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Post Covid-19, Exits May Seem Like a Distant Dream But Exercising Options May Become Easier

19.04.20|Sophie Shulman
With Israeli tech companies having to cut employees’ salaries by up to 40%, many have turned to repricing stock options as a means of maintaining their talent
וול סטריט בורסה ניו יורק ירידות שערים קורונה

From Feast to Famine: a Glimmer of Hope on the Way to the Bottom

16.03.20|Sophie Shulman
Covid-19 has yet to complete its assault on the world’s stock exchanges, but Asia has already proven the virus can be overcome, and even U.S. President Donald Trump has woken up to the threat. And investors? Now is the time to identify the stocks that received only a temporary hit
קנאביס רפואי מריחואנה כנס כלכליסט

Cannabis May Be Stalled, but Cannabis Tech Is Racing Forward

23.02.20|Sophie Shulman
2019 may have temporarily halted the growth of the global cannabis sector, but the shockwave impacted public companies more than the technology itself
דונלד טראמפ ו שי ג'ינפינג ב פסגת ה-G20

China’s Growth Engine Is Dragging the Global Economy Down

20.02.20|Sophie Shulman
Apple’s Monday profit warning for the first quarter of 2020 following the continued spread of the coronavirus is only the precursor of the upcoming chaos
קור שולץ מנכ"ל טבע 9.11.19

The U.S. Opioid Abuse Lawsuits Are Political, Says Teva CEO

19.02.20|Sophie Shulman
Teva’s stock fluctuation is not the result of wrongdoing regarding the U.S. opioid abuse epidemic, but rather something born of the creativity of lawyers, Kåre Schultz said Wednesday at the company’s annual press conference in Tel Aviv

The Unicorns Are Stomping Over the Small Investors

03.05.19|Sophie Shulman
The current IPO wave of companies like Uber and WeWork is the largest since the dot-com bubble, but their huge valuations may mean that by the time they become public, small investors are too late for the party
קניון עזריאלי ראשונים ראשון לציון

Stocks of Israeli Shopping Malls Drop as Amazon Prepares to Enter Local Market

30.04.19|Shir Reiter
Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli news site Ynet reported Amazon has contacted Israeli merchants already active on its platform to begin marketing their products to local customers
בריינסוויי Brainsway

Brainsway Completes Nasdaq IPO With $27.5 Million

The Israeli company develops headsets that use magnetic stimulation to treat brain disorders
ליעם גלין נשיא מנכ"ל מטומי

Matomy Tumbles on Tel Aviv Exchange

26.11.18|Lilach Baumer
On Friday, the London and Tel Aviv-listed digital marketing company said it wants to renegotiate the terms of its outstanding Bonds
Zachi Zach צחי זך

Four Mistakes You Should Avoid When Issuing Employee Options

22.10.18|Zachi Zach
Lawyer and entrepreneur Zachi Zach outlines the most common mistakes companies make when issuing options as benefits to employees and service providers during cash-strapped times
תרופות כדורים

Gastro Treatment Company RedHill Jumps on Nasdaq Following Successful Clinical Trial

30.07.18|Lilach Baumer
The Tel Aviv-headquartered company stated its Crohn's disease treatment trial met its primary endpoint and key secondary endpoints
אייל ולדמן מלאנוקס

Mellanox and Starboard End Feud with Board Appointments

20.06.18|Lilach Baumer
Mellanox and Starboard have been clashing since November, when Starboard acquired a 10.5% stake in Mellanox
אבישי אברהמי מנכ"ל וויקס

Website Builder Wix’s Quarterly Revenue Is Up 49%

09.05.18|Asaf Shalev
The Israel-based tech company reported an uptick in the number of paid subscribers
מטה עליבאבא בסין

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Alibaba partners with Israeli startup to supply a cloud database in China. Black Cube, of Weinstein affair infamy, moves into larger, fancier headquarters.
אסף אלימלך מנכ"ל פלוס 500

Plus500 Rallies on Bitcoin Trading Announcement

04.01.18|Dror Reich
After announcing high volumes of trading on crypto-related contracts of differences, the company’s stock went up 24.79% by market close Wendesday
תל אביב מבט על מ למעלה

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israeli startups are in for fierce competition over talent in 2018. Globalization jumpstarts Israeli tech deals. Another strong year for IPOs on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
בורסה בורסת תל אביב

Another Strong Year for IPOs on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

28.12.17|Oren Freund
Celltick Technologies Ltd. joins Uzi manufacturer SK Group among the companies that have already made preparations for a 2018 stock market listing in Israel
בורסה בורסת תל אביב

AmTrust Planning Listing on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

10.12.17|Golan Hazani
The CEO of the New York insurance firm is visiting Israel for meetings with institutional investors to discuss a Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launch and a local bond offering, says an Israel executive who has attended the AmTrust meetings
נאסד"ק ניו יורק בורסה

Data Management Company Attunity Aims to Raise $20 million in Nasdaq Offering

07.12.17|Dror Reich
Attunity’s software helps clients transfer and analyze large and complex data files across different computer systems and in the cloud
ראסל אלוונגר מנכ"ל טאואר

Chip Company's New Heights Leave Investors Lukewarm

07.11.17|Eli Shimony
Despite reporting peak revenues, a cautious fourth quarter outlook sent Tower Semiconductor’s stock down by 4%