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Telefonica Luisa Rubio Wayra X

Telefonica’s venture arm Wayra touches base in Israel looking for investments

10.05.22|James Spiro
Its mission is to help the Spanish telecom giant with its innovation efforts

Israel-based vHive raises $4 million in series A to help grow its enterprise drone hive market

14.10.20|James Spiro
The investment will help vHive better penetrate the telecom space for Digital Twin assets
איציק בנבנישתי מנכ"ל פרטנר 16.8.20 ועידת Mind The Tech

Revolution, not evolution: CEO of Israeli telco Partner says his company is prepared for 5G

17.08.20|Maayan Manela
"As a forward-thinking company, we want to make sure we are ready to meet the demands of the future," said Isaac Benbensti
יהודה זיסאפל מבעלי השליטה בנעורים

RAD Data Communications Lays Off Dozens of Employees

02.12.19|Meir Orbach
Founded by Israeli entrepreneurs and brothers Yehuda and Zohar Zisapel, RAD designs and manufactures specialized networking equipment for the global telecom industry
Hiromichi Shinohara יו"ר NTT

Japanese Conglomerate NTT Scouts for Israeli Technologies

28.11.19|Adi Pick
While NTT is primarily a telecommunications company, it is interested in startups and technologies in the fields of cybersecurity, digital health, and autonomous vehicles
בניין מרכזייה בזק מרכזיית בזק תל אביב

One Institutional Investor Intends to Hinder Bezeq’s Acquisition by Searchlight

19.05.19|Golan Hazani
The bondholders of BCOM, the direct controlling shareholder of Israel’s largest telecom Bezeq, have approved the offer private equity firm Searchlight Capital Partners made for Bezeq, wiith 75.2% in favor
בניין מרכזייה בזק מרכזיית בזק תל אביב

Searchlight Reaches Agreement to Acquire Controlling Stake at Bezeq

14.05.19|Golan Hazani
Bezeq's controlling shareholder Internet Gold and its subsidiary and Bezeq's direct controller BCOM are both struggling with a heavy debt to bondholders
בניין מרכזייה בזק מרכזיית בזק תל אביב

Acquisition Offer Made to Controlling Shareholder of Israel’s Largest Telecom Bezeq

08.04.19|Lilach Baumer
Internet Gold is the final controlling shareholder of Bezeq, via its stake in Bezeq’s controlling shareholder BCOM
תל אביב בורסה Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Israeli Telecom Bezeq Considering Public Issuance to Counterbalance Depreciation

24.03.19|Golan Hazani
Bezeq expects to announce an upcoming depreciation of almost $550 million in its upcoming reports for fiscal 2018
משרדי חברת יס כפר סבא yes

Satellite Troubles Prompt Israeli Broadcaster to Switch to Fiber Optics

17.03.19|Amitai Gazit and Lilach Baumer
Israeli satellite television provider Yes announced Thursday it will phase out its satellite-reliant broadcasting in favor of internet-based television, following other local rivals
מאיר מועלם מנכ"ל ו מנכ"ל SAS

ASX-Listed Satellite Company SAS to Raise A$12 Million

20.02.19|Lilach Baumer
Sky and Space Global uses nano-satellite technology to offer communications services for telecommunications providers
מירב ויינריב קוואלקום ונצ'רס

Qualcomm Ventures, Sierra Ventures Back Wireless Communication Company CoreTigo

Israel-based CoreTigo raised $2 million prior to the current $10 million A series, according to company statements
בניין משרדי בזק

Stock Devaluation Hobbles Acquisition of Bezeq's Controlling Shareholder

21.01.19|Golan Hazani
Private equity firm Searchlight has cut its acquisition offer for Israel-based Internet Gold's stake in subsidiary BCOM, which controls Israel's largest telecom Bezeq
דודו מזרחי תנובה

Bezeq Names New CEO Amid Criminal Investigation Involving Netanyahu

18.06.18|Asaf Shalev
David Mizrahi, a veteran of Bezeq, returns after a two-year absence to serve as chief executive