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יוסי משי טלגראס

Telegrass' Marijuana Operation: Method, Testimonies, and Question Marks

10.07.19|Amir Kurz
On March 12, Israel Police arrested 42 people suspected of holding top management positions in Israeli drug distribution network Telegrass, which operated via encrypted instant messaging app Telegram
קנאביס קנביס רפואי מריחואנה יצוא

Israeli Cannabis Export Reform Still Deadlocked

29.07.18|Zvi Zerahia
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the export reform a few months ago but conditioned it on interministerial agreement
ועידת לונדון 2017 פרי דוידסון מייסד ו מנכל סייד מדיקל

Plants Are the Future of Medicine, Says Syqe Medical Founder

29.07.18|KPMG, a CTech partner
Transforming cannabis into precisely-dosed treatment has made it medically and financially legitimacy, says Perry Davidson, the founder of Syqe Medical, which developed a precise cannabis inhaler
מוסף ים המלח

Medical Cannabis Company Together Pharma to Set Up Skincare Company

09.07.18|Lilach Baumer
Together has partnered up with Israeli cosmetics and skincare company Premier Dead Sea for the venture
שי באב"ד מנכל משרד אוצר ועידת אנרגיה 2018

Bureaucrats Duke It Out at Israeli Cannabis Exports Debate

18.06.18|Adrian Filut
On one side is the country’s Ministry of Finance, on the other its Ministry of Public Security. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conditioned his approval on both ministries agreeing
מעבדה לגידול קנביס רפואי מריחואנה

Israeli Cannabis Device Developer Kanabo to Set Up Marijuana Farm in Europe

27.04.18|Tofi Stoler
To carry out the plan, Kanabo is partnering with San Francisco-Based Cannabis Extract Manufacturer Constance Therapeutics
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CTech’s Weekly Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Printing the perfect burger from cellulose. The challenges of living on Mars. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Visit Israel
שינזו אבה ראש ממשלת יפן

CTech’s Thursday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Biotech firm Eloxx plans $50 million in a public offering on Nasdaq, Teva sees three board members depart amid the company’s ongoing revamp, and new data downplays potential benefit of medical marijuana exports
קנאביס קנביס רפואי מריחואנה יצוא

Report Downplays Potential Impact of Cannabis Exports on Israel’s Economy

26.04.18|Adrian Filut
Israel would likely see around $70 million added to its economy annually, far less than previous projections of up to a billion dollars, according to the report
שקיות קנאביס

New Hurdles Stall Israeli Cannabis Export

15.04.18|Adrian Filut
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greenlit the export reform after a two-month delay, but fresh ministerial disputes keep pushing back the final approval
מריחואנה קנביס רפואי

Israel Set to Approve Export of Cannabis

11.04.18|Sefi Krupsky with Eli Senyor, Ynet News
The approval of medical cannabis export was included in an overall cannabis reform approved by the Israeli government in 2016 but was later halted due to a ministerial dispute
ועידת e-Commerce 2017 אורית חשאי מייסדת Brayola

CTech’s Monday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

New data reveals depth of gender gap in Israel tech. IoT security startup Armis raises $30 million. Temi’s domestic helper robots are coming to China
חממת קנאביס

An Israeli Company Wants to Treat Tourette Syndrome With Cannabis

09.04.18|Lilach Baumer
Therapix Biosciences announced the successful completion of phase 2 clinical trial of its cannabinoid-based drug, conducted at Yale University Monday
עלה קנאביס

Israeli Pharmacies To Begin Selling Medical Marijuana Products

09.04.18|Sefi Krupsky
On April 20, selected Israeli pharmacies will begin selling prescription cannabis products as part of a pilot program for the regulation of medical marijuana sales in Israel
חדר מיון בית חולים וולפסון

CTech’s Weekly Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Israel blurs the line between defense apparatus and local cybersecurity hub. Israel to share new national health database with local tech industry
נאסדק נאסד"ק ניו יורק בורסה בועה

CTech’s Wednesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Verint considering IPO for one of its business units, Israeli marijuana companies look to the stock market, Black Cube accused of Nigeria election meddling
קנאביס 2 זירת הבריאות

Marijuana Industry Continues Its Charge on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

28.03.18|Dror Reich
UNV Medicine, an Israel-based marijuana startup, is attempting to merge with a shelf company to pursue export plan
מוסף שבועי 22.12.16 חממה לגידול קנאביס של חברת Breath of Life

Israeli Cannabis Company to Set Up Foreign Farms, Expects First Harvest in 2019

18.03.18|Micky Grunfeld
After a reform to allow medical cannabis export from Israel has stalled, Together Pharma announced plans to set up cannabis farming operations outside of the country Sunday
חממה של BOL קנאביס

Israeli Health Ministry Certifies Cannabis Vaporizer as Medical Device

15.03.18|Asaf Shalev
Kanabo’s VapePod allows users to inhale precise doses of marijuana from extracts
חממת קנאביס

Israel’s Marijuana Industry Forges Ahead Despite Government Stalemate on Export Plan

12.03.18|Dror Reich and Asaf Shalev
A new grower has cut a deal with one of Israel’s largest industrial companies to build a complex of greenhouses