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כנס כלכליסט ניו יורק נלסון גריגס

Nasdaq saw 10 times the IPOs it expected in 2020, says stock exchange president

23.09.20|Sophie Shulman
Nelson Griggs, the president of the Nasdaq stock exchange, expected the number of IPOs would drop due to Covid-19 and prides himself instead of over 100 companies listing on the exchange since the beginning of January with an average return of 50%-60%
מלמעלה: מייסדי למונייד שי וינינגר ו דניאל שרייבר

The truth behind the Lemonade surge, America’s most successful IPO of 2020

05.07.20|Sophie Shulman
Lemonade went overnight from being a unicorn that has never made a profit into a massive success. But there are some investors wondering whether the underwriters forced the company to leave money on the table
מימין שי וינינגר ו  דניאל שרייבר מייסדי Lemonade למונייד

Lemonade has learned the lesson of its fellow SoftBank portfolio companies

28.06.20|Sophie Shulman
In its pre-IPO prospectus, Lemonade presents a clear, yet highly optimistic, perception of the current business reality
אדם נוימן מעצב חללים ל עבודה ב ניו יורק

SoftBank Looking to Reduce $3 Billion WeWork Rescue Offer, Report Says

The plan is intended to limit the $1.7 billion bailout payment offered to former CEO Adam Neumann, Bloomberg reported Friday
מימין שי וינינגר ו  דניאל שרייבר מייסדי Lemonade למונייד

Following WeWork, SoftBank-Backed Lemonade Shelves Planned IPO, Report Says

13.11.19|Meir Orbach
Calcalist first reported the online insurance company’s plans to go public in June
מאסיושי סון מסיושי מאסאיושי מייסד סופטבנק פברואר 2019

Adam Neumann Gets a Cushy Exit

23.10.19|Sophie Shulman
Despite being the orchestrator of the biggest tech fiasco of the year, WeWork's co-founder and former CEO will walk away with his billionaire status intact. The real losers are the employees and the company's shareholders
חללי עבודה wework ניו יורק

SoftBank Signs Agreement to Take Over WeWork

The doubledown, which includes $5 billion in new financing, a $3 billion tender offer to existing shareholders, and the acceleration of an existing commitment for another $1.5 billion in funding, will give SoftBank an 80% stake in WeWork but not a voting majority
חללי עבודה wework ניו יורק

SoftBank to Take Control of WeWork, Report Says

The Japanese holding company is in advanced talks to take over the crashing co-working company, valuing it at $7.5 billion to $8 billion, CNBC reported Monday
חללי עבודה wework ניו יורק

WeWork to Cut 2,000 Jobs by End of Month, Report Says

The co-working company is cutting its workforce following its catastrophic IPO attempt, Bloomberg reported Thursday
אדם נוימן מייסד ו מנכ"ל WeWork 2017

WeWork’s Next Challenge: Get Off the Steroids

26.09.19|Sophie Shulman and Omer Kabir
SoftBank invested over $10 billion in WeWork, enabling the company’s meteoric growth—and its massive debt. The successors of ousted CEO Adam Neumann will need to halt that growth and even start pruning if they want the company to last
אדם נוימן 20.7.19 WeWork

WeWork’s Problems Are Bigger Than Neumann

25.09.19|Sophie Shulman
WeWork’s co-founder is just a symptom: an enthusiastic young man who flew too high too fast with the support of his investors. SoftBank and WeWork’s real problem is the latter’s business model, and that’s going to be a lot harder to fix
אדם נוימן 20.7.19 WeWork

As Tensions Come to a Head, Adam Neumann Steps Down as WeWork CEO

He will be replaced by former chief financial officer Artie Minson and former vice-chairman Sebastian Gunningham, effective immediately
אדם נוימן 20.7.19 WeWork

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann Begins Talks About his Role, Report Says

After a week of reports that hinted at Neumann’s dwindling support among board members and shareholders, Reuters reported Monday the founder could end up stepping down
אדם נוימן מייסד ו מנכ"ל WeWork 2017

SoftBank CEO Joins Call to Remove WeWork’s Adam Neumann as CEO, Report Says

SoftBank believes a change in WeWork's leadership will be "for the long-term benefit" of the company, according to CNBC
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Update: With a Slashed Valuation, WeWork Confirms it Is Postponing its IPO

WeWork had planned to begin its IPO roadshow next week on Monday, but is likely to shelve it until at least next month, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday
אדם נוימן 20.7.19 WeWork

SoftBank to Use WeWork IPO to Increase Stake, Report Says

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that SoftBank is pressuring the co-working giant to shelve its IPO due to its drastically slashed target valuation
אדם נוימן מייסד ו מנכ"ל WeWork 2017

Despite SoftBank’s Pressure, WeWork Moves Ahead With IPO, Report Says

WeWork has now further cut its target valuation to between $15 billion and $18 billion, Reuters reported
מאסיושי סון מסיושי מאסאיושי מייסד סופטבנק פברואר 2019

SoftBank Pressures WeWork to Suspend IPO, Report Says

The move came after WeWork started considering listing at a valuation of $15 billion to $20 billion, according to a report by the Financial Times
מאסיושי סון מייסד סופטבנק

WeWork's Troubles, SoftBank's Problem

08.09.19|Sophie Shulman
SoftBank has already been burned by the lackluster IPOs of Uber and Slack. The current chaos surrounding WeWork’s upcoming IPO and the cut to its valuation could call SoftBank’s business model into question