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עו"ד ורד זליכה משרד ליפא מאיר ושות'

Cybersecurity policies to undergo significant changes in 2021, says tech lawyer

20.02.21|Allon Sinai
"I expect this year to bring new strategies, regulations, and partnerships in the U.S., including with the private sector to bolster cybersecurity," noted Vered Zlaikha, a partner and the head of Cyber Affairs & Artificial Intelligence practice at Lipa Meir Law firm
ועידה כלכלית לאומית 2019 אמי פלמור מנכ"לית משרד המשפטים

Facebook Won’t Fudge Content Oversight, Says Israeli Legal Expert

07.05.20|Omer Kabir
Emi Palmor, former director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Justice, was recently appointed as one of the 20 founding members of Facebook's Oversight Board
לשכת התעסוקה ב תל אביב אבטלה מובטלים דורשי עבודה מיתון

Israel Is Tanking its Economy to Save a Few Hundred People, Finance Ministry Officials Say

31.03.20|Adrian Filut
The Israeli finance ministry estimates the difference between a partial and full lockdown at tens of billions of shekels. To the health ministry, that is the difference between containment and a collapse of the country’s healthcare system—and the many deaths that would follow
בדיקת קורונה תל אביב

To Lift the Lockdown, Israel Needs 30,000 Covid-19 Tests a Day, Says Health Exec

31.03.20|Adrian Filut
Sigal Regev-Rozenberg, CEO of Israel’s third largest health maintenance organization Meuhedet, says that even though the main focus is on hospitals, community medicine is taking the brunt of the coronavirus crisis
ועידת התחזיות 31.12.19 פרופ' ליאו ליידרמן

To Maintain Current Prosperity, Israel Must Stop Focusing on Short Term Policies, Says Economist

31.12.19|Tomer Hadar
Leonardo Leiderman, a professor of economics at Tel Aviv University and the chief economic advisor to Bank Hapoalim, spoke Tuesday at Calcalist’s Forecasts 2020 conference in Tel Aviv
מוסף שבועי 28.11.19 דוד קליין

Stanley Fischer Got the Bank of Israel Addicted to Dollars, Says Former Bank Gov

01.12.19|Diana Bahur-Nir and Adrian Filut
David Klein, who served as the bank’s governor in 2000-2005, has plenty to say about the bank’s interference with the foreign currency exchange market, about its immense foreign currency reserves, and about the decision to keep the interest rate low
מוסף שבועי 28.12.17 תקציר מנהלים ג'ורדנה קטלר מנהלת המדיניות של פייסבוק ישראל

Facebook Should Not Decide What Is True or False, Says Facebook Policy Exec

07.11.19|Adi Pick
Jordana Cutler, head of policy at Facebook Israel, said that political ads bring very little revenue to the company. Cutler spoke at a conference on national security and communication held in Tel Aviv
חדר מיון

Most Israelis Are Unhappy With Current Government’s Economic Policy, Survey Shows

02.09.19|Zvi Zerahia
A new survey released just two weeks ahead of the country’s general election shows many Israelis oppose raising taxes because they do not believe the government would use additional funds to improve social services
יו"ר הפד לשעבר ג'נט ילן באוניברסיטת תל אביב

Trump’s Political Agenda Could Threaten Independence of Federal Reserve, Says Former Chair

19.05.19|Uri Pasovsky
Economist Janet Yellen spoke at a symposium held at Tel Aviv University, from which she received an honorary doctorate Thursday
תל אביב נוף בניינים קו רקיע בניה מגדלים

Israel Climbs Five Spots in World Bank’s Annual Ease of Doing Business Index

01.11.18|Tofi Stoler
Israel is now ranked 49 out of 190 countries, following a seven-year downward trend
אהרון אהרון מנכל הרשות הלאומית ל חדשנות טכנולוגית

Talent Crunch Threatens the Continued Growth of Israeli Tech

06.08.18|Aharon Aharon
The accomplishments of the Israeli tech industry mask the fact that Israel’s main growth engine, its tech industry, is slowing down, writes Aharon Aharon, the director of Israel’s government innovation investment arm
דורית סלינגר הממונה על שוק ההון ב משרד האוצר

Paid Carpooling Will Not Require Special Insurance in Israel

10.07.18|Tomer Hadar
Following inquiries sent to her office, Israel's commissioner of capital markets announced paid carpools will be covered by the basic mandatory insurance required for private drivers by law
שופטת בדימוס דינה אפרתי

Israel’s Venture Capital Industry Creates Office to Battle Sexual Harassment

21.06.18|Meir Orbach and Hagar Ravet
38 firms have so far signed onto the new policy, which is a response to the global #MeToo moment and recent scandals in the industry
ענת גואטה יו"ר רשות ניירות ערך

Israeli Regulator Looking to Ease Regulations for ICOs

15.03.18|Reut Shpigelman
Israel Securities Authority Chairman Anat Guetta is promoting a time-limited, sandbox-like framework to allow companies to ICO in Israel more easily