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מייסדי קרביין Carbyne

Carbyne completes $56 million Series C to modernize emergency contact centers

07.09.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup protects over 400 million people globally and helps 911 call takers manage 150 million emergency calls each year
Noam Carbyne BiblioTech

CTech’s Book Review: A history of the innovators among us

21.07.22|Noam Fraenkel
Noam Fraenkel, VP R&D at Carbyne, shares insights after reading “The Innovators” by Walter Isaacson.
בירד Bird Foundation Eitan Yudilevich

Israel’s BIRD Foundation selects two US-Israel partnerships for $1.5 million grants

07.10.21|James Spiro
This is the sixth consecutive year that the organization has invested in U.S-Israel technology projects
הנהלת Carbyne CTO COO CEO

Carbyne raises $20 million, four months after closing $25 million Series B

15.06.21|Meir Orbach
Global Medical Response, the largest private emergency medical services provider in the U.S., led the funding and will also partner with the Israeli startup to develop advanced and widely applicable interactive communication solutions
אמיר אליחי Amir Elichai Carbyne

Carbyne's journey: Building the next generation of 911

05.05.21|Amir Elichai in collaboration with LeumiTech USA
"When you’re guided by passion or a personal experience it can give you the drive you need to create something truly great," writes Amir Elichai
Ayalon Insurance and Carbyne

Israel’s Ayalon Insurance Company integrates next-gen 911 system Carbyne into its systems

06.04.21|James Spiro
Representatives can now video call customers who recently suffered an incident and can immediately offer support and review damage
הנהלת Carbyne CTO COO CEO

Remember the family values when moving to New York, warns Carbyne

Carbyne, in collaboration with Israeli Mapped in NY, explores the impact that moving across an ocean can have on your business, your network, but most importantly your family
מייסדי קארביין מימין אמיר אליחי יוני יוטסון ו אלכס דיזינגוף

Carbyne raises $25 million to expand emergency call center response solution

14.01.21|Meir Orbach
CEO says demand driven by Covid-19 outbreak saw the company’s revenue leap by 350%
Gett Carbyne

Ride-hailing service Gett partners with smart-911 service Carbyne for safer journeys

17.12.20|James Spiro
With the collaboration, users will have access to video, chat, and location services with Israel’s United Hatzalah
בורסה נאסד"ק ישראל הייטק חדשנות

11 Israeli-founded startups named Covid Disrupters by the New York–Israel Business Alliance

Guided by data, it monitors economic development activity and trends in the public and private sectors to identify bilateral business growth potential.
אמיר אליחי Amir Elichai Carbyne

Israeli next-gen 911 service Carbyne is approved by the Tel Aviv Municipality

07.07.20|James Spiro
Carbyne’s technology allows citizens to conduct video calls with police services without the need to download any additional apps
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Cisco Partners With Ehud Barak-Backed 911 Startup Carbyne

11.04.19|Adi Pick
Carbyne develops a cloud-based platform that allows dispatchers to receive GPS data, video and audio transmission and use texting services to supplement voice in distress calls
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Founders Fund Invests in a 911 Startup Backed by Ehud Barak

14.08.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Emergency response startup Carbyne announced a $15 million Series B round on Tuesday
אמיר אליחי מייסד ומנכל Carbyne

Public Safety Startup Reporty Rebrands as Carbyne, Launches New App-Free Emergency Call Service

29.01.18|Tofi Stoler
The company is now working with partners to add its service to automated emergency hailing services in cars