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סוחרים ב נאסד"ק בורסת ניו יורק

Regulators across the world racing to contain AI threats

20.12.23|Viki Auslender
For the first time, US and EU authorities are defining the use of artificial intelligence in the financial market as a risk, and are setting regulations to deal with it. Meanwhile in Israel, the reaction is slow and lethargic.
מלחמת עזה מלחמה מחבלים שורפים טנק של צה" לאחר שחטפו אותו ל רצועת עזה 7.10.23

EU comes to the fore in battle against Hamas’ use of social media

15.10.23|Omer Kabir
The new Digital Services Act has allowed the European Union to put pressure on the likes of X, Meta, TikTok, and Google to stop the spreading of fake news, conspiracy theories, and horrific images
חברות הטכנולוגיה הגדולות אפל גוגל פייסבוק אמזון

Regulatory storm looms: Europe and the US challenge tech giants' dominance

11.09.23|Omer Kabir
Behemoths like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and others have to date operated in a market almost completely free of regulatory restrictions. However, a global shift in regulatory attitudes now threatens their unbridled power
אפל חנויות אפליקציות אפליקציה

How EU's Digital Services Act is revolutionizing online platforms

23.08.23|Omer Kabir
Turning point for the tech sector: Unpacking the impact of the Digital Services Act on Meta, Amazon, TikTok, Apple, Google
EU Startup Map

Latest count reveals 912 Israeli startups in the EU, employing 24,000 people

26.04.21|James Spiro
The report was conducted by EIT Hub Israel, ISERD, and CQ Global
Ido Alon KPMG

Report: Israelis must overcome ‘perceived barriers’ when seeking EU investments

25.01.21|James Spiro
The report, titled ‘Support to strengthening of investment opportunities in EU-Israel economic relations’, explores economic and cultural aspects between the regions
סיסמוגרף רעידת אדמה רעש אדמה

The shockwaves of the EU Court’s ruling on privacy standards may topple Israel’s tech sector

19.07.20|Omer Kabir
Private data is the lifeblood of Israeli startups, the government’s failure to respect individual privacy is proving to be dangerous
מימין מרטין קרן עדי בראל נילי שליו יאן פיליפ בק

European Union Innovation Arm EIT Launches Tel Aviv Hub

10.12.19|Elihay Vidal
The activities of the hub will complement existing EIT community activities in Israel that are expected to scale in 2020 through support to innovators from the health, climate, food, and urban mobility sectors
שר הכלכלה והתעשייה אלי כהן שר המסחר הבריטי ליאם פוקס הסכם סחר ישראל בריטניה

Under Brexit's Shadow, U.K. and Israel Sign Free Trade Agreement

19.02.19|Lilach Baumer
The U.K. is Israel's largest European trade partner, and third largest trading partner overall. In 2018, the trade turnover between the two countries amounted to around $11 billion
Andrew Dyson

The Rise of the Data Protection Officer

21.01.19|Andrew Dyson and Robyn Palmer
The newly enacted GDPR has given rise to a new role, vital even to companies located outside the European Union—the DPO
דגל האיחוד האירופאי

New 100 Billion Euro EU Innovation Program May See U.K., Israel Out

05.11.18|Hagar Ravet
The proposal for the new program limits much of its grants to companies registered in EU member countries only
אלביט מערכות מל"ט הרמס 900

Israeli Defense Contractor Elbit Announces Contract with EU Maritime Safety Agency

01.11.18|Adi Pick
The company will provide European Union countries with maritime unmanned aircraft system patrol services
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For Adtech Companies, GDPR is a Tall Order

06.05.18|Zachi Zach
GDPR has become a strong incentive for big companies to cut loose small partners, writes lawyer and entrepreneur Zachi Zach
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EU Enlists AI Startup in Fight Against Fake News

12.02.18|Omer Kabir has developed a disinformation-busting algorithm that can help advertisers that don’t want their ads to appear next to fake news
קובי הבר ראש חטיבה עסקית מסחרית בנק לאומי כנס דרום עולה באר שבע

Israel’s Bank Leumi and the European Investment Fund Renew Tech Loan Program

13.12.17|Meir Orbach
Under the new program, Leumi can offer up to $200 million in financing to tech companies in Israel
רמזי גבאי יו"ר מכון ה ייצוא ועידת מובייל ו דיגיטל

Israel on Track for a Record $100 Billion in Exports in 2017

31.10.17|Asaf Shalev
Technology development services and an increase in trade with Europe are driving the country’s export up