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הפגנה מחאה עובדי הייטק בתל אביב נגד המהפכה המשפטית מחאת ההייטק

Over $1.5 billion transferred abroad from Israeli banks due to concerns of judicial coup

19.02.23|Sophie Shulman
In the money management industry, it is estimated that private clients have transferred billions of shekels from Israel in recent weeks. Together with the companies' transfers, the sum sits at approximately $3 billion
בניין אינטל ב חיפה

Intel postpones investment meeting in Jerusalem amidst heightened tensions surrounding judicial coup

13.02.23|Golan Hazani
Calcalist has learned from sources involved in the discussions that Intel decided to postpone the meeting due to its concern that announcing an investment at this time would be seen as political support for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and its planned judicial coup
מפגינים ב תל אביב הפגנה מחאה 21 בינואר

"We are sorry the high-tech industry has only just woken up, but we have arrived, and we will do whatever it takes"

29.01.23|Sophie Shulman
The high-tech industry has an image of being disconnected, but the impending judicial reforms have resulted in the sector mobilizing like never before
סניף בנק בנקים תחרות ריכוזיות

Israel’s Open Banking Reform is tangled up in politics

05.04.21|Irit Avisar
New technologies and a different approach to client data could shake up the sector, but only if the politicians can get their act together
חממת גידול קנאביס

After a Year of Disappointments, the Israeli Cannabis Industry Pins its Hopes on 2020

22.01.20|Tzally Greenberg
Calcalist spoke with leading players of the local cannabis industry to see where the wind will blow in the upcoming year
צבי שלגו PTL

China’s New Business Reform Is Changing the Rules

19.11.19|Zvi Shalgo
China's new reforms are changing the business reality for Israeli and global companies. Zvi Shalgo, chairman of operation management firm PTL Group, outlines the steps companies need to take to prepare
גידול קנאביס סם סמים מריחואנה

Israel’s Medical Cannabis Reform Continues to Benefit Nearly No One

20.10.19|Tzally Greenberg
Coming into full effect in September and intended to help standardize the industry, the reform has so far resulted in market shortages and hiked prices
ועידת התחזיות 2019 פאנל בריאות משה בר סימן טוב

Israeli Health Ministry Approves Seven New Medical Cannabis Growers to Battle Market Shortages

28.08.19|Adrian Filut
A national reform intended to regulate the entire supply chain of medical cannabis will come into full effect on Sunday
ועידת התחזיות 2019 ראובן ריבלין נשיא המדינה בשיחה עם צבי זרחיה

Israeli President Gets Involved in Israel’s Medical Cannabis Troubles

25.08.19|Tzally Greenberg
New regulation set to come into full effect on September 1 has thrown the local industry into disarray
צחי כהן בעל חברת תיקון עולם

Tikun Olam’s Israeli Cannabis Business Up for Sale for $100 Million

21.08.19|Tzally Greenberg
In August, a Jerusalem court ruled that founder Tzahi Cohen will need to reduce his controlling stake to under 5% before the company’s medical cannabis growing license could be reinstated
קנאביס רפואי מריחואנה כנס כלכליסט

To Tempt Cannabis Growers to Cede to New Regulations, Israeli Health Ministry Dangles Export Promise

31.07.19|Adrian Filut
New regulations that came into force in Israel in April require cannabis growers to sell their products through pharmacies, instead of directly to patients, leading to an increase in prices and to the health ministry's desire to put a cap on them
מריחואנה קנאביס גראס 1

In Tel Aviv, Reform Sends Cannabis Stocks Down as Shareholders Sell High

28.01.19|Lilach Baumer
On Sunday, the Israeli government gave the final stamp of approval to a cannabis export reform. In response, Tel Aviv’s cannabis stocks tumbled
חנות מריחואנה קולורדו קנאביס

Israeli Medical Cannabis Export Reform May Be Back On. Or Not

05.11.18|Adrian Filut
Israel's anticipated medical cannabis export reform may be finally moving forward after a six-month deadlock caused by intra-ministerial squabbling
אבטחת מידע סייבר פריצה סיסמה

In Israel, Weakened Defense Export Controls Facilitate Deal Making

01.11.18|Omri Milman
A recent reform reduced the number of permits required of local companies wishing to export defense-related technologies
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2018 ערן יעקב בשיחה עם עמרי מילמן

To Offset U.S. Tax Reform, Israel to Cut Red Tape For Transfer Tax Exemption

06.09.18|Omri Milman and Lilach Baumer
Speaking at Calcalist’s National Economic Conference, Israel’s tax chief Eran Yaacov said a special plan to enable Israel-based companies to change holding structure without paying a capital gains tax is in the works
קנאביס קנביס רפואי מריחואנה יצוא

Israeli Cannabis Export Reform Still Deadlocked

29.07.18|Zvi Zerahia
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the export reform a few months ago but conditioned it on interministerial agreement
שי באב"ד מנכל משרד אוצר ועידת אנרגיה 2018

Bureaucrats Duke It Out at Israeli Cannabis Exports Debate

18.06.18|Adrian Filut
On one side is the country’s Ministry of Finance, on the other its Ministry of Public Security. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conditioned his approval on both ministries agreeing
מעבדה לגידול קנביס רפואי מריחואנה

Israeli Cannabis Device Developer Kanabo to Set Up Marijuana Farm in Europe

27.04.18|Tofi Stoler
To carry out the plan, Kanabo is partnering with San Francisco-Based Cannabis Extract Manufacturer Constance Therapeutics
שקיות קנאביס

New Hurdles Stall Israeli Cannabis Export

15.04.18|Adrian Filut
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greenlit the export reform after a two-month delay, but fresh ministerial disputes keep pushing back the final approval