19 stories about US-Israel
ויזה לארה"ב דרכון

U.S. officially accepts Israel into Visa Waiver Program

27.09.23|Itamar Eichner, Ynet
Israel will become the 41st country to join the program after extensive negotiations, legislative changes, and significant preparations
St. Louis Missouri

One Missourian’s historic recognition of Israel carries long-reaching business opportunities

24.09.23|James Spiro
President Harry Truman was the first leader to recognize Israel - and the relationship has continued to flourish ever since
 Chicago Illinois

America’s Great Lakes region remains untapped potential for Israelis

04.09.23|James Spiro
Chicago can act as a central point for Israelis looking to work with U.S. states surrounding Lake Michigan
Phoenix Arizona

Arizona and Israel face similar challenges, strengthening ties between both states

21.08.23|James Spiro
High heat and a thirst for innovation bring the two regions closer than ever

BIRD Foundation invests $3.85 million in critical infrastructure cyber projects via new program

17.08.23|James Spiro
The BIRD Cyber Program is a joint initiative to enhance the cyber resilience of vulnerable critical infrastructure in both the U.S. and Israel
Iowa Skyline

In Iowa, support for Israel transcends the drama of national politics

14.08.23|James Spiro
The Hawkeye State is a melting pot of agtech, finance, and political professionals - something Israelis can work with regardless of party affiliation.
פילדלפיה Philadelphia Pennsylvania

“Now is a phenomenal time in terms of momentum to be looking at Pennsylvania”

09.08.23|James Spiro
Predicting a shift in social and political structures, the Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce continues to welcome Israelis to the state for customer discovery
Austin Texas

“Israelis will come to Texas and feel like they're rockstars”

30.07.23|James Spiro
Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment may be rising in the U.S., but Startup Nation still has a friend in America’s Lone Star State

BIRD Foundation invests $8 million in 9 new projects

25.07.23|James Spiro
The approved projects, with an overall budget of $23 million, touch on agritech, biotech, electronics, foodtech, medical devices, and quantum technology
 Atlanta Georgia

"Israelis still don't understand how significant a place Atlanta plays in the business world"

24.07.23|James Spiro
The state of Georgia - and the American Southeast more generally - shouldn’t be overlooked by those looking to make it in the U.S.
Reno Nevada רינו נאבדה ארצות הברית

It’s time Israelis take a gamble on Nevada

12.07.23|James Spiro
The Silver State has Israelis passing by but new leadership is encouraging them to finally build some roots in the region
Baltimore Maryland בולטימור מרילנד

Maryland hopes to attract Israeli tech with its educated workforce and low cost of living

11.07.23|James Spiro
The Maryland/Israel Development Center helps Israeli companies find a home on the American east coast
סן פרנסיסקו San Francisco California

“You have to look at the map and know that California is much more than Silicon Valley”

04.07.23|James Spiro
Sharon Vanek, Executive Director of the California Israel Chamber of Commerce, joined CTech to discuss the appeal of the Golden State despite its local challenges
Richmond Virginia

Israelis should look to Virginia to cozy up to U.S lawmakers

29.06.23|James Spiro
The state of Virginia is near the nation’s capital and a unique spot for Israeli companies looking to partner with the U.S. government
MIBA Mark Davidoff Mike Dergis Bernard Bourgeois

Michigan Israel Business Accelerator launches new hub designed to woo Israelis

20.06.23|James Spiro
MIBA recently unveiled "The Elevator" as the first landing zone exclusively for Israeli startups in the U.S
NJ-Israel Commission

The Garden State is open for business for Israelis looking west

13.06.23|James Spiro
The New Jersey-Israel Commission is working to attract Israelis who otherwise might consider more traditional American locations for expansion
Los Angeles California

Number of Israeli-founded California unicorns hits new record

25.04.23|James Spiro
The 35 companies have created a total of 31,985 jobs worldwide
New York Skyline ניו יורק

New York is home to a record-breaking 30 Israeli-founded unicorns

24.04.23|James Spiro
The 30 companies have created a combined 14,717 jobs worldwide.
Suarez Sunset Series

Miami Mayor: “Crypto was our slingshot against the Silicon Valley Goliath”

19.07.22|James Spiro
Mayor Suarez joined Jacob Helberg and Aleph General Partner Michael Eisenberg for a talk at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange