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Yael Porat

BioGenCell raises $16 million Seed round led by Marius Nacht for microvascular diseases treatment

09.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup uses stem cells from the patient’s own blood to treat microvascular diseases and is aiming to develop products that may be usable to restore tissues damaged by diabetes, kidney failure, pulmonary hypertension, heart failure, stroke, blindness, and more
אורי ירון

Dr. Uri Yaron to head Marius Nacht’s biotech and health investment arm

13.03.22|Golan Hazani
Yaron previously served as Worldwide President of Biosense Webster at Johnson & Johnson
מימין מריוס נכט וד"ר עידו בצ'לט

Mysterious Israeli biotech company raises $120 million Seed round five months after founding

08.12.21|Golan Hazani
The company named 1E Therapeutics was founded by Dr. Ido Bachelet and has received investments from the likes of Marius Nacht. It employs dozens of scientists working on an unspecified project related to drug development
Eyal Elyashiv Aviv Yehazkel Cynamics

Cynamics raises $7 million led by Marius Nacht

22.09.21|James Spiro
The company analyses 1% of network samples to predict the remaining 99% and prevent threats and attacks
מייסדי  Aurora Labs זוהר פוקס ואורי לדרמן

Aurora Labs sees investors compete to take part in $23 million funding round

22.09.20|Meir Orbach
The Israeli autotech company offers easy updates to connected vehicle software, seeks expansion into IoT devices
פרופ' אמנון שעשוע מייסד מנכ"ל מובילאיי  2019

Mobileye’s Shashua Buys Out Marius Nacht to Become Sole Controlling Shareholder of Israel’s Digital Bank

CEO and founding partner of Mobileye and senior vice president of Intel will invest another $30 million in addition to the $30 million he had previously committed to
ד"ר יאיר שינדל מוסף שבועי 13.2.20

Healthtech Is Israel’s Next Growth Engine, Says Venture Capitalist

21.02.20| Sophie Shulman
Yair Schindel was a decorated army medic, a doctor, an entrepreneur, and the head of Israel’s National Digital Bureau. Now, he manages Israeli venture capital fund aMoon and wants to turn Israel into a healthtech empire
מימין המפקחת על הבנקים חדוה בר נגיד בנק ישראל אמיר ירון מריוס נכט ו אמנון שעשוע

Israel’s First Digital Bank Set to Start Operations in Mid-2021

26.01.20|Raheli Bindman
The bank’s controlling shareholders are Check Point co-founder Marius Nacht and Mobileye co-founder and CEO Amnon Shashua
מימין המפקחת על הבנקים חדוה בר נגיד בנק ישראל אמיר ירון מריוס נכט ו אמנון שעשוע

Israel’s New Digital Bank: not yet Operational, Already Looking for Exceptions

31.12.19|Raheli Bindman
In September, the Bank of Israel greenlit Marius Nacht and Amnon Shashua’s new digital banking venture
מריוס נכט 2

Marius Nacht’s aMoon Leads $55 Million Round in Healthtech Company Seer

17.12.19|Hagar Ravet
Seer develops technology for extracting molecular insights from cell proteome, to assist in the early detection of cancer and neurological diseases
מימין ממייסדי צ'קפוינט מריוס נכט ו אמנון שעשוע ממייסדי מובילאיי

Bank of Israel Greenlights Marius Nacht, Amnon Shashua’s Digital Bank

24.09.19|Hezi Sternlicht
After four decades with no new bank in Israel, the digital banking venture of two of Israel’s leading entrepreneurs is expected to be licensed
GK8 ליאור למש שחר שמאי

Marius Nacht Backs Crypto Cybersecurity Startup GK8 in $4 Million Seed Round

18.09.19|Adi Pick
Founded in 2018, GK8 develops technology that enables sending blockchain transactions without the need for a direct internet connection
ד"ר דורון בהר  igentify

Marius Nacht, OurCrowd Back Igentify in $10.5 Million Round

16.09.19|Meir Orbach
Igentify develops a digital genetic testing analyzer for various genotyping technologies like microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS), and offers machine-generated personalized genetic counseling
מימין ממייסדי צ'קפוינט מריוס נכט ו אמנון שעשוע ממייסדי מובילאיי

Mobileye’s Amnon Shashua in Talks to Join Marius Nacht’s New Digital Banking Venture

11.08.19|Golan Hazani
Nacht, co-founder of cybersecurity company Check Point, submitted a request for a banking license and a business plan for establishing a digital bank in January
מריוס נכט 2

Marius Nacht Buys Controlling Stake in Universal Flu Vaccine Developer BiondVax

17.07.19|Micky Grunfeld
Based in Jerusalem, Nasdaq-listed BiondVax develops a universal flu vaccine, currently in advanced clinical trials
נוירובלייד ניורובלייד neuroblade

Intel Backs Chip Development Startup NeuroBlade

26.06.19|Hagar Ravet and Adi Pick
Marius Nacht, the co-founder and Chairman of Nasdaq-traded Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point, led NeuroBlade’s $23 million funding round
שירותי בריאות כללית קופת חולים כללית נתניה

Israeli HMO Partners with Poop Tech Startup to Launch Blood Glucose Control Service

12.03.19|Adi Pick
Gut microbiome analysis startup DayTwo partnered with one of Israel’s largest health maintenance organizations
בריאות דיגיטלית מדעי החיים רפואה טיפול 2

Life Sciences Venture Fund aMoon Closes Second Fund at $660 Million

06.03.19|Hagar Ravet
The second fund will focus on mid to late-stage health companies in the domains of pharma, digital health, and medical technology