday morning due to crucial electricity work conducted on the tracks
בנימין נתניהו ישראל כץ בקו הרכבת החדש בין ת"א וירושלים

Express Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Train Only Goes Halfway

25.09.18|Lior Gutman
17 years in the making, the new train route launched Tuesday only gets as far as Ben Gurion International Airport, 19 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv
רכבת ישראל תחנת חדרה

Israel’s National Railway Adopts Contactless Credit Card Payments

03.07.18|Racheli Bindman
The new payment system will allow passengers to use credit cards equipped with an EMV chip to instantly pay for rides without needing to purchase a paper ticket or charge a pre-purchased card
רכבת ישראל תחנת חדרה

Train Safety Company Rail Vision Considers Nasdaq IPO

09.11.17|Golan Hazani
The company announced it is examining registration on Nasdaq, confirming an earlier Calcalist report