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בורסה לניירות ערך ו מלחמת עזה

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange plummets as Israel grapples with state of war

TA-35 and TA-125 fall by almost 7% a day after Hamas killed over 700 people in Israel and abducted dozens of civilians into Gaza
אבטחת מידע סייבר פריצה סיסמה

Dark Web Economy Meet-Up: the Players, Technologies, and Challenges

On February 19, Herzog Fox & Neeman and Herzog Strategic, in partnership with CTech, will be hosting industry leaders to share their insights and strategies for meeting the cyber challenges of the Dark Web
אבטחת מידע סייבר פריצה סיסמה

Dark Web—a View From the Inside

26.12.19|Avraham Chaim Schneider
The dark web functions no different than a social network for criminals—with hierarchies, money flows, and user reputations being built and torn down, according to Avi Kasztan, SIXGILL co-founder and an expert in dark web monitoring and intelligence
תקיפת צה"ל רצועת עזה

Israel Bombed Hamas Building to Thwart Cyber Attack

06.05.19|Lilach Baumer
A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was announced early Monday morning, bringing an end to 48 hours of fighting that saw 23 Palestinians and four Israeli civilians dead
דולרים דולר כסף מגולגל

Israel Accepted as Member of Global Anti-Money Laundering Organization FATF

11.12.18|Lilach Baumer
Financial Action Task Force is an intergovernmental organization founded to create anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism funding policies
השר לביטחון פנים גלעד ארדן מסיבת עיתונאים אי הפללה שימוש ב קנביס

Twitter Hiring Israel Lobbyist Amid Government Criticism

30.07.18|Asaf Shalev
Israeli government ministers have been pushing to pass laws that would help force social media networks to remove content deemed harmful and likely to incite terrorism
בנימין נתניהו ישיבת ממשלה 15.7.18

Netanyahu Pulls the Plug on Law to Fight Facebook 'Incitement'

18.07.18|Omer Kabir
A surprise last-minute intervention by the Israeli prime minister brings an end for now to a bill that would have removed protections for speech that’s published on the web
מייסדי CardioScale

Winners Announced in Counter-Terrorism Startup Competition

CardioScale Ltd. and Colugo Systems Ltd., both early-stage startups based in Israel, won top honors at the international competition sponsored by the U.S. and Israeli governments
חנות אפל מנהטן ניו יורק השדרה החמישית

CTech’s Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Israeli suspects in alleged Philippine-based stock scam released from custody. Israel Is getting Its first Apple store.
כיתוב הקרמלין הכיכר האדומה מוסקבה

CTech’s Wednesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Two cybersecurity companies with links to Israel placed on U.S. blacklist. Tel Aviv-based startup seeking regulatory nod to pay employees in bitcoin. Public data doesn’t capture extent of Chinese-Israeli deals
השר לביטחון פנים גלעד ארדן מסיבת עיתונאים אי הפללה שימוש ב קנביס

Israel Prevented Hundreds of Terror Attacks by Monitoring Social Media, Official Says

13.06.18|Lilach Baumer
In 2017, Yisrael Katz, then Israel's minister of intelligence affairs, confirmed Israel uses a predictive policing system that relies heavily on social media to identify and sometimes detain Palestinians thought to be potential attackers

Google Employees Are Wrong: Drones Are Not Evil

11.05.18|Adam Kaplan
Well-regulated, drones can also do a tremendous amount of good and save countless lives. Google employees should clear the way to let them do so, writes entrepreneur Adam Kaplan
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Israeli Official Reports Increased Cooperation on Removing Content from Social Media

29.12.17|Shahar Ilan
Israel’s Ministry of Justice requested thousands of posts be removed from Facebook, Twitter and other networks this year. 85% of the time, the requests were accepted