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האוניברסיטה העברית

Higher education: Israeli academia jumps in Shanghai rankings: Hebrew University in 77th place, Weizmann & Technion tie for 83rd

15.08.22|Shahar Ilan
After a decade of decline in the academic rankings, this year all three registered a significant jump
קורונה מעבדה של קופת חולים מכבי ב רחובות

Israel to establish a national laboratory to study Covid-19 and future life-threatening viruses

08.09.20|Udi Etzion
The new lab, based out of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, will enable researchers to study live samples of viruses and find ways to kill them
הפגנת עצמאים מול ביתו של שר האוצר משה כחלון

Israel’s Covid-19 Public Aid Package Is Subpar, Study Finds

11.05.20|Adrian Filut
According to a new study by Israeli researchers, the state would have to double its current commitment to match that of similar developed countries
פרופ' רפאל משולם חוקר קנאביס

Israeli Cannabis Outfit Cannbit Launches Cancer Study

18.08.19|Tzally Greenberg
The study will be led by cannabis research pioneer Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who chairs Cannbit’s scientific advisory committee
ד"ר גיא סיטון מנכ"ל חברת הקנאביס ג'מה סרט

Automated Cannabis Analytics Startup GemmaCert Raises $3.5 Million

13.08.19|Tzally Greenberg
The investment, made according to a post-funding company valuation of $28.6 million, was participated by investors from Japan, Latin America, and Europe, GemmaCert CEO Guy Setton told Calcalist
דודי גרשון מייסד ו מנכ"ל SuperDerivatives סופרדריבטיבס

New Fintech Center Launched at Hebrew University

04.12.18|Uri Pasovsky
The fintech center is funded by a $1.3 million donation from Israeli fintech entrepreneur David Gershon
ה אוניברסיטה ה עברית ב ירושלים

Hebrew University-Led Consortium to Establish Jerusalem Entrepreneurship Center

07.11.18|Adi Pick
The consortium received a $5.4 million grant to promote entreprenurship
קנאביס קנביס רפואי מריחואנה יצוא

Cannabis Lab Set Up in Hebrew University With $2.3 Million Investment

15.10.18|Amitay Gazit
The investment was made by Asana Bio Group, an Israeli company specializing in cannabinoid-based treatments in the women's health field
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Technion, Hebrew University Among Top 100 in Shanghai Ranking

15.08.18|Shahar Ilan and Lilach Baumer
The Technion climbed from 93rd to 77th place, while the Hebrew University returned to the list of top 100 ranked institutions
האוניברסיטה העברית

Grail Teams Up with Israeli Researchers on Early Stage Cancer Detection

12.06.18|Lilach Baumer
Founded in 2016, California-based Grail raised over $1.5 billion to date to develop a blood-based cancer test
פרופסור יעקב נחמיאס

American Food Corporation Tyson Backs Israeli Lab Meat Startup

02.05.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Jerusalem-based Future Meat Technologies aims to reduce the costs of producing meat in laboratories to $5 per kilogram
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The Goal: Printing the Perfect Burger from Cellulose

24.04.18|Amarelle Wenkert
A new food printer adds extra punch by using infrared light to simultaneously cook the food as it prints
כנס Fintech 2017 ג'ון מדבד

Jerusalem Startup Incubator Plans to Invest in 100 Startups

30.01.18|Meir Orbach
The incubator, operated by Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding firm Ourcrowd, Motorola and Reliance Industries, will focus on startups developing AI technologies and automotive tech
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Israeli Universities Climb in Global University Employability Ranking

28.11.17|Lilach Baumer
The Technion came in at first place among all 150 universities in digital skills and ranked third in corporate links
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2017 פרופ׳ אמנון שעשוע מנכ״ל מובילאיי עם אתי אפללו

Mobileye CEO Rejoins Jerusalem University Following Royalty Dispute

24.11.17|Hagar Ravet
Star scientist Amnon Shashua will be reinstated as a professor at the Hebrew University's engineering school
האוניברסיטה העברית

Entrepreneur Opens Fintech Center in Jerusalem University

30.10.17|Golan Hazani
Israeli entrepreneur David Gershon is opening a fintech center at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem school of Business Administration
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Tech Powers Go After Israeli AI Specialists, But Local Talent Is in Over Demand

26.10.17|Amarelle Wenkert
Multinational tech companies planning research and development centers in Israel are straining an already small pool of local AI specialists
ה אוניברסיטה ה עברית ב ירושלים

Low Government Spending Jeopardizes Israel’s Academic Excellence, Researcher Says

18.10.17|Sefi Kropsky
Government spending on higher education in Israel is one of the lowest among OECD countries