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שי סגל משקפי ויז'ן פרו של אפל

“We could very quickly find ourselves in a world where reality is controlled by tech corporations”

19.02.24|Roni Dori
Augmented reality is like magic that offers endless options. But for Apple, which recently launched the Vision Pro, this is just another avenue to extract more and more information from us. And if we are not careful, explains AR expert Shay Segal, "we could lose touch with reality"
מחשב spacetop

Looking good: Israeli startup Sightful takes on Apple in AR glasses race

07.06.23|Itai Smuskowitz
Sightful's Spacetop, a laptop with no physical screen that comes instead with augmented reality (AR) glasses, is being sold for $2,000, far cheaper than the $3,500 Apple is asking for Vision Pro. Calcalist shares a first look at the Israeli company's technology
כנס גיימינג Dana Porter

Inception XR’s plan to ‘create a new language’ for children’s books

01.08.21|James Spiro
Speaking at Gaming2021, Inception XR Founder and CMO Dana Porter discusses how AR can help children read more
surgeon מנתח augmedics

Augmedics raises $36 million led by Almeda Ventures for AR x-ray vision

30.03.21|Meir Orbach
The medical device company’s augmented reality system shows patients’ CT scans during real-time surgery. Funds to be used for developing next generation device and expanding marketing operations
Dotan Knaan

“Whenever I have to think about whether I should do something or not, my approach is yes, do it"

Dotan Knaan, a senior software engineer at Samsung Research talks to Michael Matias about the still unfullfilled promise of augmented reality
אסנת סרוסי פיסטטר מאגמון Osnat Sarusi Firstater

Not All Bad: Covid-19 hampered the high-tech industry but also accelerated important technological processes

14.01.21|Osnat Sarusi Firstater
2020 has been a roller coaster – and now that this crazy ride is finally behind us, we can look back and discuss the many obstacles that made this year difficult.
אנדריאס מונרוי הרננדז

Helping users express themselves is key to technological adoption, says Snap’s principal researcher

12.11.20|Viki Auslander
Dr. Andrés Monroy-Hernández is on a quest to understand self-expression and believes Augmented Reality can help it reach the next level
פגי ג'ונסון מנכלית מג'יק ליפ הנכנסת

After Israeli founder’s departure, Magic Leap appoints former Microsoft exec as CEO

“We have come a long way, from starting up in my garage to creating a new medium and redefining the future of computing,” said outgoing CEO Rony Abovitz
משקפי Hololens מציאות מוגברת בבית החולים בלינסון לטיפול בחולי קורונה

Video: HoloLens AR helps older doctors go bedside with Covid-19 patients, without risking illness

25.06.20|Raphael Kahan
Senior physicians can virtually make the rounds with the interns, but without the prep time and contraction risk
יעל ויזל מייסדת zeekit

Zeekit’s Virtual Fitting Rooms Replaced Asos’s Fashion Shoots During Covid-19 Crisis

31.05.20|Diana Bahur Nir
While the clothing industry suffered a major setback, adoption of the augmented reality software saw a decade’s worth of progress in just three months
משקפיים של מג'יק ליפ שילוב בין VR ו־ AR

AR Startup Magic Leap to Fire 50 Workers in Israel as Part of Global Layoffs

23.04.20|Hagar Ravet
The company plans to shift its client focus from retail to businesses. Local GM says current circumstances demand flexibility
גלעד טלמון מנכל tetavi

Augmented Reality Startup TetaVi Raises $4 Million

31.03.20|Elham Nasser Eddin
TetaVi develops volumetric video technology made portable using four depth cameras developed in-house
VR Actiview INSEAD Classroom אקתיביו

Virtual Reality Startup Actiview Raises $10 Million

20.02.20|Meir Orbach
Actiview develops augmented reality software for human resources managers and universities that uses short games and assignments to assess potential employees
default image

Public Transportation App Developer Moovit Launches Augmented Reality Feature

10.02.20|Raphael Kahan
The new feature, called Way Finder, places digital directions and signs on top of a live camera view to help locate correct bus stops and subway stations
מימין קובי מלוק מייסד וvp business development ו מרדכי כהן מייסד ומנכ"ל

This Israeli Company Wants to Deliver Green Screen Technology to Mobile Devices Everywhere

17.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Israel-based Spectalix develops technology that can identify people or objects on a mobile phone-recorded video, separate them from the original background, and add them over a new video
edgybees וידאו טכנולוגיה

From Drone-Based Games to Putting Out Fires in Australia

16.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Israel-based Edgybees developed the first augmented reality game for drones. An entreat from first responders following Hurricane Irma in Florida led it to pivot
default image

6 Tech Sectors That Haven’t Lived Up to Their Potential—Yet

30.12.19|Raphael Kahan
All the technologies we know and use every day started out as no more than innovative ideas in someone's head. Some became overwhelming success stories, while others still need a little more time to mature
VR Actiview INSEAD Classroom אקתיביו

French Business School INSEAD Expands Partnership With Augmented Reality Startup Actiview

03.12.19|Adi Pick
The two entities will launch a dedicated virtual reality classroom at INSEAD’s Fontainebleau France campus in early 2020 and will be expanding the use of Actiview’s augmented reality technology to additional INSEAD courses
ועידת MIND THE DATA אביב שפירא ו מתיאו שפירא

Our Augmented Reality Saves Lives, Say Xtend Founders

25.11.19|Anat Danieli
Brothers Aviv and Matteo Shapira, co-founders of drone augmented reality startup XTend, spoke Monday at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in Tel Aviv
יואל בר אל מנכל לבטק ועידת לונדון 2019 mind the tech

We Make the Physical World Digital, Says CEO of AR Retailtech Company Trax

12.09.19|Omer Kabir
Trax CEO Yoel Bar-El spoke Thursday at Calcalist's third annual Mind the Tech conference in London