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Scientist Quarrel Over Kite Pharma Sale Royalties to be Settled Out of Court

28.05.18|Zohar Shahar Levy
Israeli immunologist Zelig Eshhar, who holds the patent for Kite Pharma’s anti-cancer technology, has been sued by a former student for infringement of patent rights
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Israeli ALS Treatment Developer Recruits Kite Pharma's CSO as Board Member

05.02.18|Dror Reich
Nasdaq-listed BrainStorm develops stem cell therapies for degenerative neurological diseases
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CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israel’s government and tech Industry brace for U.S. tax reform. Activist fund Elliott pushes to overhaul board of Israel's biggest telecom provider
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Scientist’s Ex-Wife Joins Legal Melee Over Kite Pharma Windfall

16.01.18|Zohar Shahar Levy
Zelig Eshhar, the patent holder for Kite Pharma’s anti-cancer technology, is currently being sued by a former student for infringement of patent rights
אריה בלדגרין דוקטור מנכל ו ממייסדי קייט פארמה

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Immunologists Exchange Verbal Blows in Legal Fight Over Kite Pharma Windfall. Qatar is buying a lot of weapons to as a leverage against boycott. A $1.43 billion expansion plan announced for Israel’s main airport
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Immunologists Exchange Verbal Blows in Legal Fight Over Kite Pharma Windfall

26.12.17|Zohar Shahar Levy
In August, Gilead Science bought anti-cancer treatment company Kite Pharma for $11.9 billion. Two Israeli scientists involved in the early research that led to the company’s breakthrough are now quarreling over patent royalty payments
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Gilead Builds on Kite Pharma Acquisition, Buys Second CAR-T Therapy Company

10.12.17|Lilach Baumer
California-based Cell Design Labs will be acquired in a deal valued at up to $567 million
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Generic Focus made Kite Pharma Founder Leave Teva

13.11.17|Dror Reich
Founder of cancer treatment company sold to Gilead Sciences for $12 billion, says Gilead wants “to crack the cancer market"
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Kite Pharma’s Cancer Drug Gets Regulatory Nod

19.10.17|Lilach Baumer
The cancer-treatment company, bought by Gilead Science in August for $11.9 billion, will sell one treatment course of the drug for $373,000
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Kite Pharma Sale Triggers Scientist Quarrel

02.10.17|Zohar Shahar Levy
Zelig Eshhar who patented the company’s core technology is now being sued by his former PhD student and current pharma entrepreneur
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Meet Kite Pharma's CEO, the Man Bringing Hope to Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients

30.08.17|Dror Reich
With two exits worth hundreds of millions of dollars to his name even before selling Kite Pharma for $12 billion dollars, just where will Arie Belldegrun aim next?
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Gilead To Buy Kite Pharma for $11.9 Billion

29.08.17|Dror Reich
The drug company is looking to diversify into cell therapy following declining hepatitis c drug sales