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אייל ולדמן מנכל מלאנוקס

Mellanox and Starboard Face Off Over Annual Shareholder Meeting

08.03.18| Lilach Baumer
The Israel-based chipmaker and the New York-headquartered activist investor have been clashing since Starboard acquired a 10.6% stake in Mellanox in November
אייל ולדמן מנכל מלאנוקס

Guidance Update, Board Changes Send Chip Company’s Stock Up

22.02.18|Lilach Baumer
Mellanox has been embroiled in a control struggle with activist investor Starboard since the latter acquired a 10.7% stake in November and began pushing for operational and board reforms
אייל ולדמן מנכל מלאנוקס

Mellanox Tags Starboard Proxy Action as Risk Factor in Annual Filing

19.02.18|Dror Reich
The Israel-based chip company said that pressure from the activist investor could harm performance
אייל ולדמן מנכל מלאנוקס

Activist Investor Starboard Piles Pressure on Mellanox

06.02.18|Dror Reich
For a third time in a month, Mellanox's largest shareholder sends a scathing letter, this time criticizing management's insider stock sales
שאול אלוביץ יושב ראש יורקום תקשורת

Israeli Investors Side with Elliot Fund, Demand Board Reforms in Probed Israeli Telecom Provider

28.01.18|Raheli Bindman and Aviv Guter
Earlier this month, Elliot called for a sweeping corporate governance reform of Bezeq, Israel’s biggest telecom provider
שאול אלוביץ יושב ראש יורקום תקשורת

Activist Fund Elliott Pushes to Overhaul Board of Israel's Biggest Telecom Provider

16.01.18|Golan Hazani and Lilach Baumer
The hedge fund called for a sweeping corporate governance reform of Bezeq, and for the immediate resignation of all directors implicated in an Israeli investigation
אייל ולדמן מנכל מלאנוקס

Following Shareholder Castigation, Mellanox to Cut 100 U.S. Jobs

10.01.18|Dror Reich and Lilach baumer
On Monday, Mellanox's largest shareholder Starboard urged the company to reduce research and development costs
מלאנוקס פארק התעשייה תל חי

Activist Investor Starboard Threatens to Replace Mellanox’s Board

22.11.17|Ran Abramson, Dror Reich and Golan Hazani
Saying Mellanox’s expenses are too high, a senior Starboard executive told Calcalist the investment firm is preparing to make changes after acquiring a 10.7% stake in the Israel-based chip company
מלאנוקס פארק התעשייה תל חי

Starboard Acquires 10.7% Stake in Mellanox

21.11.17|Golan Hazani
The activist investor believes Mellanox must boost its revenue with increased spending on research and development