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קורקינט חשמלי bird בירד

License Plates to Help Tel Aviv Track Down E-Scooter Delinquents

06.11.19|Tomer Hadar and Adi Pick
The city of Tel Aviv has taken its fight against rampant electric scooters up another notch to try and curb riders from riding on the sidewalk
חנות שיאומי ב הונג קונג סין

Xiaomi's Israeli Franchise Holder to Market Brand in England, Belgium

13.03.19|Orna Yefet
Until now, Xiaomi products were sold in both countries unofficially, but Hemilton Group will be the first official master franchisee
קורקינט של Lime

Lime to Deploy Hundreds of E-Scooters in Tel Aviv Area in February

31.01.19|Meir Orbach
Former general manager of Uber Singapore Yaniv Goder will head Lime’s Israel operation
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Despite Wave of Deadly Accidents, Implementation of New Israeli E-Bike Regulations Postponed

02.01.19|Tofi Stoler and Roy Rubinstein
Nineteen people, most of them teens, have been killed in e-bike related accidents in Israel in 2018
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Berlin-Based Wind to Launch E-Scooter Sharing Service in Tel Aviv

26.12.18|Tofi Stoler
Wind’s location-based app allows users to find, unlock and pay for the use of dockless electric scooters
נערים רוכבים על אופניים חשמליים ב דרך ל בית ספר ב פתח תקוה

Israel Begins Issuing Permits in Electric Bike Crackdown

03.12.18|Tofi Stoler
Starting January 1, people who do not have a driving license will be required to either pass the mandatory written driving test or have a rider’s permit in order to use electric bicycles
קורקינט של BIRD רמת גן

Tel Aviv Suburb Becomes Unlikely Hub for Smart Mobility

11.11.18|Tofi Stoler
On Sunday, electric scooter-sharing company Bird became the third company to offer on-demand personal vehicles in the Israeli town of Ramat Gan
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Israel to Require License for Using Electric Bicycles and E-Scooters

14.10.18|Lior Gutman
The Israeli government has approved a new set of regulations restricting the use of electric scooters and bicycles
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Israel to Increase Regulation on Electric Bikes and E-Scooters

05.10.18|Tofi Stoler
Following a series of high profile and deadly accidents, the Israeli regulator considers requiring underage users of battery-powered bicycles to pass a road safety test
חברת שיתוף הקורקינטים החשמליים Lime

Bike and Scooter Sharing Company Lime to Enter Israel

17.09.18|Tofi Stoler
Lime is looking to hire an operations manager that will lead the company’s entry into the Israeli market
בירד Bird

The Bird Has Landed in Tel Aviv

14.08.18|Omer Kabir
Electric scooter-sharing company Bird announced its intention to enter Tel Aviv and Paris as the first step in the company’s expansion outside the U.S. earlier this month
אנשים רוכבים על קורקינטים חשמליים של Bird ו־Lime ב סן פרנסיסקו

Electric Scooter-Sharing Company Bird Expands to Tel Aviv and Paris

01.08.18|Tomer Hadar and Tofi Stoler
Despite some limiting legislation, electric scooters are extremely popular in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv’s busy streets, where most local and international tech companies operating in the country choose to set up shop