9 stories about Shufersal
כנס מקומי קום קורין קטנר סמנכלית סחר שופרסל אונליין וידאו

“As pioneers, we cater to both traditional consumers and innovative startups, and that requires us to leverage new capabilities”

03.07.23|Tomer Hadar
Korin Baruch Ketner, VP of Commerce at Shufersal Online, was speaking at Calcalist’s e-commerce conference
Ctech Ecommerce Oren Raboy

“We help collect data and run it through AI models to improve the bottom line”

18.11.22|Noa Gadot
Oren Raboy, Co-founder & CEO of Noogata, explained how his company applies AI models and advanced analytics to find correlations and insights
Ctech Ecommerce Hilla Ben-Hamo

“Cosmetics have side effects that we can prevent by using AI”

17.11.22|Noa Gadot
Dr. Hilla Ben-Hamo, Co-founder & CEO of MeNow, explained how manufacturers don't check how every product affects each person and the way her company can help by identifying every molecule and its effect
 Ctech Ecommerce Eitan Koter

“The future of e-commerce is interactive”

16.11.22|Noa Gadot
Eitan Koter, Co-CEO at Vimmi, said his startup aims to help businesses launch their e-commerce platform, differentiate themselves, and grow through the use of video
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים דיימלר ויה via דניאל רמות אורן שובל

Shufersal to use Via technology to manage the distribution of goods

12.04.22|Meir Orbach
Israel’s largest supermarket chain will implement Via's software platform to enable more efficient and accurate transport of goods from the chain's distribution centers to more than 300 branches throughout the country
קניות ל חג פסח ב שופרסל דיל ב גראנד קניון ב חיפה

Shopic Raises $7.6 Million to Expand Queue-less Shopping

14.05.20|Meir Orbach
Retailers can use the platform to communicate with customers while they are in the shop and send them personalized offers
בעקבות בהלת קורונה מדפים ריקים תורים ועומסים כבדים ב סופר טיב טעם רמת החייל 1

Israeli Supermarkets Enjoy Coronavirus-Fueled Boom

25.03.20|Nurit Kadosh
As most of Israel’s economy grinds to a halt, local supermarket chains announce major workforce additions, sharp upsurge in consumer goods sales
רוכשת בחנות אמזון גו ב סיאטל

The Time Has Come for the Retail Food Industry to Storm Ahead

30.11.18|Uri Kilstein
As e-commerce companies venture into the brick-and-mortar food market, food retailers must up their game—and their technologies—to stay ahead, writes Shufersal executive Uri Kilstein
איציק אברכהן מנכל שופרסל 15.1.18

Israeli Supermarket Chain Shufersal Wants to Go Cashier-Free

13.11.18|Nurit Kadosh
The company partnered with Tel Aviv-based startup Trigo Vision to implement no-checkout technologies in its 272 stores