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Innovation in healthcare technology is setting Israel up as a global powerhouse

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic catapulted the global medtech industry a decade into the future and Israeli companies were in place to benefit
יורם כהן ראש שבכ השבכ שב"כ השב"כ

Cybersecurity Firm Names Israeli Spymaster as Advisor

Tel Aviv-listed cybersecurity company Safe-T appointed former director of Israel’s internal security agency Yoram Cohen as advisor
אמיר אהרוני אלסטיפייל

Western Digital, Huawei, Invest in Cloud Storage Company

06.09.17|Meir Orbach
The cross-cloud data management startup raised $16 million in Series C funding
ירון אשכנזי SIGA

Homeland Security Fund Invests $3.5 Million in Israeli Cybersecutrity Startup

06.09.17|Hagar Ravet
Founded by Israeli-born businessman Yaron Ashkenazi in 2016 AWZ imports homeland security technology from Israel. The company lists the former Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, and former Mossad division head Haim Tomer as board advisors
עידן גבע מנהל עסקי אלון רביד מנכ״ל מנו גבע מנהל מדעי ווייזר Wizer

Nielsen Backs Customer Research Startup Wizer

05.09.17|Hagar Ravet
According to Wizer's announcement, the company intends to expand its teams in Israel and the U.S.
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Israeli National Basketball Team to Base Diet Plan on Gut DNA

05.09.17|Ouriel Daskal
Nutrition plans for the national basketball team will be formulated using technology by DayTwo Ltd., an Israeli startup analyzing the DNA of gut microbiomes to provide highly individualized dietary recommendations
רכבת ישראל

Train Safety Company Rail Vision Plans Nasdaq IPO

04.09.17|Golan Hazani
The company hopes to raise $25 million with a $100 million company valuation
דדי פרלמוטר סגן נשיא אינטל העולמית לשעבר

Former Top Intel Executive Weighs In on Underrepresentation of Arabs in Israeli Tech

31.08.17|Lilach Baumer
Comprising around 20% of the overall Israeli population, Arabs with Israeli citizenship only account for 1.4% of technology-sector high earners in the country, according to a new study
Station F Paris

New EU Trend: Mega Startup Campuses

30.08.17|Eze Vidra
Europe is at the helm of the latest efforts in shared workspaces
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Gilead To Buy Kite Pharma for $11.9 Billion

29.08.17|Dror Reich
The drug company is looking to diversify into cell therapy following declining hepatitis c drug sales
מימין יצחק סוארי מנכ"ל סקודה אוטו ברנהרד מאייר

Skoda To Establish Technology Scouting Outpost In Israel

27.08.17|Tomer Hadar
Will seek to invest in mobility solutions startups and opportunities
רחפן של פלייטרקס איסלנד

In Reykjavík, Urban Drone Delivery Service Takes to the Air

24.08.17|Viki Auslender
Icelandic online marketplace utilizes a small fleet of drones to deliver sushi, hamburgers, waffle makers, and dishwasher tablets