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GoodOnes co-founders

GoodOnes secures $3.5 million in Seed for personal photo assistant powered by machine learning

The startup develops an application that sifts out the bad photos and shows recommendations for the good ones
איתן צרנופסקי

Using data to drive business

01.08.21|Yafit Ovadia has developed a software that anonymously tracks users’ shopping, and helps drive business growth in a whole new way
אהוד האוזמן עו"ד ועורך פטנטים

Protecting AI and ML IP is crucial to remaining competitive in booming domain

27.06.21|Ehud Hausman
"Contrary to the common myth, in most leading countries including but not limited to the U.S., Europe (EPO), China, Korea and Japan, software-related inventions are patentable and enforceable," writes Ehud Hausman of Reinhold Cohn & Partners
Dan Fishel OurCrowd

Will you have a job in five years?

20.06.21|Dan Fishel
"The spike in automation following the pandemic – and the impact it will have on the world’s workforce – will likely shadow all previous recessions combined," writes Dan Fishel, Partner at OurCrowd
אורי אליאבייב

Data scientists’ salaries reach crazy highs as the war for tech talent escalates

A survey held by Machine & Deep Learning Israel has revealed that the average salaries in the data science and machine and deep learning sectors at GAMFA stands at NIS 55,700 (approximately $17,200) a month
דאטהג'ן סימולציות ויזואליות

Datagen raises $15 million to advance machine learning training with real-world simulations

16.03.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company received funding from VC funds as well as a series of AI luminaries
מייסדי טיילור ברנדס מימין נדב שץ יהלי סער ו תום להט

The world’s most prolific creative designer these days is a made-in-Israel robot

11.03.21|Ron Friedman
Using a machine learning algorithm, Tailor Brands is able to provide branding services to millions of microbusinesses and solopreneurs
מנכ"ל Pinecone פיינקון עידו ליברטי

Pinecone raises $10 million to develop AI database

27.01.21|Meir Orbach
Company is run by former creators of Amazon’s artificial intelligence platform AWS, and plans to use funds for doubling its workforce in coming year
Ctech gateways main logo new

In the global AI arms race, a thriving local ecosystem gives Israel the lead

Israel is third only to the U.S. and China when it comes to the number of AI companies operating in this thriving industry of tomorrow
פרופ' בעז לרנר Boaz Lerner of Panacea BGN Technologies

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University create machine learning platform to improve clinical trials

26.10.20|Yafit Ovadia
Prof. Boaz Lerner and his team have developed a new way to test clinical trials at a lower cost, while improving their success rate and efficiency
מוסף שבועי 10.9.20 ד"ר פיטר סקוט־מורגן

Mind over Matter: The man who turned himself into a cyborg to overcome ALS

13.09.20|Yoghev Carmel
After Peter Scott-Morgan was given a year to live, he decided to fight his fate and employed cutting edge technology to stay alive and remain human
Facebook Shopping קניות בפיסבוק

Israeli programmer reveals uphill battle to launch Facebook Shops remotely

25.08.20|James Spiro
The Israeli team took over from the London office to create a new multi-app tool for e-commerce solutions
אוניברסיטת בר אילן אוניברסיטה

Israeli NVIDIA researchers and collaborators win ICML 2020 honors

19.07.20|James Spiro
2020 marked the 37th International Conference on Machine Learning, which would have taken place in Vienna
עמרי אורגד לומינטי נטוורקס

How economic uncertainty is pushing financial institutions towards alternative data

16.06.20|Omri Orgad
Derived from non-traditional sources for financial information, alternative data is becoming an increasingly important tool for investors, in the aftermath of Covid-19, due to a lack of relevant up-to-date data that reflects the current marketplace in real time
אייל זילברמן מנכ"ל קווליטסט

Software Testing Company Qualitest Buys Machine Learning Company AlgoTrace

12.12.19|Meir Orbach
In July, private equity firm Bridgepoint acquired a controlling stake in Qualitest for $420 million
תל אביב רמת גן מבט על מלמעלה

In Israel, AI Pays Off, New Survey Shows

05.09.19|Lilach Baumer
A recent survey conducted via Facebook group Machine and Deep Learning Israel has generated some interesting insights about the sector
תמיר פרידמן  PAI-Tech

Horizons Holdings Buys PAI-Tech for $8.8 Million in Stock

02.07.19|Meir Orbach
PAI-TECH offers software that serves as an operational system for the development of intelligent bots
מימין: אודי ויינשטיין ו המנכ"ל סיון מצגר

Disappointing Exit for Machine Learning Company ParallelM

24.06.19|Meir Orbach
ParallelM’s Israeli founders have seen several hefty exits between them, including the sale of Anobit to Apple and Libit Signal Processing to Texas Instruments