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Guesty raises $130 million at $900 million valuation, eyeing IPO in 2025

10.04.24|Meir Orbach
Operating in over 80 countries, Guesty’s platform provides both enterprise and SMB property managers as well as individual hosts with tools to manage the entire rental journey
מלון Selina Jaco - יקו קוסטה ריקה סלינה

From $1.2 billion to $12 million: Selina's valuation continues to crumble

The hospitality company claims to have reduced its debt by $52 million and its co-founders have announced they are converting cash compensation into shares to strengthen credibility, but investors remain unimpressed
מישל אוחיון מלון וולדורף אסטוריה

Hilton escalates legal battle against former Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria owner over $26 million unpaid debt

02.04.24|Golan Hazani
Two previous arbitration rulings regarding the dispute between Michel Ohayon and Hilton were made in London by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Hilton is seeking for the arbitration rulings to be enforced against Ohayon in Israel as well
הנפקת סלינה ב נאסד"ק המייסדים רפי מוסרי ו דניאל רודסבסקי

Selina shares down over 96% from IPO price after single-day 41% plunge

The Israeli-founded hospitality company currently has a market cap of just $46 million, a far cry from the $1.2 billion valuation at which it went public last October
הנפקת סלינה ב נאסד"ק המייסדים רפי מוסרי ו דניאל רודסבסקי

Hospitality company Selina sacks 350 employees as it continues to bleed cash

27.06.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli-founded company went public in October through a SPAC merger at a valuation of $1.2 billion, but currently has a market cap of around just $120 million
עומרי שלו והנריק שמעוני, מייסדי ריקו

Reeco raises $10 million for AI-based hospitality procurement marketplace

28.03.23|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup provides a streamlined process for hotels and other hospitality buyers to order everything from food and beverage to cleaning supplies
עמיעד סוטו מנכ"ל ומייסד Guesty ורד רביב שוורץ נשיאת גסטי וסמנכ"לית התפעול

Guesty continues shopping spree with acquisition of hospitality software companies Kigo and HiRUM

The Israeli property management platform, which raised $170 million last month, has made three acquisitions in two weeks after also purchasing hotel-focused revenue and distribution platform YieldPlanet
עמיעד סוטו מנכ"ל ומייסד Guesty ורד רביב שוורץ נשיאת גסטי וסמנכ"לית התפעול

Guesty raises $170 million to expand hospitality and property management platform

16.08.22|Meir Orbach
A significant portion of the funding went towards secondary deals. “We are close to becoming a unicorn. Within less than a year we tripled our valuation and doubled our revenue,” said Vered Raviv Schwarz, President and COO at Guesty
ועידת כלכליסט ביוון דניאל רודסבסקי מייסד משותף סלינה וידאו

"The Millennials and Generation Z are 40% of hotel customers - we need to speak their language"

06.06.22|Neta Li-Binshtock
Daniel Rudasevski, co-founder of the global hospitality chain Selina, said at Calcalist’s Israel-Greece conference in collaboration with Aroundtown and Brown Hotels: "If there’s no hot water they will manage, but without internet access they will not come"
Duve co-founders

Hospitality tech startup Duve raises $10 million Series A

06.06.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s white-labeled platform helps collect details such as reason of visit, interests, language, type of visit, and more, allowing hoteliers to customize and segment guest journeys and build a digital and personalized experience
ועידת כלכליסט ביוון ליאון אביגד מייסד ובעלים משותף של קבוצת מלונות בראון וידאו

“It’s important to be a bridge between Israel and Greece,” says Brown Hotels’ founder

06.06.22|Amir Kurz
Leon Avigad of Brown Hotels spoke during Calcalist’s Israel-Greece conference about the hotel chain - which has over 50 branches in Greece - and its development over the past four years
ורד רביב שוורץ guesty כנס e commerce 360

Rural and vacation areas saw large uptick in reservations during pandemic

Many people flocked to rural locations, and became ‘digital nomads’ says President & COO of Guesty, Vered Raviv Schwarz, speaking at Calcalist’s E-commerce 360 conference
מטוס ממריא בעולם דיגיטלי

The travel industry in the wake of COVID-19: which companies will realize the greatest opportunities?

08.10.20|Start-Up Nation Central, a CTech partner
The travel, hospitality, and tourism industries have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. How can technology help rebuild these industries? Experts weigh in
עמיעד סוטו מנכל גסטי Guesty

Dozens of Guesty Employees to Stay on Unpaid Leave

31.05.20|Meir Orbach
In March, Calcalist reported the company had put around 10% of its employees on unpaid leave due to the coronavirus crisis
פוטו מקומות ריקים בעולם קורונה שדה תעופה בן גוריון

Israeli Tourism Is in Free Dive

11.03.20|Navit Zomer, Meir Orbach, Tomer Hadar, and Udi Etsion
With 1,368 employees laid off, 10,000 possible terminations, and 14,000 employees on enforced vacation, the Israeli tourism industry is looking at losses of NIS 12 billion by the end of the year
בניין מלון פלטין תל אביב

Israeli Hotel Chain Buys Iconic Tel Aviv Building to Restore its Old Glory as a Luxury Hotel

20.01.20|Navit Zomer
On Sunday, Fattal announced it has acquired the building that once housed the Palatin Hotel, Tel Aviv’s first luxury hotel, erected in 1926
מלון בראשית מצפה רמון ישרוטל

Hotel Chain Isrotel to Set Up Hostel Chain

23.12.19|Navit Zomer
The company’s first hostel will be established in Israel’s southern tourist town Eilat, offering 180 rooms ranging from dorms to family suites
הוסטל של סלינה רשת הוסטלים ובתי הארחה

Hospitality Chain Selina Announces First Location in Northern Israel

17.10.19|Adi Pick
The new location, which is set to include a recording studio and co-working space, will open in the first quarter of 2020
מטולה הגליל העליון

Recent Audit Finds 16% of Upper Galilee Hospitality Businesses Evaded Taxes

09.09.19|Omri Milman
The Israel Tax Authority audited 257 businesses in the area during the summer months
אוכל סטייק בשר

New Mobile App Lets Tel Avivians Munch on Restaurant Leftovers

26.08.19|Tofi Stoler
SpareEat lets consumers buy fresh leftover dishes from restaurants, hotels, cafes, and supermarkets, which would otherwise get thrown out